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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default Hypochloridia or low stomach acid causes indigestion

I started dieting (this time) in January of this year. I had terrible cravings and problems with low blood sugar.

I started reading books on nutrition, and finally a few clues led me to believe that I might be suffering from low stomach acid. Apparently when the stomach produces insufficient amounts of acid, the problems with digestion are much the same as having too much acid. Here's a link to an article explaining about it: http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/dige...s/a/LowHCL.htm

These are some of the symptoms:
Bloating, belching, and flatulence immediately after meals
Indigestion, diarrhea, or constipation
Soreness, burning or dryness of the mouth
Multiple food allergies
Feeling nauseous after taking supplements
Rectal itching
Weak, peeling and cracked fingernails
Redness or dilated blood vessels in the cheeks and nose
Adult acne
Hair loss in women
Iron deficiency
Undigested food in the stools
Chronic yeast infections
Low tolerance for dentures

Now, I had quite a few of these, but the real clue was the fact that I occasionally have gastric reflux- but it does not burn my throat. The pH of the stomach should be about 1, but what was coming up was nearly neutral. That is definitely not good.

I started taking the supplement "betaine HCl" and within 2 days, my blood sugar swings had stabilized! That was completely unexpected, but welcome. I guess I wasn't absorbing something my body needed to keep the blood sugar stable.

I've been taking the supplement for two months now. For the first time in my life, my fingernails are growing in strong. They don't bend backwards any more, or split off. I haven't had an episode of heartburn or other indigestion since starting this, except for the one time I ate some yogurt without taking the betaine.

I can go longer between meals now, and I don't have any terrible cravings. My body is now digesting the food properly, and I'm getting what I need out of the food.

I think part of my overweight problem was caused by this condition. Carbohydrates don't need acid for digestion, but most other things do, and I think I wasn't getting near what I needed of the protein and fatty acids from the way my stomach was *not* breaking things down. Thus, I ate more than I needed, because my body was desperate for the building blocks it needed, but all I was really getting out of it was empty carbs. I was eating a healthy diet, but I might as well have been gorging on junk food for the good it did me.

Does anyone else have this particular "obstacle"? It's pretty strange not eating anything unless I take a pill first, but it really helps.

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I would certainly get checked by as gastroentrologist and not try to treat myself, especially if you think you have acid reflux - that can lead to throat cancer.

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Well, I could go to a doctor and spend several hundred dollars having them test what I am already sure about, but I'm not inclined to spend the time.

If the gastric reflux were acidic, it would have burned my throat coming up. It didn't. Lemon juice has a pH of around 2, and before I started this supplement, I drank an ounce of it to see if that would help digestion. It burned my throat like crazy and hurt for 3 days. Your stomach is supposed to have a pH of 1, which is much more acidic than lemon juice.

What came up was NOT acidic, and therefore is not likely to cause the damage that spurs the rapid cell division that can morph into throat cancer. As far as I could tell, it was just mucus.

I'm not really expecting a debate on this topic, nor to convince anyone of anything-- just to have a thread in the database and someday someone with the same condition will do a search and pull up this thread and we'll talk. I've suscribed to the thread, so I should get an email if that ever happens... so post and I'll get back to you.

height- 5' 5"
age- 43
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I have this. For years if I ate salads I would be sick for days. The stuff would just sit in my stomach and rot rather than be digested properly causing gas, pain, and rotten garbage belches... EW!

I always try and have something acidic or something that gets my stomach to produce more acid with veggies now. Fell in love with the red wine vinegar as a salad dressing and now use about a cup on my salads. ZERO problems with a cup of vinegar. If I don't have enough vinegar = PROBLEMS. I also like spicy food so things like hot sauce also help when I eat lots of veggies.

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Does anyone recommend a particular brand?
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I know this is an old post - but WOW!! what great information.

I, too, have had issues with GERD, heartburn and indigestion. Even if I'm on a PPI (Nexium) or another product, it always repeats itself in a few months. My gastro says, take the Nexium again, keep plugging away at those acid blockers.. I don't think this is my issue at all!!! I agree with you - that low acid can cause issues too. I've been taking a digestive enzyme with my meals along with probiotics, or some yogurt as a snack, and find it's better than any PPI i've been on. I will not continue to take these, there aren't any good studies of what these products do to you in the longterm.

I find taking AVC (apple cider vinegar with mother, is the only thing that works for me, regular store bought doesn't) to cure my heartburn/indigestion works.. why would that be if vinegar is acidic? It cures my chest pain, yes! I've been checked out a few times by my Cardiologist and also several ER visits.. Had my gallbladder removed as well, thinking this was the cause.

If my stomach is empty and I'm hungry, OMG!! the heartburn is just horrible... sending me into a panic attack, take a xanax, but would prefer not to live that way!

I hope everyone is doing well... Enjoy the weekend!

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Default Apple Cider Vinegar DOES WORK


I've been suffering from acid reflux for quite some time. Been to the doctor, they prescribed acid blockers. I went off them becuase I think they do more harm then good. I was under the assumption my problem was too much acid when in fact it is low acid production. I had weeks and weeks of constant acid in my throat etc......

I read a post about using apple cider vinegar for low acid production. I tried it. IT WORKED. So all you naysayers either never tried it or you are corporate shills. I tried it. It worked. It stopped the burning dead in its tracks. I now feel I am on the right track.

good luck to all

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Default Hypochloridia Is Prevalent and Often Misdiagnosed

Hypochloridia is a serious condition, and one that requires oral hydrochloric acid (HCL). The condition has a higher likelihood as you age, as the cells in the stomach wall diminish in productivity of HCL.

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. Most gastroenterologists miss hypochloridia because they're focused on GERD; they have virtually opposite syndromes! I've even had a gastroenterologist claim "Hypochloridia doesn't exist!" Well, I've got news for him and for you: There is a DEFINITIVE test for the condition, called the Heidelberg Test (See my PS, below). Unfortunately, insofar as I know, the equipment required is rare. My consulting physician, Dr. Graeme Shaw, Los Altos, CA, has what I believe is the ONLY instrument West of the Mississippi!

The test is simple: You fast overnight, and come to the office where they wrap a wide belt around your middle (it is, effectively, a sensitive radio antenna!), and give you a large capsule (by mouth). When the capsule settles in the stomach, they give you specific liquids to drink (high-pH, low-pH, and in-between). Within minutes, you will have a proper and relevant diagnosis.

Alternatives are found at (See my PS, below)

Get tested. It's important. And if your physician keeps insisting that you have "acid reflux" or GERD, and the Rx doesn't work, find another doctor; yours has what I call "hardening of the categories," and it's a debilitating disease...for YOU.

My daily regimen of 650 mg Betaine HCl: 5 with breakfast, 5 with lunch, 12 with dinner. You have to figure out when you're taking too much (it burns!), and too little (you have your symptoms) on your own, and it may actually change a bit during the year.

Now my only worry is: If we had a catastrophe on the scale of Hurricane Sandy, and I ran out of Betaine, what would I do? (I have lots on hand; they're fairly cheap from VitaCost.com

--Carol Anne

P.S.: I would have liked to post links in this post, but the LAME and MISGUIDED configuration of this software on this site requires me to post 25 times before they allow that. Sorry I can't give you the information you need!
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