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I've taken Omega 3 supplements off and on for other health reasons, but never read anything about weight loss other then they can help you get healthy fats that many low cal/low fat diets lack. Does anyone else take Evening Primrose Oil supplements? It was recomended by one of my doctors years ago to help with painful periods & such. I usually try to take both Omega 3 & Evening Primrose supplements when I remember- I seem to do a lot better overall when I do.
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The Omega 3 did not help me lose weight but it does help ease the pain in my knee. I was in a motorcycle accident a year and a half ago. (SIde note for those having joint or arthritis pain try MSM from a health food store--it helps too) The Omega 3 also helps with skin, hair and nails.

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I started taking evening primrose and flaxseed oil 4 weeks ago and have noticed a significant amount of the weight I am losing is coming from my middle. I have previously lost almost 100 pounds (more than once) and on each occasion my waist size did not change. This time I have lost 34 pounds and have dropped 2 sizes in my waist. I have also suffered from excema for years and since starting the oils the excema is almost gone. I used to have to put lotion on every 20 minutes just to keep the cracks on my hands from bleeding and now my hands look like they did in my 30's.

I can't say the oils have done these things as I have made a few other dietary changes (no longer use white flour or sugar and no more artificial sweeteners, I also drink 8 ounces of water with lemon juice before breakfast and 4 ounces of cranberry with 4 ounces of water before bed).

I suspect the oils are the most beneficial of these changes and as I have continued to lose 3 pounds or more each week I am not complaining.
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I have started taking flax again. I'm hoping it will help take care of the crunch in my knee and keep the swelling out of my recent fracture. It helped me with an embarrasing dandruff problem. I don't know why I quit taking it.

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Default chia seeds for omega 3 and 6

look into chia seeds for the omega 3 and 6 and also they are known to help control sugar levels which can help control the appettie naturally. They do alot more than the flax seeds. Marion
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Default tuna fish

I tend to eat tuna fish regularly (1-2 times a week)...the can stuff. Does that count?
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Unfortunately tinned tuna, because of the canning process, doesn't contain sufficient Omega 3's to count as a serving.
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I have taken omega supplements of all kinds off and on as they have a great effect on my skin; I don't think they have any effect on weight management, other than the fact that fat in the diet is a necessary part of a healthy metabolism (in my opinion). I have heard there is a connection between heart health and the omegas but have no thoughts on that.

While the omegas are essential, there are some factors involved in supplementation that, in my opinion, make it a wiser choice to get these in food, not pills. I love ground flaxseed meal in recipes.
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Thanks. I didn't know that about canned tuna. I take a salmon oil supplement but do sometimes skip it if I'm eating canned tuna. Fresh tuna is prohibitively expensive around here.
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Omega 3's have numerous health benefits. I'm not sure about a benefit to weight loss though. Many people say it seems to help their arthritis and many people also say it helps their depression. In fact, there are studies that show that in countries where they eat a lot of fish, they have lower rates of depression than in countries that don't eat a lot of fish (like the US). Getting Omega 3's from food is definately better than from capsules but the problem is that eating a lot of large fish can cause mercury toxicity. Your best option is to eat sardines. They contain a lot of omega 3's and are low on the food chain and so don't contain much mercury. If you want to take supplements, cod liver oil is a good choice. Apparently the Karlson's brand tastes pretty good. The capsules have a tendency to go rancid quickly so you have to be careful with them. I've also used individual foil packages called coromega which are orange flavored but they are kind of expensive. Flax seed oil or meal is another option but that actually requires biological processing inside the body to be turned into the necessary omega 3's. Probably more info than you wanted.
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Mr. Paul
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I've been taking flaxseed since my last post in this thread and I appreciate it being brought to my attention. Much better than fish oil in my humble opinion.
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I take flaxseed oil and evening primrose oils and I know they have almost eliminated my sever excema and I am pretty sure they are affecting my weight loss. Unless I eat refined sugar I consistantly lose 3 pounds a week. I have always dropped down to 1-2 pounds per week after week 4 but his time I just keep going at the same rate 2.8-3 pounds each and every week. The only thing that is different this time is the supplements so that must be it.
The Whole Journey From September 20, 2005 (each carrot = 10 pounds gone)
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