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Old 02-01-2003, 05:37 AM   #1
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Default I Have The Answer To Permanent Weight Loss!

Ladies and gentlemen, I was looking at a lot of these threads dealing with this program or that pill. Be beware that pills like ALL things that suppress appetite do not get at the real problem of weight loss, neither does starving oneself, or exercising yourself to death, unrealistic expectations or hopes and dreams of the miracle diet. As for pills, unless you are willing to ingest this stuff forever, you better be willing to gain the weight back. I lost 100 lbs and gained it back when I went off stuff because I hadn't learned what was making me fat in the first place. I had bought ever diet, shake, drink, plan, "miracle" just like you and never succeeded. Just do me a favor and take a good hard look at why you overeat and change that. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish on your own and be much more proud when you do it. Understand, I am NOT bashing anyone for anything they spend their money on, I am just saying weight loss has to do more with the brain than anything else and pills and miracles cures unfortunately won't fix eating problems you haven't dealt with. I am morbidly obese, have been on an exercise program and 1600 cal eating for a month and have lost nearly 30 lbs. Why? Because I am breaking the cycle of what is bad for me. No more soft drinks, not trigger eating ie when angry or sad or reading or watching tv, eating real food like everyone else etc. I am happier than I have ever been and am well on the way to losing it all once and for all. I am NOT dieting, I am choosing to change my eating habits for the rest of my life so that I don't have to contine to go through this. Everyone can do this no matter what their size. I have heard excuses that you can't afford it because buying foods you need are so expensive. Then where did you get the $100 to buy Harry Houdini's Magic Miracle diet? My wish is that just one person out there can look at themselves and realize they can do this without interference from anyone else!!!!!

Much success to you all!
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I agree with you Donna. Its learning to make healthier choices and getting to the root of why I am fat in the first place that is making the difference this time. The going is slow, but I have felt better than I have in years!

Miss Chris
bljeghbe' chugh vaj blHegh- Klingon for Surrender or Die

Weight Jan 2006- 257 lbs
Current weight-202.8 (5'7 1/2)
Goal weight-155 lbs.
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Hey Chris, Do you have the phonetic pronounciation for the Klingonese? LOL Thanks for the post and you go girl! You will make it!
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Default Thanks Donna!

Thanks for the most inspiring post I have read in a long time and so very, very true.

Unless we get at the heart and core of what is making us overeat, we are doomed to repeat the behavior.

All the best to you! I just know that you will be a success this time!

I resigned as General Manager of the Universe several years ago.......
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Donna!!!!!...I must tell you my dear...you are one excellent Ray of Sunshine!!!!!!...you say it like it is...and your always helpful to all of us when we need you...I just wanted to say...thanks for always being there!!!!!!!...Alayna
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Hey JacksLady,

Read my signature line....it says it all!

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tomorrow is another day
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hey donna,

More power to you!...what a fabulous post - many years and dollars later...I finally realized that there is no miracle cure...eat less expend more energy...sometimes the simplest of answers is overlooked.
I have started exercising and making better food choices and not obsessing about what I eat...I call it my "no pressure" approach to life and the challenges it throws my way.
I haven't lost any weight yet...I just started a couple of weeks ago but have had quite a few setbacks...(you see I love my food).
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Amen, Donna. Took me 20 years to figure it out, but I finally did. I'm eating more than I thought I could, working out, and feeling wonderful. And losing weight!! Imagine!

'Fear is irrelevant if we make it so.' ~ Madcat

The Naked Hoof
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Old 03-18-2003, 05:27 PM   #9
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Unhappy Magic Pills

You say it pretty much like it is!!! Unfortunately, I still haven't learned. I have a problem with food. I beat myself up every time I eat, whether it be good for me or bad for me. I am still not comfortable with my weight, but find myself going in circles. I get depressed about my weight, I eat, beat myself up some more, etc. Yuck. I was really glad I read the review about Leptoprin though. I was seriously considering buying it and then I read the review. You would think I would learn by now after I've seen firsthand what these drugs can do. My cousin had a lesion removed from her brain recently and the doc said he is "99% sure it was due to a popular diet drug she was taking".

So I will try my best to overcome my self hate. The Godiva chocolates......one day at a time. (Or one piece at a time! Heee! )
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friend in need
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Default you read my mind

Here's another HURRAH for Donna. You go girl!!

I have been a food obsessed fat girl for 44 years and after trying every gimmick there is, last October the light went on. It's up to ME! I saw a mother in some impoverished country on the news grinding up a handful of wheat to feed her 2 children for the whole day and that was it. Do we need to feed the monster within every time he calls? These children have no choice. I don't think anyone ever died from the feeling of being hungry. Since that time, I eat to live - take home restaurant food when the portions are too large - stop eating past what I know is enough (that 2nd half of the pizza really doesn't taste that great!!) and I try to eat "well".

I am currently at my lowest weight that I've ever seen as an adult and losing about 1/2 pound a week. It's slow, but that's okay. After a life time of gains and losses I'll take a steady loss on a plan I can live with the rest of my life any day. We all have our days, but there's a strength in us all that we can tap into if we can just find it. I hope I can stay strong and I hope you all can find that strength too. We don't need to pump our money into the weight loss industry. Everything we need is free - inner strength and desire.
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Oh, wow. For most this is true. I found what was making me fat..it was the conventional diet wisdom! As a seriously insulin resistant person, the more grains and carbs I ate, the more I stored. I did not overeat, per se, I just ate all the wrong things. Now I am so screwed up, nothing seems to work. I used to gain on Weight Watchers!

I guess you have to love yourself, fat or thin, and go from there.
Mini Goal:

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I think we need to keep this post floating up near the top. It's a good reminder that it takes hard work, excercise, and eating good portion controlled food to make a difference. There is not a pill out there that contains that.

Miss Chris
bljeghbe' chugh vaj blHegh- Klingon for Surrender or Die

Weight Jan 2006- 257 lbs
Current weight-202.8 (5'7 1/2)
Goal weight-155 lbs.
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How very, VERY true!! No amount of pills, surgeries, grapefruit, cabbage or whatever weird trends are happening will do it for you permanently and without damage.

So many times, I think people are in it for the quick fix, but it's the slow and steady that won the race. (Explains why I'm still chubby but at least I'm trying, right?)

just a little "bump" to bring this to the top and say "It's OKAY to do it the right way. It's OKAY to eat right and exercise. It's OKAY to walk and do the things we know we have to do to get it done properly."

240/228/180 (initial goal)
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Bravo-you're sooo right. I started a healthier lifestyle about 2 weeks ago and already feel so much better. I used to be an "all or nothing" person. I either would eat anything and everything in sight or I would be the "perfect" dieter and deprive myself of everything. This behavior has only gotten me fatter and fatter. I'm learning to take each day one at a time and if I do make wrong choices I vow not to beat myself up! I know it's not going to be easy but I'm sure glad I can turn to this site for the hope and inspiration I need to succeed.
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Question HOW?

How does a person figure out what it is that is making her over eat. I eat the wrong foods, and I eat them obsessively. I find something new that turns me on for a few months and I eat it everyday until I decide the magic has worn off. I think I feel hungry when I go eat. However, I know that I have issues with food and there are emotional issues in my life, but they are things that aren't in my control to fix. So, how do pinpoint what is making me have no control?

I have no coverage for mental health. Tried that route. Anyone have anything enlightening to share with me?
It's just baby fat.
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