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Default Chitosan?

I read about this in a magazine article. It basically talked about how chitosan helps bind to fat and carry it out of your system and how it helps increase weight loss. Anyone have any experience with this? I am not a big believer in pills etc, but this one caught my eye.
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Chitosan was something i tried, back in the day... no, i don't think that it helped me lose any more weight that i would have any other way. BUT, you will end up on the toilet and spend a lot of time there. Warning, you may lose weight, but not the kind of weight you want to lose, comprende? If you're worried about fat, just read labels and eat lower fat food. If you are aware about what you're putting in your body, that's way better than popping chitosan pills, who knows what else they put in those things!
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Thumbs down

I remember those commercials. Promising that if you just take their pill you can have big steaks and potatoes and eat whatever you want. Fatty foods were no problem!. Just take the pills when you eat the fatty foods and the fat gets transported right out of your body.

But SERIOUSLY now. You don't really believe that do you? I tried it faithfully just like they said to and gained twenty pounds because I was not eating right or exercising. The fat did NOT pass right out of my body. As a result, I do not believe it works.


Mr. Paul

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Man...are they STILL promoting chitosan as a 'fat blocker'? That is SO three years ago...

Try doing a search here at 3FC on "Chitosan" and you'll find a wealth of posts...basically, it's crap, overpromoted, overblown crap. And if you happen to be allergic to shellfish, it can be downright dangerous...
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