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Question Rogaine??

Has anyone tried rogaine for hair loss? Did you have any success with it? Did you experience any of the side effects? What shampoo did you use with it? I started using the women's rogaine tonight, and I'm really hoping that it makes a difference.
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ohlove, i havent used it...sorry..many of the women here have experienced hairloss when they began to lose weight...some of them used Biotin to aid in regrowth or introduced more fats into their diet moderately..all my hair has come back I think..but it took probably a year..

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I know a guy who used it and said it worked as long as he kept using it. But it's not cheap and he stopped, at which point his hair started thinning again. Also I believe it will help prevent further hair loss, but not help with re-growth.
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Your best bet is to see a Dermatologist. My hair started thinning about three years ago. I used rogaine for awhile but saw no noticeable difference. My Dermatologist diagnosed me with Alopecia and rogaine wont help. However, I do use a shampoo called Nisim which has biotin in it and slows the shedding to a minimum so I keep what I have basically. Also I am on Spironolactone which is a diuretic and antiandrogen. Spironolactone is very effective and is prescribed by your Dr. Although my hair loss is due to Alopecia, yours may be from weight loss itself. Spironolactone is used by anybody who is experiencing hairloss, it is a good choice. Hope that helps
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I've used Rogaine for over 10 years on my dermatologist's recommendation. I had a scalp biopsy done and the diagnosis was "miniaturization of the hair follicle" which is basically.....I was losing my hair due to hereditary issues.

He told me to use men's 5%, not to waste time with a woman's 2% formula.

At the time I started I also used Nioxin shampoo/conditioner and a thickener product and gel spray. The combo was great.

After a few months I started noticing very thin wispy spiderwebby like hairs in my part, very pale. Those were new hairs.

Today I use it 1x a day, but if I get lazy and stopped I will notice more loss again.

Also when you first start to use it you will get an increased loss as the new hairs push the old ones out. It's a bit freaky at first.

I will never stop using it.

It's real cheap to buy at Costco, and any generic Minoxidil has worked as fine as "Rogaine."
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Sorry to hear your hair is not well.
There are 3 causes of mine falling out over the years, heredity, unbalanced diet, and certain medicines.
The doctors suggested biotin and minoxidil. Dr. Oz on his show suggested evening primrose oil.
I have seen no help to stop my hair from falling out by using biotin. It only makes my hair and nails grow like well watered grass in the summer, but I do it. Afraid to stop.
The minoxidil keeps what is left of my hair from falling out. Don't let it get on the skin where you don't want hair,(:>). I only use it once a day or sometimes every other day. The trouble is when you stop using, all that hair which was going to fall out; falls out! Get the store brand. Same ingredients.
Evening primrose oil, who knows. I do it anyway.
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