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Default Perricone?

I saw this Dr. Perricone recently on PBS and he sounded pretty reasonable, has anyone here tried his weight loss plan? Has it worked for you? Is it just another fad? I am waiting for his book to arrive and am looking forward to hearing what you have heard or experienced with this program.

Thanks for the input!
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Default hmmm

I find it interesting that a dermatologist is writing about weight loss. Sounds like some bandwagon-jumping to me, but I could very well be wrong.

I read some reviews on Amazon about this book. People in general seem to like the book but everyone agrees his main advice is to take tons of pill supplements - which conveniently, he sells. You can buy them cheaper elsewhere, one woman notes.

My favorite quote from the bunch, though, was this "He should be the official spokesman for the Wild Salmon Industry. You need to eat lots of wild salmon on this diet."

It sounds like he relies heavily on information that's already readily available. Let us know what you think once you get the book!
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I tried everything Dr. P sold ..all his face creams, lip plumper, and even his overpriced vitamins. None of it did what it said it would. I think if you followed his eating plan you might lose weight but I am not a friend of fish..and did not try that.
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Funny- I was just thinking of trying this one. I like salmon, and already megadose on a ton of supplements, but I am not a big fan of the vegetable. I saw a thing on FIT TV w/ Dr. Melinda spotlighting this diet, so I admit I don't know the full story. But if I understand it correctly, - eat a ton of salmon, a ton of fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and supplements and low- glycemic starches( brown rice, oatmeal, etc...) it almost sounds too basic and a lot of common knowledge. How many times have we heard this before????? I think his diet book is the gateway to market his OTHER unnecessary products. Of course your skin is going to look better if you stop eating junk. So, I do like the principle, but I don't think it is very original.
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Originally Posted by Tonkasmom
But if I understand it correctly, - eat a ton of salmon, a ton of fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and supplements and low- glycemic starches( brown rice, oatmeal, etc...) it almost sounds too basic and a lot of common knowledge. How many times have we heard this before?????
Originally Posted by SmartButt
I find it interesting that a dermatologist is writing about weight loss.
Agreed with both of you on this.

Maybe he's a great dermatologist - dunno. I've never tried his products - I still pretty much use drugstore brands, as I have a very difficult time shelling out megabucks for some highfalutin face cream.

I think he got a lot of cachet and exposure from being on Oprah last year. Just because he was on Oprah, doesn't mean that she's endorsing his program (I didn't watch the actual show however).

I'd suggest checking the book out of the library and reading it carefully before jumping on the Perricone diet bandwagon...sounds like the same old song...
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I dont know how good Perricone's stuff is for weightloss - it really depends on your lifestyle before hand! I also dont know about any of his products, but i think for the most part his books are based on some good knowledge and nutritional stuff - such as the fish thing. Fish (particularly salmon) has oil, which is great for the body because of the Omega 3 fatty acid. I know a lot of Perricone's ideas are based on the fact that body deterioation is caused by inflammation - omega 3 fatty acids are potentially anti inflammatory, and is used in the body for many functions. He's a dermatologist wrighting about diet because diets effect both your skin and your weight, as well as all your organs and everything inbetween! He happens to have an interest for both because they show symptoms of eachother and are connected in a big way. Im going to get one of his books to read for the medical explainations, but before i leap out and do his entire diet, or but products, i want to know why. I look up whats in something, and what the ingredients do.
Anyways from what i know thus far, Perricone's stuff is more for better and longer living than just specific weightloss or skin. Its a lifestyle thing. If his stuff is going to benefit you, you might need to be on it for a long haul. I mean, we all know vegetables are good for you anyways.
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I read somewhere that he has had a lot of work done on his face, so who would spend all that money for skin care, knowing that the person selling it looks like he does cause of surgery? Not me.

Goes for his diet stuff too.
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I have read two of his books - including the weightloss one. A lot of the book is about supplements and I think a lot of people are on the supplement bandwagon these days. I do, however think the nutrition advice is sound and I have seen quite an improvement in my skin from following some of the advice in the book. Flaxseed oil, salmon, pomegranate, acai, berries, whole grains are things that I think have contributed to relief from my extremely dry and sensitive skin. I didn't find any earth shattering news in the weight loss book but there are some good recipes.
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Default Worked for a Relative

I'm not fond of eating salmon My sister-in-law did lose a remarkable about of weight and her skin was glowing. (As I recall, at a family gathering, she was carrying around baggie combos of turkey and grapes and espousing the benefits of each

Last I heard, she had regained what she had lost (I haven't seen her for over a year). Her gain may have been due to the fact that the plan wasn't adopted as a lifestyle.

What's working for me is a commitment to exercise, 3-square meals a day, portion control - just starting to take a regular multi-vitamin, extra serving of calcium and an iron tab every other day (I've an anemic history).

Sheri, you may have better results - keep us posted.

All the best,
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You can check out what they say about Perricone on www.quackwatch.com. It's an informative and sort of entertaining website.

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