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Default Zumba system

Hi everyone,
It seems like all I've been hearing about lately is ZUMBA! I wanted to try it out but don't have time to go to the classes my gym offers. I was thinking about purchasing the Zumba system on DVD to do at home but wanted to get some feedback before I did so.
What did you think? How much have you lost, whether pounds or inches? Also, do results start showing relatively fast?
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I LOVE Zumba. I lost a total of 30lbs last year with a combo of WW and Zumba. I don't have the at home dvds, but I do have the wii game and it's awesome. I will always choose a live class over the wii, but sometimes it's hard to get to a class. If you can try a live class first to get a taste for it. I have found that classes vary between instructors. Have fun!
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I have tried both the classes and the tapes. I don't like the DVDs as much I can only make myself do the 20 minute one before I get bored. I enjoyed the classes more because their was more variation and better music. Also I think it helped to have other people around to keep me motivated. Unfortunately I cant find a class to take that goes with my work schedule. So I am Zumba less at the moment.
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I have the Zumba Fitness game for the PS3 and I love it!! I have only been doing it for about a week, but it's the hardest workout I get out of any workout I do, so I would totally recommend it!
Emmy <3

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I have been trying a Zumba Gold class at my gym. In general, I feel sort of "meh" about it. It is movement... but it's too complicated and too many twisty moves for my knee. My feet usually hurt after class. The music isn't great, just OK. I get the feeling that only a few people in the class are actually able to do the choreography. I'm afraid it's going to get boring, but we'll see. I am only on my third class. I wish my gym would just offer a straightforward low impact class to good old fashioned rock n' roll music. But they don't, pretty much the only option is Zumba.

Anyway, Zumba does get you moving, so from that standpoint it works. But I'd burn as many or more calories with a good two mile walk, which takes about the same amount of time as the class does. As far as results go... those are linked to whether I keep a calorie deficit or not. At any rate, Zumba has not made any noticeable difference.

The class I really like that is making a huge difference to me is the Group Active class. I'm noticing I have more stability and ability to go up/down stairs with my bad knee. My ankles feel stronger. My arms are stronger. My balance is better. And I'm losing around my waistline. That class is SUPER! And has better music!

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I am in LOVE with Zumba. I am taking the class about 4x a week. It is tricky when you first start, but the instructors do most of the same dances every week, so even by the second time you have a much better handle on the moves. It also depends on the instructor....I went to one today that is much more cardio based, while my Wednesday night one has a lot more toning.

I can tell a big difference in my legs (my calves are getting ripped!) and my posture because if you focus on the moves, you are getting a good core workout.

Really it depends on if you like dancing. People who really enjoy dancing seem to love Zumba. My friend is not big into dancing and she feels kind of meh about it. I can go to a 1 hour workout, sweat like a madwoman, and leave feeling great and wanting to go another hour.

I have another friend who has the DVDs. She likes them so far, but she has arthritis and can only do them sporadically because it hurts her. She used to be a dancer, though, so she really enjoys just being able to get back into that kind of movement.
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Originally Posted by graycyn View Post

Anyway, Zumba does get you moving, so from that standpoint it works. But I'd burn as many or more calories with a good two mile walk, which takes about the same amount of time as the class does. As far as results go... those are linked to whether I keep a calorie deficit or not.
I respectfully disagree with this. I honestly cannot imagine how you could burn the same amount of calories by WALKING 2 miles as you burn in a Zumba class.
I am leaving every Zumba class drenched in sweat. I bet you could easily have an conversation while you walk 2 miles (I could, and I am a really fast walker) but I would not be able to carry a conversation during a Zumba class (I am glad to be just breathing).
And as far as the calorie deficit goes .... that applies to any weight loss method, not just to Zumba.

To the original poster: I have the full set of Zumba DVD's (I got in on eBay), the same that you get from zumba.com, but I was not all that impressed with them. Personally, I find the classes to be much more fun. We have a truly awesome instructor, she is just flying on the class and it's a challenge to keep up with her. I love the music she selects; basically, I would not change a thing. I know that I am lucky to have to an instructor whose classes I enjoy so much (on a few occasions, when she was sick or out of town, another instructor subbed and I did not like HER classes too much). Each instructor has a different style, different preferences (both in choreography as in music).
I simply love Zumba. No other cardio is so much fun.
Dearest Schumeany: Yes, those are size 4 jeans hugging my posterior. Thank you for being such motivation!!!
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Zumba is hard! I prefer doing it at home because while I'm coordinated I am not good at picking up dance moves and feel like an eejit in front of a whole class. it'll knock you into shape though. Be sure to have good shoes with good support but that are lightweight. I really like the nike zumba shoes.
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Glad I found this thread! A friend and I ordered the DVD set and are anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Glad to see it works. It looks like it'd be tons of fun! Cant wait to get started!
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