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threenorns 03-26-2012 03:15 PM

about the gallbladder (or liver) "cleanse"
in a discussion about gallstones, i was advised to do a gallbladder "cleanse" - BOY am i glad i'm a skeptic and researched it before i tried it!

this is the one i was sent:


12 Noon
Stop eating all solid food

6.30 pm
Stop drinking all fluids

7.00 pm
Using a measuring device, pour cup (four tablespoonfuls) of olive oil and drink it.

Follow immediately with one or two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice.

Lie down and relax.

Repeat this every 15 minutes. Sit up, swallow it and lie down again. If possible, have someone else bring them to you.

Relax, read or watch television. Keep as still as possible. It is best to lie on your right side.

Repeat the exact dosage every 15 minutes until you have swallowed all of the pint of olive oil. If there is any lemon juice left, drink it all.

It is now probably 10.00 or 10.30 pm

Remember, if you have terrible nausea or vomiting sensations, use the peppermint oil in the olive oil, or chase the olive oil with a small amount of V8 or pineapple juice, until you can resume taking the plain olive oil and lemon juice.

While you are taking the olive oil and lemon juice, if it gets hard to swallow, take a little more time between doses. Try 20 minutes between doses, or 25 minutes. Try to swallow all of the oil and lemon juice. If you are too nauseated to get it all down, take as much as you possibly can.

You have finished the olive oil and lemon juice. Now go to bed and do your best to go to sleep. Lie on your right side. This position speeds up the process of the olive oil entering the gall bladder to act as a lubricant. This, along with the softening action of the lemon juice, will help to free the stones more easily and readily from the gall bladder. Stay in bed and forget everything until the urge to go the toilet comes.

That was really quite simple, wasn't it?

About 2.00 or 3.00 am you'll probably wake up with the unmistakeable urge to go to the toilet. It may not happen. For some, it doesn't happen until 11am the next day. If your first bowel movement is at 2.00 or 3.00 am you will probably have no stones in it, but you'll want to check to be sure.

When you have the first bowel movement after the cleanse, you'll use the pitcher of water and the paint stirring stick to wash the fecal material through the net. Pour water gently and use the stick to separate the stones from the fecal material. The fecal material will be runny and wash through the net.

You can use the index card, folded in half, as a makeshift shovel. Place the stones in the jar and screw the lid on. You may want to show your stones to some people. Many will be amazed, but some will still be unbelievers. You certainly want to keep your stones for a while to remind yourself that it was all worth while. After a few days they will dissolve (because of the lemon juice and oil). If you want to keep them for an indefinite period, store them in your freezer with a label - GALL STONES. DON'T' EAT!!!!

You may notice green objects and maybe greenish liquid excrement in the toilet bowel. Those are small gall stones. Some gall stones may be dissolved by the treatment.

Dr Lewis found that 1% of people failed to pass gall stones. If you are one of these 1%, don't be disappointed. In some individuals, the powerful action of the lemon juice causes the stones to dissolve before they are passed out of the body. IF you have only greenish liquid bowel movements, the cleanse has been effective.

Notice any increase in vitality that usually follows the cleanse.

Remember, optimum efficiency in the human body can only occur if all our God-given parts are working properly.

Some people (including doctors) will say that your gall stones are not gall stones but fecal matter. To quote from Dr Lewis:

"To clarify the situation and eliminate such questions, I sent a sample of gall stones to a medical analysis lab run by a Ph.D. who heads up the Science Department at Texas Woman's University in Denton. He ran the necessary tests…

His analysis of the stone sample I sent was 91% cholesterol and the rest was bile salts, water and inert ingredients. In other words, the sample had the chemical contents of gall stones. And the report clearly states it was gall stones".

following that bit of quackery could very likely have landed me in the hospital!

here's the real deal (the "snopes", if you will, except it's quackwatch):


had i done this and actually managed to dislodge one of the larger stones in my gallbladder from body positioning, it could have lodged in my bile duct necessitating immediate emergency surgery!

just a quick note: my great-grandmother saved her gallstones - she had them made into earrings. there was absolutely no need to keep them in the fridge (the quackwatch article explains the reasoning behind the refrigeration requirement).

sunshauna 03-26-2012 04:24 PM

Good info, threenorns! I also was going to attempt the flush before I researched it a couple months ago and came to the same conclusion you did. Still considering gallbladder removal or waiting to see what happens. My regular doc and GI doc both said some people take their gallstones to their grave with no attacks, but each time you have an attack, the likelyhood of future attacks increases. My doc says one more attack and I need to have surgery. I tried to find an option for surgery, but there's not one.......tho a low fat diet helps prevent attacks, it can't stop them all. The good thing about this is that my low fat diet is what sent me down the weight loss path.....finally.......24 pounds in less than 3 months and still counting. Thanks for the post.....hopefully it will help others before they try something that will do more harm than good.

medifaster27 03-26-2012 05:28 PM

I just had the surgery in 2010 and everything went fine. After 9months of my body getting used to missing an organ all was well. I didn't lose weight, but went to college and started gaining even more. =p

threenorns 03-26-2012 06:20 PM

i only had the one attack and that was about 10yrs ago, maybe even more. was in the hospital for 10 days on massive IV drugs - seems a stone got lodged in my bile duct and the whole thing got inflamed and then involved the liver which is where i passed out in the hospital waiting room trying to tell the receptionist (no triage nurse to be found anywhere) that i was pretty sure something was very very wrong.

fun fact: if you absolutely cannot find a medical person no matter what, just pass out in the lobby. there'll be doctors, nurses, and paramedics popping out from behind air molecules!

sunshauna 03-26-2012 09:58 PM

haha.....love the fun fact--good to know. :)

medifaster, is it harder to lose weight without a gallbladder, or no difference?

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