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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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I'm sorry to sound so cynical, but colon cleanses are the number one health scam hitting the public today,
What?! You mean that enemas DON'T make you skinny?

It sounds so much less attractive --and so much more ridiculous-- when you don't use the euphemism.
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it's always something
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Very good point!
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it's always something
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Originally Posted by BooBear2071 View Post
At least Kevin hasn't put out the "Kevin Tredeau" diet bars yet. It is just a book.
Because he's forbidden by the government from selling products like that, due to his criminal history of false medical claims for dietary supplements. The only reason he can sell a book is because books are protected by the First Amendment and even the government can't stop him.

I do agree that the shelves are littered with diet books. Most do repeat the same old advice. Eat a balanced diet, watch portions, and get more exercise. Unfortunately, not enough people are following it. There isn't any new advice, that's why quacks like Trudeau come out with gimmicks.

Eat a balanced diet, watch portions, and get more exercise. That's the real Natural Weight Loss Cure.
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I am not sure, but is it not kind of contradictory to say NO PRESCRIPTIONS, and then recommend to go to a dr to get PRESCRIPED injections?

Seems counterintuitive to his hypothesis
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too much of a good thing!
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Thumbs down

I bought one of his previous books because it looked kind of interesting and seemed to promise info and anwers. Then found out I had to go to his website to learn more, and would have had to pay even more to get the privileged info. I just shelled out $35 for the freakin' book, give me the info now!! Grr.

Colour me unimpressed.

That was before I knew of any of the stuff mentioned in this thread about fraud and prison etc.

Last week my friend told me that someone in her family is doing this weird diet that involves eating organic only for a month, then 500 calories per day (didn't prisoners in concentration camps in WW2 get more than that?! ) then weird injections.... as soon as she got to the needles I knew for sure I wasn't interested, then she told me it was a Kevin Trudeau thing.

And I went into Coles bookstore today and guess what is prominently displayed behind the cash register? yep, Mr Trudeau's latest magnum opus.

Some people just have too much chutzpah!
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It's not a lie to say you can lose weight without exercising, calorie reduction along with healthy food and macronutrient alteration can make some difference, along with reductions in stress and things like that.

Though Kevin Trudeau probably wants you to use some weird device or herb or something, the guy's largely a quack salesman in my opinion.
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Check out the 3FC review that was posted today.
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CrimsonClover, I believe the word you're looking for is hypocritical!

I had only vaguely heard of this guy--all of it in negative terms, for all the reasons outlined here--and hadn't gotten his name. When I came here this morning, I went to the 3FC review, wondering what it would be.

I am SO glad to see him debunked!! I am absolutely horrified when I think of the thousands of desperate-to-lose individuals out there who would plunk down their $35 hoping to finally "get the answer". After all, he claims the truth is being withheld, and isn't that worth getting your money from you?

He is neither the first nor last charlatan to cheat people out of their money with spurious claims--but to lie about the human gonadotropin and send people to their doctors to get shots of questionable--and likely harmful results is thoroughly reprehensible!

Oh, and how could I almost miss adding this: Two years ago, I joined WW and not only could not lose weight doing the right things like I used to, I was gaining! So I went to my doctor, got some blood work done--and learned my thyroid had stopped functioning!! As soon as I went on my thyroid meds, I was able to lose weight again. So he's an outright LYIN' SKUNK!! to claim "all prescriptions make you fat". Not to mention there are a lot of people who would get extremely ill, if not die, if they were to suddenly stop taking their prescription meds.

I am SO glad you told the truth on this charlatan!!!

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I dont know about the book but I do know a girl that gets shots, I believe its the hCG.. anyways.. shes lost 20lbs. I dunno. Not something I would do but hey.. according to her it works.
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There's a pretty good website called "Quackwatch", lots in there about Trudeau, Perricone and others, as well as a host of info about questionable people and questionable products or methods. If I see a site that's using a doctor (that isn't a medical sort of site) or other "expert" I generally go look them up there.

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