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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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Default CLA----Calorad works!

Hello Everyone! First of all I do not sell Calorad, nor do I sell any diet product at all. So I have nothing to gain(financially) by pushing a product. But when I truly have found something that works and will help others I want to tell others about it. A few years ago I was really feeling "down" about my weight and knew I needed to do something, but didn't have much willpower at the time. I heard about the liquid collegen product called Calorad advertized on our local radio station and I thought maybe I'll give this a try, it sounds safe, and since I had high b/p I knew I couldn't take just anything(most diet pills are totally out of the question for me). I thought it probably won't work, but I'm feeling desperate so I'll give this a try. I got a two months' supply and decided no matter what, I'm going to use up the two bottles of this stuff and give it a real try and see what happens. So I faithfully took Calorad before going to bed each night. Sometime during the first month on Calorad, I did notice my clothes getting looser, but by about 1 and 1/2 months was when other people started noticing that I had lost weight. One day my college age daughter walked into the kitchen where I was doing dishes and she said "oh my gosh Mom, it looks like you've lost a lot of weight!" My husband came into the room when he heard her say that and he said "you know what, I've been thinking the same thing!" I just had it in my mind that Calorad probably wouldn't work for me and I tried not to even think about it much while on the product because I wanted to avoid being disappointed by getting my hopes up too much. But Calorad did work for me and I believe it will work for anyone, but you must have a little bit of patience and give it a couple or so months to get the results you desire...just when I thought it wasn't going to work, it really started working and I lost a good bit of weight. But I only stayed on Calorad for 3 months, because I only wanted to take a diet product until I lost enough weight where I would feel like starting to exercise again. But I looked and felt so much better after losing the weight on Calorad. It did a lot for my self-esteem. And it didn't take that long. I did not diet while on Calorad, so it definitely wasn't me, it was the Calorad that did the work. It is very safe, no side-effects at all, so I felt very good about using it. And I would use it again, in a minute if I needed to lose more weight. So yes, I would recommend it to anyone that wants a safe way to lose weight. It was definitely the easiest way I have ever lost any weight, that's for sure! But I believe once a person loses enough weight that they feel like exercising, that exercise is important for good health and once you start getting regular exercise, you'll be able to maintain or even lose more weight. But I am very impressed with Calorad and everyone that knew I lost weight using Calorad were equally impressed with the product. I know how it feels to be overweight and depressed about your weight and feeling like you'll never be able to get it off! So I've been there, done that, but instead of doing nothing, at least give Calorad a try, because you won't be sorry! I know there are some people that think Calorad was a fly by night product that people got all excited about and then decided it didn't work(like a lot of other diet products). When I first started taking Calorad I wondered the same thing, but like I said, I was determined to give it a fair try, for two months. And I'm very glad I did. So, please don't use it just one month and then quit. Like I said, I am not selling Calorad or any product at all, but if you want to find Calorad just go to a search engine and type in Calorad and it will take you to sites where you can find/order it. Good Luck!
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The instructions for Calorad state to take before bedtime on an empty stomach. Late night snacking contributes to weight problems. If you do without food for several hours before bedtime, you can lose weight It's not the Calorad that is helping. There is nothing in Calorad that can contribute to weight loss. Although, it does contain aloe vera, which is a laxative

It's advertises as a protein supplement, but it only contains 3 grams of protein - and it's not complete. Calorad costs $88 for 2 bottles.
From the National Council on Health Fraud:

According to promotional literature, Calorad is made from hydrolyzed cow collagen. Collagen is not a complete protein. Total reliance upon this type of protein can be disastrous.

In the late 1970s, a book called The Last Chance Diet, written by Robert Linn, DO, promoted and popularized the use of liquid protein as a weight loss aid. The liquid protein involved was hydrolyzed cow collagen. Many people died while on the diet which led to a national uproar at the time.

If a person were to use such products in a limited way, and had a source of complete protein in his/her diet, he/she would probably be all right. Calorad appears to be another weight loss aid that works as long as one follows the food intake restrictions associated with it. When one can no longer stand the restrictions, however, the weight comes creeping back.

In our opinion, Calorad should be viewed as another dubious product with the added potential for serious protein malnutrition if relied upon totally.
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Hi Nellie,

Thanks for your reply....I sure thought Calorad had CLA in it, I'm pretty sure it did back when I used it. I don't remember anything about aloe vera in it, but I remember that it was supposed to be a liquid collegen product with CLA. But it has been awhile since I used it. However, I definitely would use it again if I needed to, because even though I was a doubting Thomas, it definitely did work for me. I have never used another weight loss product that worked for me like Calorad did. As I said before, it truly was the easiest way I ever got some weight off, and it helped lift my spirits so much I was able to get encouraged to move foreward with exercise once I got some initial weight off. So I have nothing but praise for the product...especially since it had no side effects at all, and I will not use any product that would make me feel shaky or nervous. Thanks again for your swift reply and good luck with whatever you try to help with your weight loss success.
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I actually don't try things to help with weight loss, just portion control, good foods and exercise. It works well
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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