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Default phentermine vs coffee?

i would like to know if the energy from phentermine or aderall is a jittery energy like when you drink several cups of coffee? because i dont think phentermine has caffeine in it, so i was hoping the energy isnt a jittery energy like caffeine laced products. any input would be helpfull. thanks
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with my experience, both phentermine and adderrall made me feel jittery. i actually don't get jittery from coffee or energy drinks, no matter how much i drink. but after taking phentermine or adderrall, i can talk anyone's head off and am just bouncing around. unlike adderall, phentermine doesn't allow any euphoria. you are just ready to do anything and your appetite is definitely gone.
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Even taking caffeine pills when I worked swing and double shifts, I've never had caffeine jitters. At most, caffeine makes me feel a bit restless, like there's something I should be doing instead of whatever I am doing.

I've been on a couple weight loss meds very similar to phentermine, and
I did experience jitters, anxiety and racing heartbeat. I was in my late teens and early twenties, and when I told the doctor, he asked if the sensation was uncomfortable. I think I said, "not uncomfortable, just really weird." He told me that if it was just weird, not to worry about it, but if it hurt or was uncomfortable or frightening to stop taking the pills and call him.

I'm not sure that was the best advice, but things were different then (25 to 30 years ago), and "risky" weight loss (even for a teenager) was seen as prefereable to morbid obesity. Well, maybe not all that different as I've been hearing quite a lot about teen liposuction and wls.

At any rate, I did get used to the drugs to where I didn't notice the effects, but others around me did. I lost a job on a hospital mental health and alcohol treatment floor, and I suspect it had something to do with my being on the medication. My boss asked if I was on (illegal) drugs, so I had to explain what I was taking - and that I was under close medical supervision. She seemed ok with it, but after that we had personality clash after personality clash. The stuff she would write up reprimands for, was rather petty -taking "her" pencil and not returning it (a standard #2 pencil, one of two dozen in a pencil cup - not a personalized memento), misspelling a word on the chalkboard during a class (her grammar and spelling were atrocious, and there were dozens of errors on the class handouts - maybe it didn't help that after she griped about my spelling error, every time I found an error, I'd circle it and put it on her desk with a note - but hey when she lectured me, she did say that "every small error diminishes our credibility with the patients").

Here's a link to a page on phentermine's possible side effects (remember you might not experience any or may find them tolerable, so talk to your doctor about your concerns).

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etsy link by permission from 3fc! Want to add yours? Ask them!

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I've taken phentermine, and I feel much LESS jittery on it than on energy drinks/caffeine. It is a "cleaner" energy for me. I believe a side effect is more aggressive behaviour....not a problem for me, but it does make me a "happy chatty cathy". It just reallly boosts my energy level, and helps to control my appetite. And the "dry mouth" side effect makes me drink all the water I'm supposed to on a daily basis.
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For me it very different from a caffine rush. It is a steady energy that like previous poster said, will help you clean your house in no time flat. You just feel the need to move. I am caffine sensitive but have no issues with phentermine.

one for every 5 lbs
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Default High Blood Pressure and Phentermine

I took Phentermine and found it to be energizing to say the least. I got so much done, did not need much sleep and lost weight. It is basically speed. It made dieting easy as I was never hungry. I lost about 17 lbs. that first month. Then, the next month I went in to the Diet Doctor, my blood pressure was high. I left his office with no pills... My regular doctor,a respected internist absolutely says they are not to be taken. I decided that it was a good thing not to take them, as I could see that it would be a "fall back" plan for every time I needed to lose weight. I know you have to learn what to eat and how much. I have gone up and down....but, each time, you learn a little more about yourself. Dieting begins with your mindset. Until you are ready, the weight seems to hang around.....Being determined is a big plus and diet pills for me are not a healthy way to lose weight.
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