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Dren - Does it work?

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Default Dren - Does it work?

I was wondering if anyone has tried a product called Dren? Here is the link www.bodybuilding.com/store/mhp/dren.html I know permanent weightloss is a life style change but I am looking for something just to help me get started. I think at least from what I have read that it increases your energy A LOT but this increase usually doesn't happen unless you workout. Then you have a ton of energy that last all day. I also read that it increases your mood. With four young children I often feel exhausted and by the end of the day I am so tired it's hard not to be moody. So something that would increase my energy and make me feel "happy" plus a fat burner in one would be the "perfect" pill for me. From the review I read it had lots of positive responses from people who use it but I am skeptical that some of those could be "made up"? Has anyone here tried or have heard of Dren? Any thoughts or stories of experience with it would be very much appreciated. Here is the link with the reviews www.fitflex.com/mhp-dren-review.html
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Dendrobate - I always look at the ingredients of an item rather than individual reviews. Many supplement ingredients can be ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. The ingredients listed in this are caffeine, 5htp, beta meth, yohimbine hcl. The thought of taking 5-htp in any form really makes me uncomfortable.

5-htp is a naturally element in the body. Generally your body creates all it needs but occasionally it doesn't which is why 5-htp has shown some benefits to individuals who exhibit low serotonin levels in the body. It should not be taken with a long list of medications and if you are taking any medications, please check with your doctor before you take it. Also you should not drink alcohol while taking any pill with 5-htp. Also if you have any cardiovascular issues (high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, etc) you should not take it. If there is any chance you would be pregnant or could become pregnant you shouldn't take it. If you have any pre-existing medical treatments, I'd definitely talk to your doctor, as I said this is an ingredient that makes me extremely nervous.
Here is an article but there are some other ones as well that talk more about the dangers of 5-htp.

Caffeine - Caffeine is found in every fat burner out there because it has shown to increase calorie burn slightly. Really though caffeine can be taken in many other forms that are better and cheaper.

Beta Methoxy Phenylthylamine - I couldn't find a lot about this one but it seems similar to 5-htp and it can have psychotic effects and definitely shouldn't be mixed with other medications. It is possible to experience hallucinations (5-htp also has a possibility of hallucinations) and messes with brain chemistry.

Yohimbine - Now this is an interesting one and I can see why its in a body building pill. It is sometimes used to treat impotence and from looking it up, it sounds like it can cause 'bad side effects' but I can't find exactly what those may be. This one may also be one that effects brain chemistry as it shouldn't be taken with many medications including those for treating depression and shouldn't be taken by those with heart problems.

Honestly this pill overall looks quite dangerous. It has a good amount of caffeine as a stimulant and has at least 2 ingredients that can cause complications of those with heart issues. 3 ingredients mess with brain chemistry and usually when you take any drug that messes with brain chemistry, you shouldn't take any other drug that messes with brain chemistry. It seems a bit irresponsible.
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I agree with Nelie, sounds dangerous, why risk it?
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I totally disagree. I've only been taking it for a few days, but companies that involve any type of drug MUST make even the smallest possibility of negative side effects well know on the bottle. And anything written or verbalized is typically somewhere on the internet, which is where Nelie had found the info. However, there is a HUGE difference in 'possibility' and 'probability'. Although the side effects are possible...they are not probably. I mean you are more likely to be injured or killed in a car accident, but I doubt you'll stop driving. Why? Because you want to get from point A to point B. You risk the possibility of something negative happening when you WANT something badly enough...especially when it is not exactly probable.
That is just my take on the matter. I definatly think that there is no magic pill and that exercise and diet must be improved in order to see results. I also think that, sometimes, when you are wanting a change for the better, you may need a little help of some kind.
Oh, and Janga, I LOVE your quotes....especially the last two. =D
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SO wrong, ms peace. As a "food supplement" this pill isn't covered under the same legal requriements as an actual drug. Their claims may or may not be substantiated, and the testing is not nearly as rigorous as any prescription medication and the actual contents of the pills aren't regulated, either. You don't know if you are getting the dose promised on the bottle because as a food supplement, the standards are different.
If you want to chance it, that's your choice. But you need to do so knowing the possible side effects of each of the chemicals in it. And you need to do so knowing that the company is not under any strict regulation as it is selling a "supplement" not a medication.
I wouldn't chance it, knowing what happened with the Phen/Fen prescription mess (off label use of prescription meds resulting in irreversible cardiac damage), Ma Huang/ephedrine mess (ummm, DEATH), and the Hydroxycut mess.
I trust my solid diet and exercise program, instead. Only side effects of THOSE have been LOST WEIGHT, BETTER HEALTH, and CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS.


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There have been incidents where weight loss pills have caused death or permanent injury. The result is the pill gets pulled off the market, there might be some law suits and then the manufacturer makes a new pill with a different name. It is such a money making industry that the pill companies don't really care what happens to the consumers as they know any ill effects just result in them having to come up with a new formula.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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