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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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I took 4000 IU of D3. I purchased it at CVS. I got nature made tablets. I suck at swallowing pills so I just chewed it. Easy peasy. I posted on my blog today something about this. D3 may work in ways they haven't figured out yet. When I got my levels up -- a weird thing happened. My body temperature went up. I was surprised about this but it seems it is well known that calcium can cause your body temp to go up. Well, what does Vitamin D do... it helps your body absorb more calcium.

This is the link along with my body temps. http://meanfatb.blogspot.com/
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I bought some today, it's been on my list ever since I first read this. I've not been tested, but where I live there's not exactly much sunshine. I think we have a sunny day scheduled for mid-July, I hope I don't miss it.

I've got 1000 IU, the highest I could find. It says take 1 a day, so I'll do that and see how I get on. I hope it does raise your body temperature, as I am constantly freezing!!
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BTW - I live in phoenix and forget to use sunblock on a daily basis (use it at the pool but not going about day to day business), I was low on Vitamin D. So the sun isn't always enough. I definitely get 15+ minutes a day of sun iwthout sunblock.
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After reading this I too picked up a calcium +D3 (650mg + 400IU) supplement. I haven't been tested but I very rarely see the sun so I thought I would give it a try. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now, along with a regular multi vitamin.

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Ok, I finally took the plunge and got some Vitamin D3 1000 IU tabs. I took 1000 IU daily for 2 days and today took 2 of them (2000 IU). Not sure how much I should take, but i live in a rainy dull place and always suspected I was low. I have blood sugar issues, always tired, basically all the symptoms of thyroid or adrenal problems, but no actual thyroid or adrenal medical issues....

I'll update if I find a difference!
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For those who make a point of avoiding the doctor, a membership in the Life Extension Foundation allows you to order your own bloodwork. The results will be mailed to you, and they have people on staff who are very helpful about walking you through what the results actually mean. The Vit D test costs $47. It is possible to take too much D, so it's important to have this information.
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Originally Posted by ICUwishing View Post
For those who make a point of avoiding the doctor, a membership in the Life Extension Foundation allows you to order your own bloodwork. The results will be mailed to you, and they have people on staff who are very helpful about walking you through what the results actually mean. The Vit D test costs $47. It is possible to take too much D, so it's important to have this information.
There definitely is a "sweet spot" when it comes to Vit D levels... So people really should find out what their levels are before they go supplementing on their own...
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When I went for my physical in October.. my Vitamin D levels were pretty low. She put me on 50,000 mg a week. I take one mega dose pill every week at the same time. I tend to feel really good a few days after taking it and as it gets closer to the end of the week.. I tend to feel sluggish and more tired.. I'm thinking it has to do with my Vitamin D levels dropping once it gets closer to my next dosage. Hopefully this helps my weight loss!
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Default Vitamin D

I've been taking a large dose of Vitamin D for a year now. I Haven't lost weight but that's because my diet has been horrible. I'm trying to figure out a good diet plan for myself at the moment.

Anyway the past year I was having problems with prolonged periods and pain. I went to the doctor and found out I have several fibroids. The diagnosis was a hysterectomy. I lived with the pain and problematic periods for nearly a year then I started taking a large dose of Vitamin D. About a month after I started taking around 4000 IU of Vitamin D my excessive bleeding stopped and my periods became normal again. I'm still taking D and still haven't had any bothersome lady problems.

I'm hoping once I'm consistent with a weight loss plan the D will help facilitate weight loss. I have put on weight in the last year but not as much as I should have. I believe the Vitamin D may have helped keep me from gaining too much weight. Anyway after the studies I've read I'm a big believer in Vitamin D.
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I just want to be clear... vitamin D is NOT a weight loss pill. Even at full levels I only found it was like 1/3rd an effect. As if your RMR went up by 1/3. But since it is so amazing for SO much... there is no point in not taking it.

So I live in New England and every year since 2009 I have gone to Florida for thanksgiving. Usually I get a sunburn but likely spend about 3 days in the sun. Then I also ... supplement. I NEVER get a head cold in the winter.

This thanksgiving I went to NYC. So I got no sun.... I supplemented. After getting a horrible cold every month this winter.. I went to the doctor and got tested. I was "insufficent". My level was 24 ng per ml. And I gained about 5 lbs this winter. I am working on supplementing and as soon as the sun comes back I plan on getting myself a suntan... but honestly... this makes a massive effect.

PS I had to move my blog address http://meanfatb2.blogspot.com/
sorryBucky have you considered natural progesterone? I also have fibroids and that helped so much getting things under control although they have not gone down in size my periods are lighter and pms is gone and pain is lessened. Look into it.

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I'm on a number of prescription and otc medications and supplements, and I'd give up my prescription meds before I'd give up my vitamin D, fish oil, folic acid and niacin. They've been the most helpful "medication" in managing my health issues. Keeping a low-glycemic, moderate-to-low carb diet has been the most helpful of all (and the most difficult, because the high glycemic foods are so addictive).
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Yup. I had low levels and was stuck at the same weight for 6 months no matter what I did. I was ready to tear my hair out. Then I went to the doc, had the blood test, and she said to take supplements. I have been taking d3 and the scale is now moving down. Whew. It took about 3 months of supplementation, tho. I have to go back and get tested again.

The low levels make sense for me because winter is long here and although I'm out a lot in the summer, I wear sunscreen. I've been trying to get out more, even in the cold. I imagine the docs here tend to test for it a bit more because of the location.

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I saw an "expert" on TV recently. I can't remember who he was but it was on a national news show. Anyway, he said that you don't need to have any blood work done. That most people can just assume that they are deficient. He also said that it doesn't matter what form you get the vit. D in they'll all work. Don't know if he is correct, just thought I'd share.
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Wow. A few months back my Rheumatologist ordered several viles of blood work and order over 20 tests, and one test came back showing I was extremely vitamin D deficient. So he put me on prescription vitamin D. I am now supposed to get on over the counter ones, but I keep forgetting. Actually, I'll write it on my list now

I wonder if that's part of my weight loss issues; I tried dieting in late 2007 and I stayed at 1,400, like everyone said is the healthiest intake to lose at. Well, I didn't lose weight - none at all. If I was not exercising, I could not go above 800-1,000 cals, or I simply lost nothing. If I did walking for half an hour once or twice a day, I could sometimes go up around 1,100 and lose. But after about 60 lbs, I hit a big plateau. I have fibromyalgia and other stuff, so I couldn't put a notch up on my exercise, so I had to stay under 1,000 for a few months. Of course my old rheumy said it was ok - he said it was important I lost weight. I later had my thyroid tested, thinking there had to be something wrong. Well, results come back and she said the numbers were a little lower than a person would want, but not low enough to consider it hypothyroidism. I told her about my fasting and binging tendencies when I was a teenager, and she said maybe I messed up my metabolism, but she said surely it wouldn't be that bad. Now, I wonder if it's been the vitamin D the whole time. Definitely going to buy all the Ds and start taking them.
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i need to check my levels next time I go to the doctors! Thanks for sharing.
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