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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Originally Posted by Idealmuse View Post
What has NOT worked:

1) Keeping Low-cal junkfood in the house (100 calorie packs, skinny cows) they don't help if you eat the whole box.

2) Diet without exercise or exercise without diet. Too hard to keep up long-term I need the balance to create a deficit without feel like I'm starving.

4) Not tracking calories ("points" are ok too but I prefer to use calories)

5) Zone - OMG WAY too much work to follow good concept though

6) Shakes. Hello? I need food damnit.

7) VLC low-fat diets. Gallstones. Ow.
Replace number 5 with diet pills and number 7 with "cleanses"/ fasts and this is me. (this is why I'm struggling at the moment to find/make time for exercise - I have done this before and the way *I* lost weight was with diet and exercise together)

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Unhappy What didn't work

1. Weight Watchers-too much freedom, not enough discipline from me. Got sick of paying, thought I could do it on my own...never did!
2. Fat Smash/South Beach-way too restrictive! I really felt deprived and gave up!
3. Alli-seemed to work, but not like they said...got frustrated and quit
4. Nutrisystem-had it mailed, should have gone into clinic...with no accountability and food not being real good, I quit
5. Most diet pills...

I am going to try the tried and true method of counting calories and exercising and I hope that since it's free, it might work the best. I have got to do something!

I am also one that if I don't see results quick, I quit. That is definitely a downfall of mine. I also seem to have diet ADD, i lose focus very quickly.
First Mini Goal: 10 pounds!

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nutrisystem, the food was real bad and did not work. I am currently trying medifast and its not too bad
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what didnt work for me?

It would have to be:

-stacker 2 (i took them when I was like 16 and didnt even need to lose a pound)
-VLC diets...i could stick to them, but as soon as I dropped the 30lbs i wanted to lose, i would eat "normally" again and gain all the weight back
-hollywood 48 hours diets...u lose through poop and gain it back within 2 weeks (sorry if that was too graphic)
-hydroxycut...ok, well, this actually DID work for me but was too expensive to keep up with
-the lemonade diet...i was DONE with it after 2 days
-water diet/flush (can we say starving?!!)
-herbalife i did lose weight but gained it right back after i stopped the program and it was VERY expensive
-any other flush/3day diet/lose weight quick scheme

What does work for me:
diet and exercise...plain and simple...i wish i wouldve known this before i wasted all that money on those other programs

I tend to spew wisdom from my fingers (ok, maybe not wisdom, but definitely interesting tidbits) please take a look: http://musycslyrics.blogspot.com/
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wu-long slimming tea "as seen on Oprah!" ....Riiiiight.

Frequent trips to the bathroom and STILL gained weight while using it!
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let's see what didn't work

1)6 week body makeover
2)hydroxycut, t-lite, stacker 2
3)gym membership alone- this was the worst for some reason, I gained 26 lbs working out alone and my membership was like $100 a month. ouch.
4)slim fast!
5)alli- did not work at all for me, I experienced no side effects including no weight loss!
6)weight loss teas

I'm currently on WW and it is the only thing that has worked for me (other than diet pills with ephedra- that worked!) My problem with WW in the past though (I've done weight watchers at least 5x before) was I would start losing weight and stop paying for meetings assuming I could do it on my own. Now I know I can't. I will need the support until and beyond hitting my goal weight. I am ready for this time to be different!
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Angry Did NOT work:

1. SlimQuick
2. Relora (supposed to help with Cortisol & stress)
3. Dieting
4. Starving self
5. Drinking ONLY water or green tea
6. Exercise (so far)( gets me toner but doesn't get me thinner)

[IMG] [/IMG]
Bananas help fight depression, stress & high blood pressure. Potassium helps normalize heartbeat and send oxygen to the brain!

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What hasn't worked that I have tried?

Diet pills & the cabbage soup diet crap lol

WW has worked very well for me It's just calorie counting (I tend to get more obsessed with bigger numbers & don't get that way with the points system...weird ) I did start out with their old Core plan though first to help me with healthier eating habits though!

"The most exciting, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."

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South Beach!! I really, really want it to work, but I am always in the WORST mood on Phase 1 - I never make it past day 5. I am so mean and nasty and miserable - it just isn't worth it.
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OK, so I'm dating myself right now, but I started YOUNG:
Dr. Stillman Quick Weight Loss (quick loss, quick regain, I was 12 yrs old...)
Dr. Stillman Quick Inches Off (loved the fruit, hated the regime)
Fasting (1 week, passed out, never again)
High protein, low carb (quick loss, quick regain)
Susan Powter High Carb Low Fat (all you can eat pasta? Gained 30 lbs...)
Calorie counting (got bored)
Cabbage soup diet (windy and smelly...)
One food diet (eat only one food for one week...blech)
Some diet where you get to binge for 1 hour a day (don't remember the name of it, got me used to super-eating...)
Fiber supplement programs (made me barf)
Phen-fen (fortunately, didn't do more than 2 days on that combo of meds...)
Hydroxycut (borrowing energy from tomorrow for today? makes no sense...)
Nutrisystem (lost 1 gall bladder and not much else)
Slimfast (couldn't sustain it)
30-30-30 aka Zone Diet (too obsessive)
Pritikin Diet (too restrictive)
Atkins (I love bacon, but not that much)
The Russian diet (also known under other names, had beets as a main food -- blech)
Medifast (quick loss, equally fast re-gain, couldn't do this again)
Dr. Bernstein (needles hurt, way too restrictive, quick loss, equally fast regain, my wallet got lots lighter though)
Master Cleanse (what the @@$# was I THINKING)
Seriously, this is MOST of what I remember...

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Hummm....let's see.

1. Diet Pills - I've tried so many, I can't keep up anymore. They always make me feel very jittery and nervous (like I was always forgetting something) and I couldn't sleep. I had to quit them just to function like a normal person again.

2. Low-Carb - I've done this twice. The first time I lost 15 lbs very fast but then stalled out. I eventually had to quit because I felt so sluggish all the time...I had zero energy. I then gained all the weight back. The second time the second time I lost about 10 lbs and had the same results as the first time.

3. Starving - First of all...I'm horrible at this because I get very cranky and get terrible headaches when I try to starve myself. So, I was miserable and when I finally did eat, I binged....big time.

4. Very low calorie diets (1,000 cals or less) - These never worked in the long term because I would go into starvation mode and my metabolism would slow waayyyyy down. When I upped the calories I gained very fast.

The ONLY thing that has worked for me is calorie cycling. I go to this website and update my stats every week to see how many calories I should be eating each day. It even gives you the "zig zag" figures if you click the link provided.


I also exercise 4-5 days a week. My main exercise is walking on the treadmill for an hour. I do a 5 min. warm up, then walk for 5 mins. at 3.5 speed, then up the incline to the highest level of 15 and set the speed to 2.7 for 7 mins. I alternate between those two for 50 mins. Then do I 5 min. cool down.

This plan has worked like a charm for me. I'm losing weight at a steady rate and I'm toning up my lower body. But, I realize that it's only working because I finally kicked myself in the butt and realized I had to change my life for good. Will power and motivation really is the KEY...at least for me.
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What doesn't work (for me):
1) Any diet that involves an "energy pill".
2) Even the new Irvingia - which was incredibly successful in the country where it was developed, and if your diet is generally carb-heavy with simple starches. No side effects, but no benefits either.
3) Atkins and South Beach - lack of discipline. I like balance and I am a total omnivore. But had I survived the first 3 weeks, I think there are a lot of great points to it and I'm not ruling out another try at one of them.
4) Exercise without modifying eating - got bigger and stronger, but the fat never came off, not even with swimming hard 6 days a week. And let's not blame the swimming - weightlifting and intervals were all part of that mess too.
5) The Fast Food Diet. I guess I had to check.
6) And never, ever again - I will NEVER go low-fat. I've discovered that if I go less than 30% fat and cut my SATURATED fat too much, my nails split, my hair breaks off, and my skin becomes scaly. I must be part Eskimo.
~ Becky ~
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omg! let's see:

Weight Watchers
Mega Green Tea pills
LA weight loss
***I heard that Fucothin (type it in google, they have a website) a co-worker of mine has been using it for a month and lost quite a few pounds, no jitters etc*** you can purchase it at a local health food store.
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Just call me Lani ;)
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Oh wow, how long do you have?

Weight Watchers
(it worked ok when I was 11 (thanks "mother"), but now; not so much)
(mmm shake...wait, no; that's actually chalk mixed with flavorings...lovely!)
(I pretty much could only eat eggs and bacon for breakfast as I'm allergic to dairy and most of his breakfast recpies include cheese, cream, etc..and the alternatives are NASTY!)
Most diet pills
(we promise that you WILL lose 14lbs in a MONTH!! Mhmm...but only if you consume less than 1000 calories and exercise for 4 hours daily...okay slight exaggeration, but you get the point)
Slimming World
(mainly because I really couldn't get my head around the whole "syns" thing...It gave me a pretty negative outlook on food)
Any of the cabbage soup type diets
(the results just are not pleasant)
(I was given these by my Dr...I gained weight...about 20lbs that I now cannot get rid of)

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Fun thread....

The worst I tried was some body chemistry diet where you were on the diet for 3 days then off 4. When on you ate restricted amounts of green beans, beets, vanilla ice cream, and other things I don't remember anymore. Eating the beets was like being on an episode of fear factor. I couldn't keep them down at all. So that lasted one meal.

I tried Weight Watchers online but was not disciplined enough to really keep track of things and trying to eat all the points in a day was hard for me.

Thought about LA Weight Loss but the woman made me so mad that I never went back after the consultation. This was several years ago, and I knew I needed to lose weight and why I wanted to do it. The woman was trying so hard to make a sale that she tried to play off of all the things women are insecure about when it comes to weight that I was offended.
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