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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Default Alli - What is it, and does it work?

What is alli? Alli is the same medication as Xenical, but in a nonprescription strength.

How does it work? Alli blocks part of the fat you consume from being absorbed. It is a "fat blocker" and can block up to 25% of the fat.

Can't I buy fat-blockers on ebay or at the health food store?
It's not the same thing. The so-called "fat blockers" that have been available for years are usually chitosan and studies have shown them ineffective. Alli, on the other hand, has been proven to work. You'll probably see a lot of knock-offs hit the market soon, but don't fall for their claims!

Does this mean I can eat french fries and butter again? Sorry! Alli works with a low fat diet to help you lose weight. If you consume more fat, you'll have more unpleasant side effects.

What kind of side effects? Since alli works to block fat from being absorbed, the excess fat must leave your body. You may have oily stools, or an oily discharge, or gas with oily spotting. You may have problems controlling your stools.

If I have to eat a low fat diet anyway, why bother taking the pills? A lot of people have problems sticking to a low fat diet, or any diet for that matter. Alli works for you in two ways : First it will help you consume fewer calories from the meals you eat, since the calories from the blocked fat are exiting your system instead of being absorbed. Alli claims you can lose up to 50% more weight than by following the same diet without Alli. Second - Knowing you may suffer unpleasant side effects can help keep you on track so you don't overeat or cheat. It can help to change your eating behavior.

How do I know what I can eat? The alli starter pack comes with diet suggestions. You can also sign up for the alli plan online, which we think is free as long as you have a special code from your alli starter pack. Plus, there are two books you can purchase - One is called Are You Losing It? and is a small book available at drugstores or online at http://areyoulosingit.myalli.com/BuyTheBook.aspx The other is a more comprehensive book with menus and recipes called the alli Diet Plan and is available at Amazon - the link is at the right side of this page.

Does it really work? Yes, it works But it may not be for you. And it's not a cheap or instant way to lose weight. You'll spend a lot of money to lose a few pounds. Whether or not you choose to try it is up to you. Like every other diet option, there isn't a 'one size fits all' answer to weight loss.

If you try alli, we'd really appreciate it if you would share your experiences. Does it work for you?
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Eww... those side effects... don't sound like a force to be reckoned with, but if I'm desperate enough and my weight hits an unstoppable plateau, then maybe I'll try it.
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Do they recommend it for a specific weight range?

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Considering the side effects that are possible, including have to make a mad dash to the bathroom, I would think that someone who only wants to loose those 10 pounds before the class reunion would think twice. But then again, who knows!
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I bought the 90 count Alli yesturday - but will start taking the pills tomorrow. It recommends starting the low fat diet 2 days before starting the pills. Ever since I saw the commercial and researched it online, I have been thinking about getting them. I kinda bought it on a whim, but 2 things made me do it. Number 1 is I need an extra boost and if I eat too much fat at a meal, I will have the "slip slide and away's" and that will teach me really fast to not do that again. Number 2 is I had the money and if I didn't do it yesturday, it would be another month before I could afford it.

I looked at the booklets they give you and they have some great recepies and nothing fancy that will break the bank - like some other recepie books I've seen. I'm looking forward to this and I know it's not a "miracle pill". I just wanted some help to give me inspiration. I will keep everyone posted each day.

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We've started a new thread in General Diet Plans for those taking alli. If you currently take it, please share your experiences and tips here - http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115809
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How Bad do you want it?
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Me too!

I just bought the starter pack today and have read through the info booklets. It claims to boost your own weight loss efforts by 2 pounds per 5 pounds lost. So I went for it. I've been eating pretty low fat for 2 weeks so I feel ready to start taking it tomorrow. They recommend that you never have a meal over 15 grams total fat in it while you take this pill and NO WAY am I gonna risk those side effects!

For the curious--a 30 day supply starter pack cost me $60.00 Stay tuned! I'll post results here, too.


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Default So my question is

What happens when you stop taking it?
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Smile Let's give this a shot!

Hi all, i'm brand new to the site. First of all, i think this a great online community! Good luck to everyone and congratulations to everyone who has already made such progress. I've seen some great inspirational stories and weight trackers on here. I'm excited to get started!

I am 23 and attempting (yet again) to lose the weight that I gained in college. I have been at my current job for almost a year and I travel a lot., which makes it hard to stay on track - but I've been making it a priority! I did South Beach for awhile and lost 15 lbs, which I've kept off. However, I plateaued. I eat pretty healthy usually and just need a kick start. I bought Alli last night and will start taking the pills this week. I think it will keep me on track and give me an extra kick in the butt to get moving at the gym. I started at the YMCA about 3 weeks ago and still going strong!

Has anyone had any of the awful side effects? Are those only associated with the slip-up "burger and fries" or can it happen with low fat foods too?

I'll keep posting my results with Alli...
♥ Nikki

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Hi Nikki,
There is another forum for people taking alli which is really helpful. So far, the people that I know that have had one of the unmentionable accidents has been from eating food that is really high in fat... pizza...bratwurst... hamburgers. I have not heard of anyone having an accident that was following the plan as specified.

I have not had any problems yet and I have been taking the pill for over a week now. I am really careful about what I eat and writing it down.

Good Luck... I hope it works for you!
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Hi alli friends!
I started taking alli 2 days ago and am also following WW. So far no problems, except I felt a little queasy last nite. Had chicken breast for dinner, low fat too. I was scared to take the pills, but what the heck, try everything once is my motto!
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I just finished my first full week of alli and for me it does work. It's not a magic pill that will melt the pounds off, but the fear of treatment effects kept me honest to my eating plan. So far I've not had any side effects, but I am being very careful and aware of what I eat. I lost 3lbs this week. next week I'm going to add some exercise to my routine, which I totally neglected this week.
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Alli really does seem to be a class-act as to totally informing the consumer of what it does and doesn't do, who should and should not take it, etc.

I was seriously considering it for awhile to help me beat this regain and push on to my goal, since I'm struggling so much with it all now. But reading the book that I bought over the counter (Are You Losing It?) and looking at the extensive displays in the store now that it's out, plus looking at the package and the web, I can see that it is NOT for me because I don't weigh the minimum for my height that they specify and because I don't eat that much fat, even though I had always thought I ate a higher fat diet than is usually recommended, but I guess not.

Anyhow, I wish the best of luck to those who are successfully using this program.
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Have you had The Surgery?
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I am so sorry if my questions have been answered already. I quickly glanced through the support thread on this. I am always willing to try something new, but I want to know if this is even beneficial to me. I have lost 233lbs since the 1st of January 2006, by dieting, exercise (just started gym/water aerobics at the YMCA), working out, cardio, walking, etc. I have kept a diary of the foods I have eaten, as well as the carbs, and the calories. I havent "watched" my fat intake, but I have switched to fat-free/low-fat choices. My dinner tonight was only 11g of fat.

I mentioned the above items, as this is what people have mentioned that Alli recommends. I know about the "treatment effect", but since I don't eat 15g of fat per meal anyways, will this pill work for me? Should I save my money? I like the part about losing an extra 50% of your weight, but will that apply to me for someone who has already dieted/exercised? Or, is this product intended for those just starting?

Edit: After talking to a pharmacist at a RiteAid, we decided that this would not be beneficial to me. I went back and read my food labels. For breakfast I had 1g of fat, for lunch I had 6.5g of fat, and for dinner a whopping 11g. I walked 6.28 miles today, and that was my "lazy day" (no gym, no aerobics, nothing). Total calorie intake for the day was 1705 calories, and only 202.5g of Carbs( after subtracting out 29g of fiber). I think I will just continue on my own plan.
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Those side effects are also in 1/4 % of people. That's extremely high! I would consider one's Omega/flax intake as well.

At my pharmacy, we won't let anyone buy the product before talking to a pharmacist. We are true health care professionals who honestly care about our patients and want them to fully understand what they are taking and that they are commited to dietary and exercise lifestyle changes. We never judge and are there for encouragement.

I encourage everyone to talk to their doctor AND pharmacist before trying this product! And good luck to all!
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