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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Default Avesil-New Pill on the Block?

Apparently this is a new pill that just came out, however this one is a little different.

There are only 4 ingredients listed for this particular pill.


Super Citrimax: Is a fruit extract that contains hydroxycitric Acid, which is an appetite inhibitor and fat burner. Unlike many similar extracts, Super Citrimax does not stimulate the central nervous system, meaning that it won’t lead to “jitters” or other unpleasant effects.

Green Tea Extract: Is a more potent form of green tea. This also decreases a users appetite, and it also acts as a blood sugar stabilizer.

O-polynicotinate Chromium: This ingredient is primarily used to convert existing body fat into muscle. It helps redirect the way that the body burns energy and fat during physical activity.

Caffeine: Many potential consumers could be alarmed by this, but Avesil has been tested in development studies and no users reported any kind of a “caffeine rush” or “jittery” feeling. In the right quantity and when paired with the right ingredients, caffeine can actually have beneficial effects, including a boosted metabolism and increased energy.
Another thing to keep in mind is this pill works by the principles of Metabolic Thermogensis. Which is now coming to the attention of the Diet Aid Industries.

Could anyone tell me if they have tried this?

What do you all think of this? Add anything of import!

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IMO - Eat a decent diet, move around more, ignore the pills. They're only a way to separate you from your money.
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Metabolic Thermogenesis is a fancy-schmancy way of saying your metabolism will create fat loss. Duh! This happens when you exercise!
As for the 4 ingredients:
Hydroxycitric acid is a modified Vitamin C. No clinical evidence in HUMANS shows that it works in the manner claimed. And one of the modified Vitamin C's used caused toxicity in the test animals.
Green Tea Extract sometimes results in decreased appetite because of its more concentrated amount of caffeine. There are way more benefits, antioxidant-wise, if you just drink a glass of green tea.
O-polynicotinate Chromium is a man-made form of the chromium that nature intended you to ingest as a TRACE element, not a supplement. One issue is that chromium in any form is stored in the tissues and not excreted, and few studies exist with respect to the dangers of this heavy metal accumulation in body tissues. That is, by the time you are aware you have an accumulation of this, it will be too late to do anything about it. And it does interact with other medications so you need to check with your doctor about its' side effects. Finally, no valid clinical studies exist that substantiate the manufacturers' claims (i.e. 3rd party, double blind, peer reviewed studies not sponsored by the manufacturer...)
Caffeine --no need to discuss this as it is pretty common knowledge that caffeine intake affects perceived energy levels AND is a dehydrator (which may account for some of the weight lost with increased caffeine intake).
My only question is this: why borrow energy from tomorrow for today? You will find that if you take these aids and lose weight, you will regain it quickly once you stop borrowing the energy. You will slow down, gain weight, and either go back on the supplement OR decide to do a long-term lifestyle change...
Good luck!

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Every single pill on the market is basically a regurgitation of the last pill. Also, I'd avoid Citrimax as Hydroxycut was pulled off the market and one of the suspected 'bad' ingredients was Citrimax. It is possibly Citrimax interacted with one of the other Hydroxycut ingredients or it could be something entirely different, either way I've seen too much bad from diet pills to take them.
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Sounds like bull to me unfortunately...

*If you want to cut your appetite, drink a full glass of WARM water every 2 hours or so and Always before a meal. Chugging it is best. You'll feel like you ate a whole meal. =)

*If you want to enhance your metabolism, spicy foods are said to work or a cup of coffee. Also your metabolism is Really boosted after a workout and also after eating- so small snacks through the day actually help- emphasis on SMALL (50 calories or so maybe 6 times a day)

*If you want to convert fat to muscle... you're out of luck. They're two completely different things and cannot be changed into the other. Luckily, likewise, muscle cannot be converted to fat. To gain muscle you have to do resistance exercises and eat/drink (drinking is more effective) Lots of protein. If you're afraid of bulking up, don't be. It takes YEARS even for serious body builders to gain a few inches of muscle.

Good things: Green Tea is very good. It has caffeine but not too much and drinking warm fluids will suppress your appetite. It also has antioxidants and 0 calories. Caffeine is also said to naturally suppress the appetite but it also dehydrates you. Cut back on sodium to balance that out and drink lots of water if you insist on your caffeine (soda/coffee etc). I find coffee to be a mandatory part of my day. =)

A note on blood sugar... careful with pineapples, and oranges. They ARE HEALTHY but too much can spike your blood sugar and be sure to have complex carbs 1/2 hr - 1hr Before working out and load up on potassium After working out because we lose it in our sweat.

Personally, I love the idea of diet pills- a pill that POOF makes us lose weight! A few years ago I lost 40lbs in a few months by cutting calories and working out (walking on a treadmill and reading a magazine) 5x a week...

The appetite suppressant is the most appealing thing to me. I loooovvveee foooood and have no willpower! =)
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If you want to take any of the things in those pills, you can get them from supplements. Citrimax is sold by a few different companies, including the Vitamin Shoppe and NOW Foods with chromium piconate which is natural. Plus Avesil is like $100, and you can get a bottle of 60 or 100 Citrimax with ChromeMate supplements for $15.

I've been taking Citrimax with ChromeMate and green tea supplements for about a month, and I have actually noticed a change in how I feel. I only spent $30 on both, and that what because I ordered online and had to pay shipping. Part of the reason I take Citrimax is because of it's potential to help with diabetes prevention and insulin resistance, which I'm battling now as a result of my weight.
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