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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Old 03-14-2010, 11:40 PM   #76
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I own both the curves and the shape ups. When I first bought the curves (shoes and sandals) I thought they were wonderful, but compared to shape ups, for me, shape ups wins hands down in the super comfy category. I now own three shape ups (two shoes and one paid of sandals) and they are worth every penny to me. They are very expensive for my budget but again worth every penny. I started having a bit of a knee problem and that was gone immediately after I started wearing the shape ups. It's weird to say that they are so comfy and work you out at the same time, but they do! I definitely feel a difference when I workout in them (walking). I know my posture is better...I weight 200 pounds at 5'1 so the noticeable toning isn't very noticeable to me. I still will continue to buy more when I can afford them and use them almost everyday. Hope this helps.
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I wouldn't mind having a pair of the shape ups but sadly it's not in my budget but if the Curves ones work, I may have to go ahead and get a pair of those! Anything that might help this weight loss along, I'll give it a whirl! Thanks nean for the info!
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I just bought my first pair of Shape-Ups. My mom kept wanting to buy them, and since we wear the same size, we thought we would share. I haven't worn them out that much, because it's been raining. So I wear them around the house. I feel the walking on my calves, but haven't seen much of a difference. If I do, I think I would attribute it to my working out as opposed to these shoes. However, they ARE very comfortable.
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Old 03-25-2010, 07:02 PM   #79
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I have shape ups & must say they are extremely confortable! I got for work shoe
s, in order to justify the $100 price (I usu. spend around this for work shoes).
It was a lil diff. at first but once I got use to them I Love 'em!!
I was not sore or anything, but really noticed a diff. in my stance & posture.
I can tell when I'm not wearing them.
I think they were a good investment
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I shattered my ankle about a year ago. It is still stiff and sore, and makes walking painful.

I have been using shape-ups for the past month, and it is stretching my ankle gently, and pain is fading away.

I feel my hamstrings and calves getting a workout as well.

I recommend 'em

And I am about 1" taller whilst using the shoes.
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How long do they last? I walk about 10 miles at work every day (and that excludes non work walking). I've been going through normal shoes every two months. I don't want to have to buy a pair of shape ups every two months.
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Old 03-29-2010, 01:34 PM   #82
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I see this an old blog but I just wanted to add that KMart has shape ups (not Skethcer brand) and they are $34.99. I am on my 2nd pair and love them and I can feel the difference!
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Old 04-06-2010, 09:51 PM   #83
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I actually work at Dunham's Sports and these shoes are $99.99 I haven't tried them yet but i will once i get the money. From every customer that has bought them said they work amazingly and that they love them!!. I think if your looking for something to help tone your legs and butt you should try them.

Also if you have a Dunhams near you show them your Kroger card, AAA, or Blue Cross Blue Sheild, and you can get 10% off and any item that is NOT on sale or clearance (excluding ammo and guns).


Go to your nearest Dunhams and tell them you would like to sign up for the Email program, all you do is give them your Email address and you get a 20% off coupon just for signing up!!

I hope my information helped at least someone out.
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Default Sketchers ShapeUp's

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone had tried these shoes out. I am seeing them everywhere but I am curious, are they really worth the money?


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I have a pair. Couldn't wait to get them. First of all, I think they run small, so perhaps get a half size bigger than you think you need. Mine actually put my feet to sleep (NOT GOOD). That being said, if I would have had the right size, I think they would have been great. I found that wearing them for outside walking was great, but on an indoor padded track, I reach for my NB instead. You should most certainly go to the store, try them on, walk in them and see what you think, but they really do spring you to that next step, and I felt energized. Sure wish I would have gotten the right size though! I did find that if I took the liners out, my feet felt better and I could still wear them, but after I paid $100+, of course I would find a way to still wear them! I guess I would add, if it isn't already clear, that if you have these, it is nice to have a second pair of more standard shoes as well cause the shapeups do work particular muscles that sometimes need rested between walks. Don't know how much the shapeups had to do with my weight loss, but I did lose a ton of inches off my legs and butt! Liked that!

Am back for Round 2, beginning 3/7.
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I can hardly wait for my trip to the States to go to K-Mart and get a pair. I found a cheaper version here (in Canada) at the payless store bought them and instantly loved the feel of them. It took no time at all to get used to them. They felt a little snug so I just wore them a couple times around the house first the only thing I found (so I took them back) was it started to hurt the side of my foot. These ones are very curved so that you actually feel like part of your foot in not supported by anything. Does anyone know are the therashoes like that at all or is your whole foot supported.
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I got the same Sketcher Mary Jane shoes and wore them for a couple of weeks.

I'm afraid I didn't like them. I normally wear Dansko clogs or other comfort shoes and these were not that comfortable for me.

Part of the problem may be that I'm very much an "apple" shape. I'm very long legged for my height and I felt really unsteady on the shoes and during the day I must go on a lot of elevators, moving walk ways, and do a lot of quick moves and pivoting at work.

But others who do more standing and walking love them - it seems more pear shaped than apple shape benefit from them from what I've gleaned from people I've spoken to who are wearing them...

But that's just me. I hear more positives than negatives.
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I LOVE my shape ups. Worth the price, 100%. They are hands down THE most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. Funny looking, yes? But who cares for the sole purpose of comfort!
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I love the shape-ups, I actually wear the cheaper "Thera-Shoes" from Kmart, but have the Skechers sandals - which are just made much better than the Kmart Thera-Shoes sandals. I love them all - they are just much easier on the feet and you can feel them. Not for those with poor balance - give yourself some time to get used to them - I won't wear regular tennis shoes any more - wear them to walk in every day and am taking them to Disney World - they "propel" you forward with the rolling motion and keep you going!
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I would also say that they all run about a 1/2 size small, so try them on before you buy!
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