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Exclamation Physicians Weight Loss Center

Hi has anyone out there tried PWLC? Give me the details.
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Hi - not PWLC but am considering a visit to Physicians Weight Control as part of my plan.

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Hi! A family member did this plan and did lose weight..... although I thought I would starve on what she was allowed. I went and checked into it and they put you on a strict diet and B6 and/or B12 shots weekly..... however, I decided I didn't need to PAY them $800.00 for them to tell me to eat less...... (their diets range from about 900 cal/day to about 1500 cal/day if I remember correctly). Maybe going in for weekly weigh-ins help keep some people on track and there were people I talked to that loved it. I checked into several other weight loss clinics in my town and it was all pretty much the same..... eat less, exercise, and some of them gave shots or diet pills. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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This sounds much like something I'm doing now, though it's called the Dr. Bernstein diet. It's medically supervised, very expensive but it does work. I've been on it now for just over a week, and I went from 186.8 lbs to today's weigh-in at 178 lbs. The diet is very strict - you cannot deviate from the food lists they provide or the portions they recommend.

The first two days of the diet were nothing less than ****, but after that it's pretty smooth sailing. The food portions are small for protein (100g servings 2x day with a minimum of 4 hours between each), breads are severely limited to only certain bread types and only 2 servings a day, pretty much no dairy, 8oz of veggies (2 servings this size per day) from a very particular list, and 2 fruit servings again from this list.

For me.. I haven't been on any other diets before this one - but so far it is working. You really have to be self disciplined and serious about losing the weight. The shots help push your body into the "fat burning" mode - you need them because you are not getting enough calories from what you are eating during the day - the rest comes from your fat stores and normally you'd burn an extra 700 calories from these without the shots (but you'd feel hungry.. because you still need more calories to help your body function -- thus the shots that make you burn more.. in the given day).

Recommend it? I don't know.. it's working for me - it's hard, it's expensive, but it works. It's really a personal decision - you can't follow this diet without taking the shots and the potassium supplements - you'll feel like ****.
You can do something similar to this diet but you must eat more in the way of portions - but cut out the dairy and most breads... just increase your portions. Starving is never fun - this diet is a starvation diet - medically supervised.. with the supplements you need to not feel like you're starving without hurting your organs/bones. It's extreme, to say the least. I'm impatient and want this weight gone asap so I think it's why I chose it.
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Why do you need B12 shots, do they do bloodwork to find out if you have a deficiency, I actually had a deficiency and had to take shots and then I took vitamins and I am fine now.
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Old 12-14-2008, 10:31 AM   #6
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Default Physcians Weight Loss Centers

I just started on this program and I will let you know how it goes. I have several friends who have lost on their program and kept it off with maint. so I am giving it a try.

If anyone is on the program and looking for a diet buddy. Let me know!
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Thumbs up it works

HI I had never used a guided/paid plan before last year. In mid November 2012 I started the PWLC plan and it has worked beautifully. Had 30 to loose and lost 22 of those in 8 weeks. Still have a tad to go and almost finished. Yes it is restrictive, but in my case, I did not buy their vitamins - i only take Juice Plus for that, They did offer the B-12 shots, at a very nice price which I stared as well, only because I was having migraines ( and it works by the way). My center gave me a free 4 weeks added to the 6 i purchased when I purchased my second package of B-12 shots! nice... The biggest expense in my opinion, is the protein supplements. They are pretty good if you like hot chocolate, lemonade, and soup mixes. you only have to use 2 a day. It's a tad pricey, but I think its a great plan. My center offer a different sale price on things every month, which is nice. The protein supplements help keep you fuller and keep your skin from sagging after weight loss. I am living proof of that. You will not spend much money on the fresh foods you need to eat! or have to buy anything that you probably don't normally eat, and if you drink the water, you will NOT be hungry.
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Anyone currently on PWLC?
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I just started the Dr. Bernstein program and so far 13 days in and down by 9.6 pds. First few days were tough but now I have the hang of it and is pretty easy.

40 and Fab
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I do like the PWLC. I am doing the most restrictive program of 700 calories. I have lost over 30 lbs. In thirteen weeks. Hope you are still doing well!
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Mindful eating for life
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I am also doing the Dr. Bernstein diet which sounds extremely similiar to the PWLC (Dr. B is a canadian company). I've been on it for just over a week and I only stopped dying of starvation yesterday It's tough, there's no doubt. mainly because it has sooooo many restrictions. It says you can eat in a restaurant but all the restrictions make this virtually impossible so you really kind of lay low until you get a handle on it. Can't eat anything not carefully weighed or measured etc. That being said, its a good option for an upcoming event (which I have in July) but I'm going to have to increase my intake of food at least the week before so I dont explode when I eat when I go away. I'm 15 pounds from goal so I plan to get right back on plan after this event and then do the maintanence this time and have the weight loss stick. We'll see. Probably not realistic for long term so am also considering other less restrictive plans to help with long term maintanance. Currently looking.....
40andfab are you still doing this plan?
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Default Are you interested in doing PWLC again?

I weighed 178 this morning - the most I've weighed in years! I want to get back to 150 before the weather warms up. This past week, I tried 21 Day Fix, but I did not lose weight. I'm starting PWLC's diet and, until I can order supplements, I am going to use BB Shakes instead.
Today I had an egg, turkey chili, BB Shake, more turkey chili, and a salad. I still need to drink water. I haven't had but 16 ounces.
Do you want to do PWLC with me?
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