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Thumbs up Niacin helped me...

Since I started living a healthier lifestyle, all my blood levels have been excellent except for my HDL (good cholesterol) it was too low. 4 Months ago it was 42. Before that it was 45. I am eating enough omega 3, plus I take supplements, I exercise regularly, so there wasn't anything I could do diet-wise. My doc put me on 500mg a day niacin. I already take an array of supplements on a daily basis. 4 months later, had blood work done again and my HDL is up to 50!!! That is the lowest it should be, but it's an improvement. Niacin has worked out great for me. I do flush on occasion, sometimes it's really intense, but it's a small price to pay to be at optimum health. I know I can buy non-flushing or take it at night with a snack and an aspirin, but I don't need the excess expense or hassle, so I choose to flush on occasion. I read that it's good for you...

Anyway, thought I would share. No Lipitor for me yay!!!
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Congrats on your weight loss, you look great!!! And great news on the HDL, also. Mine also runs in the 40's. I've done everything I know of and it is still low. I haven't looked in to Niacin, though. I'll check it out. Thanks for the info!
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I'm sure your doc know what he/she's doing, but just to throw it out there - too much niacin (through supplementation, nearly impossible to do this on food alone) have adverse side effects, particularly with the nicotinic acid (the "flushing" variety.)

According to a report by the Oregon State University - 500mg/day of nicotinic acid for two months have led to hepatitis, and that substance at high doses has been linked to liver damage, impaired glucose tolerance & blurred vision.

Nicotinamide (the "non-flushing" kind) is generally better tolerated by the system, though at very high doses (2-3g/day) it causes similar adverse effects.

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