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Default Green Tea

My brother has just got back from Japan, and has introduced me to premium Sencha (green tea). Apparently it speeds up weight loss by limiting fat absorption by the body.

Have any of you tried green tea, and in your experience has it worked?
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Oh, how I love green tea! I used to drink it a lot more than I do now. I might just go make me a cup.

I love green tea, but not for the weight benefits. To me, it doesn't do anything to my weight. But it is good for you in other ways!
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Green tea is great but in terms of weight loss, it is more hype than fact. Many people find that green tea helps them curb their appetite. And there was a study a few years ago where participants drank 1 cup of green tea per day for a year and lost an average of 8 lbs (within the year).

I don't think green tea will hurt you but sadly it isn't a weight loss miracle.
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I drink 5 cups of green tea everyday and it does seem to help me lose some weight
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First thing I do after I wake up: have 2 cups of Green Tea. The only thing I have noticed over the past year is that it makes me pee a lot

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I think the study showing 8 pounds a year involved drinking 4 cups daily The study also showed that drinking more did not increase the benefits, and the benefits were only shown with real tea - not green tea extracts (etc).

Sencha tea is delicious! I love the green flavor. However, it doesn't have anything to do with fat absorption. It has the potential to rev up the metabolism just a tiny bit, but not enough to make a difference. However, it can replace other beverages that may contain calories, or satisfy a craving, so in that way it can help you reduce calories and contribute to weight loss. It's also loaded with antioxidants which are important, so it's a good choice all around.

My favorite type of green tea is matcha. It just makes me feel good
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Yes, Green tea is beneficial to weight loss (and is a great anti-oxidant as well)! However - you'd have to drink it all day, every day to see a weight loss benefit.

Much easier to take a couple of capsules of EGCg (the green tea extract) than drinking all those cups of tea! I get mine online from NOW products.

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Green tea makes me bloat for some reason, so I don't really drink it. I enjoy peppermint tea though because it get's rid of gas and bloated stomach!
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I love green tea, so naturally it's a migraine trigger for me

I've read that it does speed up your metabolism and that it's recommended to drink up to 5 cups a day. Enjoy!

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I love green tea! Quality Chinese greens, both high-grade Japanese sencha and cheaper, grassier ones on side of a meal, quality matcha, just about green tea of reasonable quality.

I do think drinking green tea helps me with weight loss, mainly because it seems to make me feel better and suppress cravings. A serving of fruit and some green tea, now that's a low-calorie snack to my taste!
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Tried it. Didn't work. It may have stopped me fluctuating as much though at maintenance as it helped flush the water.

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