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pal2u 04-30-2001 01:57 PM

Has any one tried this?
What are your thoughts?

jenny 1 05-11-2001 08:34 AM

This is made by Klein-Becker USA right?

Someone gave me a bottle of their Dermalin APG, the lotion that releases your fat stores into your bloodstream, I will say that IT DID work. But I have been very careful in using it because if you use it then don't exercise or you binge and your body doesn't burn fat that was released into bloodstream, then the fat will be re-deposited on your body (and not necessarily in the same place).

I have been using it on the top/side of my butt, where most women have that nasty little fatty section and that is almost gone now. Also under my chin and on my neck and they are tight now (Even at my skinniest my neck was really fatty) and looks better now than it ever has.

Also I have cellulite on the top of my thighs and since I started using the lotion my legs are now almost cellulite free.

The same person gave me a sample bottle of their diet pill Luprinol (designed for people with lower body adiposity) it was like a more sophisticated and expensive metabolife without the oomph. I was not too impressed with it. But I only had a 5 day sample, so I might not be the best judge :)

I think that they do have good products, but they are just REALLY expensive. Had I not been given that bottle of lotion, I never would have tried it.

If you aren't already using the Anorex, if it is the Klein Becker USA supplement, then I would call them and ask them if they could send you a sample before sinking a lot of money into it. they do have a website, if you need it let me know.

Hope I was some help:D

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