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Default alli question

it says that you take the pill before each meal, correct? so would it be possible, if you know you are going to eat a fatty meal, to just skip it that time and avoid the side effects? or no

cause most of my meals have almost no fat, but sometimes i do have a meal that has quite a bit... any advice? thanks
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You could, but I don't know how long it stays in your system. Have you noticed how long it tends to work for you? You might still have the effect.

I think the whole point is to put yourself into a situation where you will force yourself to avoid the fatty meal, not avoid the alli. It works by negative reinforcement.
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when I ran out of pills and had to wait for payday to get more. I found that they still worked 3 days later. thats how long it kept in my system. might be different for you.

But if your going to skip the pills when you eat bad food... why buy them at all? @[email protected]
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I just finished my first week on Alli. And no, I wasn't perfect on it. 90% of the time I took the pills and kept my fat intake low and ate on average 1600 cals per day for the week. One day I didn't take the pills at all because I was eating at a friends house and had no control over what would be served. But I made sure I ate responsibly and in a lower calorie range and kept track of fat in my head the best I could. I didn't use it as an opportunity to go wild... But I also don't believe in perfect. Life isn't perfect. I had one night I just enjoyed myself maybe a little too much but I hopped on the bandwagon the next day pronto. Tonight we are going out to eat, I won't take a pill. I'll be good, but not 19 grams of fat good. Just a few over and you have the possibilty of treatment effects. I just flat out don't want them. According to the Alli site physican, the pill only works on the meal you took it with BUT TEs from that meal can occur up to 72 hours afterwards.

All that being said, I started last week at 156.8 and I'm at a solid 155. Almost 2 pounds. I took in @55 fat grms per day ( 19 per meal) , only exercised twice (although my job is very physical), drank my no-cal, no caffeine beverages and enjoyed the week. No TEs so far. My lowest in the last couple of years has been 147, if I can hit that by Valentine's I will be a happy camper.

Keep going, please post how you are doing with it. Take care.

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I was on Alli and WW at the same time. Their message boards stated you can take a pill one hour before, during, or one hour after a meal. And I'm sure there is some residual in your system even if you don't take one with the next meal. Personally, it did not work for me and I never had any TE's. I'm sure it's because I was already eating a very lowfat diet, but good luck to you!
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the more i think about it the more i think it wouldn't be right for me. i haven't been eating that much fat as it is, so it wouldn't really be deterring me that much.

i just know that for example there will be one day next month that i plan to eat cheesecake. and i didn't know if taking this pill would completely make that impossible.
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The purpose of Alli is to keep you on a low fat diet. If you are already doing that, then you don't need alli. Others who want to follow a low fat diet but have trouble would be candidates for alli.
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