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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Default The Form Pill- Gastric Bypass in a Pill???

Has anyone tried the FORM Pill? It sounds so weird. It's a gel in a capsule that expands in your stomach to make you feel full quickly when you eat a regular meal. Seems weird to have a gel in your stomach though. If anyone's tried this, I'd love to hear the PROS and CONS!

Directly quoted from the website:

When you eat; your stomach expands with the food. This expansion triggers the stretch receptors in your stomach to release two hormones called Leptin and Grhelin. These hormones tell your brain your full. FORM helps start this process before you even pick up a fork.

Simply Take 1-2 pills with 6-8 oz of water 30-60 minutes before mealtime. FORM will go to work by releasing tiny bio-inert non-absorbable particles into your stomach. These particles gently expand filling your stomach, and in turn stimulating the stomach's stretch receptors. Thus tricking your brain into feeling full faster; allowing you to quit eating sooner.
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This? Would have the same effect fiber. Pure and simple. This:

tiny bio-inert non-absorbable particles
Could mean fiber, or could mean something similar that has the same effect. And you can get fiber a LOT cheaper (A LOT cheaper) than 55 dollars a week (at 6 capsules a day)
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It looks more like a gelatin- the main ingredient in the pill and maybe without the nasty side effects of having too much fiber?

I know fiber and protein is great for appetite control and it keeps you full longer but if this could work, it could help with binge control too and without the digestive problems and the extra calories.
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Sorry but no way.Another diet scam.So tired of seeing people waste their hard earned money on these too good to be true quick fixes.People are so good at taking advantage of the desperate and vulnerable!
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Default Save your money.

I tried them and was very hopeful. They did absolutely nothing. I was extremely disappointed. Once again: "There is no magic pill!"
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Sounds like fiber or gelatin to me...sigh...I wish there was something that actually worked. I wish these products had to pass pharmaceutical standards, like being TESTED, instead of food supplement standards, where any lie goes...sigh...
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Default Trying them

Well I decided to try them- they're very inexpensive and I've taken 2 today so far. I didn't take the recommended 2 at a time cause I'm small and almost at my goal weight and I was nervous. =)

To tell you honestly... it made my stomach feel full. At first it was just the water you're supposed to drink with it so I didn't count that. An hour later though, no snack craving and kinda feeling like I just ate. WEIRD. I took another one about an hour ago and I'm having the same full feeling. I'm a SERIOUS compulsive snacker and I love, love, love food so this is kinda weird for me. I had bought fullbars at the same time so I could hopefully compulsively snack on something that would fill me up but I don't even want to eat them now. We'll see. I'll keep everyone updated on things as I go along. The real test will be dinner. =) Yum.

I want to reach my goal weight by the end of the month (10lbs in 1 month) so I'm motivated to try to get there and keep eating healthy. Bok Choy btw is a freaking awesome food. Suuupppeerr low calorie (1.5 cups of baby bok choy or approx 5 baby bok choys are only 20 calories!!! You can cook them in broth or soy sauce, or garlic and onions for stir fry, soups, etc... delicious. The bottom part is more like meat and the leafy part is like veggies! Lots of vitamin C, A and calcium. Yay for bok choy! It saves me! Oh and they absorb flavors really well too.

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I did read some pretty sketchy reviews about the form pill and the fact that they blatantly lie in their advertising. The review I read a couple months ago (and can't find anymore) basically said that the form pill is like eating something non-edible, like a towel or a piece of clothing. You could eat it, it could make you feel full but that doesn't mean its safe or something you should eat.
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