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Egy Kis Lany
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Default Calorie Count Software

So here's the deal: I don't have a lot of access to the internet at all anymore, and such my calorie counting has fallen by the wayside. I am looking for a GOOD calorie counting software that I can install on my computer to use offline. I know that I'll have to pay for it, and that's fine.

I have some problems with both fitday and ***********'s interfaces, but if I'm paying for software I'm hoping to get something that is a little easier to add foods and customize and make up recipes (without having to do all of the math myself, yes?)

Any ideas? Anything you love or hate? Let me know.

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I use DietPower, and I love it. I've tried FitDay and ***********, and find it much easier to use than either of them. Plus you can customize foods, add recipes, etc. There are all sorts of charts and graphs, and it monitors vitamins and other nutrients and shows you how you're doing overall.

If I remember correctly, it's about $50 to purchase, but definitely worth it, IMO.

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I use the FitDay PC that you install on your computer. It's not free, but I like it better than their online version. I've not tried Dietpower, but one of our mods loves it.
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I have Fitday PC too - it was worth it!
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I have diet power and second miss Elisha and if your looking to count calories, it's a good program and you can add your recipes to it or any other food that is not already in there dictionary and it easily adds calories for you. You can set a goal and it will adjust your calories per day to meet your goal. It even reminds you of your water intake and how much you should have of water in accordance to your food intake. It tracks your metabolism as well. I like that you can use it as a maintanence program as well once you do meet your goals. I have been using it....but I personally get so tired of counting calories and points and all that jazz so I'm trying my own program right now..but I like the fact that I have the diet power software so that I can go back to it if my own plan doesn't pan out. It's not like it's that hard to type in your calories for the day..but I'm just looking for something different. But it is a wonderful program!

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Another vote for Dietpower!! Love it! I bought it a couple of years ago and it was the best investment.
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I love, love, LOVE DietPower. It's so easy to use, and I love the fact that I can build my own recipes even out of foods that I've entered! It's a powerful program and very quick and easy to use. The metabolic rate stuff doesn't work quite as well for me, as I eat out a lot and can't always enter my food accurately, but for a regular calorie counting software, it can't be beat!

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Egy Kis Lany
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Thanks for the feedback!

15 pounds to meet my goal weight!!
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I did the 15 day trial of DietPower...and a lot of the other tracking softwares too, but I it wasn't worth 2 1/2 times the cost of FitDay PC & it seemed harder to use. A lot of the softwares didn't track enough of the different nutrients, and because my health problems severely limit what I can & cannot eat, I need to watch more then just calories/fat/carbs/protein so that knocked a lot of the software out right from the start. FitDay PC is easier to use then the online version- you can customize a lot more things, there are tons more charts & graphs, and you can add your own foods, recipes/meals (even use ingrediants already listed or ones you've added) & activities.
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My experience is the same as Christine's ... I tried Dietpower and it's a good product but Fitday PC met my needs for a lot less money and is easier to use. I've had it for more than a year and use it daily and am still in love with it. I've read opinion pro and con on forums about its accuracy but for me it's very accurate. It's the best "diet" purchase I've ever made.
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I love dietpower. I find it so much easier to use and I just like the set up. The one thing I prefer about Fitday pc (I have both) is that Fitday has a place to track inches lost as well. that being said, I almost never log into the fitday anymore since I have dietpower. The only thing I don't like about dietpower (except for the inches thing) is that it asks you to weigh in everyday. If you chose to let it calculate calories for you based on metabolism rather than entering a set amount you want to eat everyday that is a problem. It will think you are not losing weight if you enter the same weight all week and will drop your calories.

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I am a diet power user, and love it. You can track you inches on it, but you have to set that up manually.

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