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Old 04-10-2001, 04:02 PM   #1
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My Dr. prescribed Xenical for me today. Does anybody have any experience with this? I'd like to get a bit more info on it before I start taking it.
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go to either Roche pharmaceuticals page or Xenical.com for more info. You can also purchase a book which fully explains, I believe its called the Xenical Advantage.
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I took Xenical for about 4 months and lost about 40 pounds in that time. Over the next year, I've lost an additional 50 with about 30 more to go. I mainly quit taking it because my insurance didn't cover it & I had changed my eating & exercsing habits. Yes, my weight loss has been slow since then, but I think I will have a better chance at keeping it off.

It helped me change my eating habits so I wouldn't have the side effects described. And, yes, they do happen if you eat too much fat.

If your problem is eating too much high fat food, I believe it is a good solution. If portion sizes and the amount of food you eat is the problem, this may not be the thing for you. It's possible to eat too much food that isn't necessarily high in fat. This medication is not for everyone. For me it did the trick. It scared me into eating healthier. For others, they kept their same habits, & had the side effect.

The websites to offer a lot of good information. Hope this helps. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Default Xenical

I've been on Xenical and am having pretty good outcomes with it. So far I have lost 30 lbs or so. I find that it helps to give me the extra "push" I need to stay away from off limits food like fried chicken, french fries. After experiencing the side effects of having french fries, I am not exactly in a hurry to repeat the experience again. It also does help you lose a little faster. I also belong to TOPS to keep my motivation high.

I find that many people are judgmental when it comes to being on Xenical for some reason. I've heard the shame on you for going on pills stuff. The same people though that have criticized me for resorting to unnatural means are probably women using pills for birth control.
How many of us can say that we do everything naturally anyways? hee But I think everyone has to explore different options that may work for them and criticize the choices of others less. Yes we can do it naturally but for many of us, we can use the extra push to develop good eating habits. After all, it took me 30 years to develop such poor eating habits that it is going to take me a while to develop healthy ones.

Also, I had one girl say to me "you should use internal pushes and not external ones". To me, hey, I'm 30 years old, two hundred and something pounds. If I had such internal motivation, I wouldn't be overweight to begin with!!! hee

Lastly, my doctor recommended it, and I will take the advice of someone who knows my medical situation and my own personal problems. Not someone who is an outsider, critical and judgmental. Xenical works for me and it won't be something that I'll be on forever, but for now it is giving me some extra help that I personally need. It is helping me to change my lifestyle. Its not forever, but it is pretty significant to me right now.

For more information on Xenical, there are a couple of good mailing lists at www.egroups.com Check them out. Also if you are in the USA -- try www.xenicare.com
or in Canada, call the 1-800 number on your package for some great freebies -- food journal, video, free workshops with a dietician. etc.

If you wish to email me personally:
[email protected]
Keep Thinking Thin!!!!!


[email protected]
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Hi! Im in the UK and I took Xenical for about 3 months last year, and lost about 20lb. Because I was eating low fat, I decided to try and do without it after Xmas, because I was having a hard time with the side effects, also, I started a new job and didnt want to be seen going to the bathroom a lot!
Since coming off the drug, I have continued to lose, another 22 lb . I have now joined Slimming World ( I dont know if there are any clubs in the US).
I am currently running a Yahoo group for anyone who is taking, has taken or has taken Xenical.
If you wish to join us, email me at [email protected]
Good luck!
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Default don't take it

It is not worth spending your money you are better off just buyinf caffiene pils because they do nothing....just stick with the good old advice eat less and exercise more the pounds will come off...so I get $30 dollars for saying that?
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xenical and caffeine pills are not anywhere near the same. Xenical is designed for those who eat a high fat diet. It is to re-train you to eat less fat overall, by discouraging those choices by creating some horrible, fairly quick side effects from fat consumption.

Be sure to contact Hoffman LaRoche about their wellness plan. They offer food and exercise guides and dietician counselling and telephone support for FREE to patients on Xenical!!! The support is excellent. Take advantage of it.!

Good Luck!
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Default Xenical is not Xenadrine

People frequently seem to get Xenical and Xenadrine confused.
The Xenical is the medication you need a prescription from your Dr for and helps keep your body from breaking down excess fat in the food you eat. Xenadrine is the stuff you can get at GNC or other health food stores that contains herbs that act like caffeine and ephedra....kind of a "speed pill."
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Default Xenical

I've been using Xenical on and off for 6 months ( I tend to forget to take the pill). It is a safe way to lose weight. I've lost over 20 pounds and I haven't suffered too badly. I also joined Weight Watchers (3months ago) to help me keep my fat intake low and to relearn good eating habits. The weight is coming off nice and slow which I feel is healthy. I've also joined a health club to improve my cardio.

My doctor put me on Xenical because of a heart problem and my heart has never been better. I am no longer "Obese" and just "overweight". You can't imagine how great that makes me feel.

Xenical was the boost I needed to start the weightloss. Once my prescription runs out, I feel Weight Watchers will continue to help me lose weight until I reach my goal.

Good Luck to everyone in whatever weightloss program they try.

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I took Xenical for approximatley four months during 2003. I found that it was very very expensive as my insurance didn't cover it. Also, with the unfortunate side effects, I still did not experience any dramatic weight loss. My weight only fluctuated around 5 lbs.

My husband and I generally eat a low fat diet already, and i still found that the Xenical wasn't much help.

Unfortunately, most of my weight gain was due to the fact that I quit smoking during 2001... three years ago, and 10 pounds for every year.... ouch!
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