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Default ? about 6 Sec Ab machine

I was just wondering if anyone had any information, good or bad, onthe 6 sec ab machine that is advertised via infocommercial on tv. It looks like it would be good if your not sure if you are working your abs correctly. Of course I know that if I don't actually use it , it will be no good anyway. I was just wanting to hear what our workout experts have to say. If you don't know about it, check out the web site, and give me your opinion. Thanks

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I personally would not buy it. It looks very gimmicky, and yet another in the long line of ab machines that end up at garage sales across the country. The ACE Fitness Council did a study on the various types of ab equipment and exercises to determine which worked and which were a waste of money and effort. They found that most popular ab machines worked no better than a crunch alone, and at least one item (the ab rocker) was 80% less effective than a crunch. For exercises, they found that doing crunches on a balance ball was one of the most effective ways you could tone your abs, and ranked just under gym equipment such as the Captain's Chair. You can get a balance ball at WalMart for about 14 bucks, or spend a little more to get one with a video.
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I'm one of those unfortunate souls who has tried more ab machines "as seen on tv" than I care to admit. You're right....they do end up in the garage sales, but I'm having a totally different experience with my 6 Second Ab machine. I absolutely LOVE mine. It is the first time in 20 years I have been able to work my abs without having my back end up reminding me of my efforts for days. Even regular floor crunches bother my back, so - - for me at least - - this machine is great. (The only problem is that they don't really clearly explain to you how you need to contract your stomach muscles and hold them in as you're doing your crunch. Any former gym member will be able to figure this one out!) This is not a machine that's going to give you a chiselled 6-pack, but if you need to firm up, I think it's a perfectly fine piece of equipment. It doesn't take up any room, and you can easily take it into any room of the house, on vacation, or to work. I'm giving this one a thumbs-up!
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Originally Posted by Spedmom
This is not a machine that's going to give you a chiselled 6-pack, but if you need to firm up, I think it's a perfectly fine piece of equipment. It doesn't take up any room, and you can easily take it into any room of the house, on vacation, or to work. I'm giving this one a thumbs-up!
Just a reminder - you can work your abs until the sun comes up -- however, you can have the strongest ab muscles in the world and still not have a flat stomach - since working your abs doesn't get rid of the bodyfat.

As JC at the Ladies who Lift forum would say: "Abs are made in the kitchen".

Just FYI...
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Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.

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I have a "rocker" type one, seldom used I must admit - but, what I do like about it is that it has a head rest, which prevents strain on your neck which can be a problem with normal "crunching" unless you are really careful.
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If you really really MUST try it, Target has the machine. At least you'll be able to buy and return it, if you don't like it, from Target w/out paying shipping costs twice.
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I just got a new Denise Austin Video....anti-aging workout....and she does crumches while supporting your head and therefore neck, with a towel. Instead of your hands behind your head, you use a towel and pull it out to each side of your head. It works great for strain on the neck and I can feel the abs tonight ! These ab machines are not necessary. You can do it with your body alone !
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My DH and I have one of the 6-second ab machines and we love it. My rear end is so big that I cannot lie on the floor to do crunches. This device solves the problem.

My husband is getting mega-benefit from it and is seeing some definition. He is also reducing his bodyfat and says that those muscles never showed before, even when he was slender.

We bought ours at Academy Sports for less than the TV advertised price. I recommend it highly. The cadenced count also keeps you from "cranking and yanking" like many people do with conventional crunches.
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