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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Default Colon Cleanse

Hi everyone!

I don't know if this has been brought up before, but has anyone tried using a bottle of colon cleanse pills before? If so, what were your results and which brand did you use?

It just seems too good to be true --- taking these pills and magically losing up to 20 pounds of 'junk' that has been stuck in your colon. :P I just wanted to hear other's opinions.

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Personally i have not used them , but i think thats a bit eggagerated.....my friend took them and just experienced going to the toilet alot more , like taking a sena or laxative. She lost aprox 3lbs she said ...........noway 20lbs
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My mom said she had to drink this stuff before getting a colonoscopy, that she bought at the drug store, and she lost ten pounds in like one day.
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I think the capsules are to good to be true...........maybe liquid form is different???
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You cannot lose fat by cleaning out the contents of your colon. Fat is stored in fat cells. Wastes are stored in your colon. A "Colon Cleanse" is a fancy word for "laxative", and will cause you to lose some water weight and weight from waste. Once you eat and drink, though, the weight will come back.

There is no evidence that a majority or even a significant minority of people carry excess wastes in their colon. Most bodies get rid of wastes just fine, as they were designed to do, and most do so even better and more efficiently with a healthy diet and exercise.

Anyone who has "lost weight" using a colon cleanse may have seen the scale number go down due to temporary water loss and removal of wastes, but that scale will have gone right back up to where it started once normal eating/drinking resumed (unless, of course, they'd also established a calorie deficit in the interim).
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Not only are these 'colon cleansers' a waste of money, but they can be downright dangerous.

You can get dehydrated.
You can damage your colon, which is an exquisitely designed organ that not only digests your food, but helps send needed minerals into your blood stream and all the other organs, including your brain.

You do not "store" fecal matter in your colon. Most healthy colons move the material through the entire length (from stomach to anus) in about 6-8 hours. The colon uses slight 'wave-like' motions to move the material forward and through. Repeated harsh 'cleansers' can damage your colon and trust me, you do NOT want to live with the bloating, diarrhea, inflammation and misery a malfunctioning colon brings.

Just keep on doing the sensible program that has given you positive results.


p.s. just wanted to add, if your colon was 'storing' fecal matter, you would know it... it is called constipation. Taken to a more serious level it is called a bowel blockage, which requires medical intervention

don't fall for those horrible fake adverts that make someone else big bucks at the risk of your health

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A lot of those products contain a gel that swells up as it passes through you and so it looks like a lot of stored matter is coming out.

But really, if you are overweight, do you really think it's because of matter stored in your colon? I know that's not where my extra weight is stored.
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I had to cleanse out my colon for a colonoscopy two years ago...it sucks!! I mean, I had to drink two bottles of phosphosoda, but I'm sure that it reacts the same as a colon cleanse. I would not recommend doing one. I had to run to the bathroom every 3 minutes, and the next morning I was so dehydrated and weak that I could barely walk.

I know we all have our icky days and we just want to "clear it out", but the best way to do that is by drinking tons of water and eating healthy foods. I think grapes and cucumbers help a lot. You just have to do that, be patient, and you'll feel great the next day
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yes colon cleanser works. no it doesnt make you lose fat but it makes u lose poop that bloats around your abdominal area. ive been using earths bounty oxy-cleanse & jarrow-dophilus eps 5 billion enhanced probiotic system (together) and i lost 20lbs in 6weeks. but i was also exercising with it. but yes it works and it also healthy for you but you have to get the vegetarian capsules and not herbal products because if you take them for a long time they can mess up your kidneys
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Colon cleanse is mainly pysillium husk, same your money and get metamusil or something similar. Ps it does work,
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My Dh went and had one last week. He is going back for 2 more and he signed me up for 3.

He thinks if I get them done I will magically lose the fat in my belly.

I will let you all know the results.

He took a 360 degree turn, after his educated lessons with the Colon Hydro-therapist...he now wants to eat non processed foods and no meat.

So we are on a new journey.
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Chewy, it's great that you are going to eat healthier foods! Changing what you consume will definitely help in that area.

But I urge you to reconsider the "therapy" because it's unnecessary and potentially dangerous. Scroll up and read posts from Amanda and others that tell the whole truth. And you don't have to take their word for it - The most reputable doctors and universities in the country warn against these products and services.

Their marketing pitches from the "therapists" are full of hooey and play on fear and lack of knowledge in these areas.

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"fat is stored in the fat cells, waste is stored in the colon."

THANKS AGAIN MANDALINN...always the voice of reason! Stuff in your colon is on the way out by definition, I would think!
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My Aunt has crones disease and she lived with us for a year or two. With her condition she has to get checked out inside and out every 6 months. She had to drink a bottle of that stuff and it was horrible seeing her. She was on the toilet basically all night long and at one point before her dr. appointment I went to wake her and she was so dehydrated I had to call an ambulence because her heart went into a catatonic state. They said it was because she didn't drink enough water but everytime she drank a cup of the stuff for her appointment she drank a cup of purified water.
Also, my sister had to take this for a colonoscopy when she was 15 and she said it was the worst experiance of her life. She has constantly been on different pills and powders for bowel problems and she said it was the worst thing ever. She felt like her insides were going to fall out and she said that at one point her whole body ceased up from massive cramping due to the stuff.

Be careful if you're going to try it!
I know they tell you on infomercials that you're supposed to take it with Acai berries but don't. I have been taking Acai Hydroxycut without the colon clense and I am fine. My bodys timings have remained the same and I have lost inches but no pounds. My belly fat is getting massively better. I bought a bathing suit in the beginning of summer and it was tight, now because of losing belly fat it pretty much flys around down at my tummy. I would recommend that if you like to try it, but it is basically like drinking 4 cups of coffee... I don't mind though.

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We have a good friend who is a colo-rectal surgeon. I asked him about this and he said it's all "a bunch of b---s---- tied up with a bow" (I believe that's an exact quote).

Like some have pointed out again -- the cleanses that are essentially aggressive laxatives just make you poop explosively and dehydrate you. Overuse can permanently damage your digestive system and lead to nutrient deficiency.

And those procedures where they go in the back end to clean you out? For weight loss? He said he can't believe that's even legal.
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