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Question Cinnamon Pills for help with losing a few pounds?

Does this work? I read an article in a magazine where this helps w/the aid of losing a few pounds. Helps with lowering one's cholesterol too. Anyone tried these pills? I am not relying on these for weight loss perse....just to help with losing a couple pounds if it really works.

Your thoughts....

Please and thanks!
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I haven't even heard of them but why not eat cinnamon itself? I usually sprinkle some on my yogurt, fruit, oatmeal... it's even good in a bowl of chili!

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My cousins tried this and she lost 3 pounds the first week and her hubby lost 4.

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Well, I read about them and learned that there's a difference between common cinnamon and the weight loss variety. From the Whole Foods site, it talks about insulin effects, anti-microbial, anti-clotting, and warming effects (first link below). The second one talks about weight loss and the particular variety. I've tried to order the Ceylon variety but haven't heard from the bulk foods store.


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Cinnamon definitely helps regulate blood sugar levels, which can help you lose weight and keep the cravings rollercoaster in check. I've taken it for years to combat some of the issues that stem from my PCOS.

Lots of women with PCOS gain weight easily and have a horrible time losing weight-the science of x calorie deficit = y weight loss just doesn't seem to apply...and I'd venture to say that cinnamon is what makes it possible for me by keeping my insulin resistance in check. It should be very difficult and slow-going for me to lose weight when dieting, and when I actually eat how I'm supposed to I lose just fine. I'm in my 6th week of weight watchers and have lost 18 pounds.

If only I could keep it off. I've lost and gained back the same 80 pounds or so multiple times.

I think cinnamon can help you lose weight, but it doesn't MAKE you lose weight. I take it daily and it doesn't stop me from gaining (or make me lose) if I'm bingeing. If you're looking for diet support, it's a supplement that can help and and without the side effects of diet pills. Studies have shown that it is so effective at regulating blood sugar levels that it can make significant improvements in glucose and lipids in people with type 2 diabetes.

I have no idea at what smaller dosages benefits can be seen, but I do know that the amount I take in capsule form-there's just no way I could eat that much as a condiment.
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I also take cinnamon--a teaspoon a day in my protein shake and it has completely controlled my cravings. It also has a natural appetite suppressant in it(the highest concentration of the substance is from the Chinese cinnamon variety)...The first week I started taking cinnamon I found myself forgetting to eat. I was taking 2 teaspoons a day(one in AM and one in PM) so I backed it down to 1 teaspoon and my appetite went back to normal.
I was a terrible sweet tooth so this was like the magic bullet and I practically cried for joy. Now I can keep to my food plan!
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Are you serious? That almost sounds to good to be true. Give me a club size package of that stuff!! lol

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I've been using Ceylon cinnamon every day (used in foods - not capsules). I am not sure how much is related to my very low carb diet and how much to the cinnamon but I have been doing really well losing weight and have not been struggling with cravings. Today is my 100th day on this plan and I've been on plan the entire time.
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Where do you get the pills? Whole Foods? GNC?
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Someone in the Living Maintenance group here has been using Cinnamon + Chromium supplements that she purchased at WalMart with great results. I just bought them but only used them last night. When you open the bottle, it does smell nice and cinnamony.
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Actually, Cassia ("fake" cinnamon) does contain the cinnamaldehydes that have been shown in preliminary studies to reduce insulin resistance. Ceylon cinnamon, Saigon cinnamon, and cassia all contain cinnamaldehydes, and it's more the quality of the product that determines active content than which variety it is. They do have different flavors though, so I'd go with whatever you prefer the taste of (personally I like Saigon cinnamon) and try to add it to foods you're eating (especially if they're high-carb or higher up on the glycemic index - the cinnamon will be much more effective if you use it on the foods that create the response you're trying to alter).
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Cinnamon also tastes excellent on coffee.

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After using these pills for almost a week, I can say that I haven't noticed any difference in my weight or cravings.
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when I am battling the need to binge--I drink a cup of chai tea. cinnamon and black pepper. black pepper supplies chromium and both of them stabilize blood sugar.
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Penzy's Spices has wonderful a cinamon variety. They have stores or you can buy online.
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