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Default My therapist is pregnant...Your opinion needed please.

My therapy has helped me a great deal since the beginning of the year. I have shed lbs and learnt to express/deal with problems I had never ever talked about before.

I relate to her quite well.

Problem is...she's preggo. I've been feeling guilty (insane I know) telling her about my woes, like the baby will be sad because of me and she herself is supposed to be having hormonal problems as well. I've never been pregnant so I'm just guessing.

Now she's almost at the end of the pregnancy and she's on maternity leave so we'll not be meeting at the hospital anymore. I guess it will be a more informal setting.

I have a few issues with that:

I feel like I'm pursuing her with my problems

I don't want to start everything afresh with a new therapist (in their center, they have trainees and the last time one of them was there with her, I guess (and I'm just guessing) that she wants to transfer me under the trainee's care. Which I obviously don't want.

I don't want to stop my therapy.

The only other option would be to interrupt the therapy for some months...until she comes back. I don't like that idea either but I guess it's the only option I have for the meantime.

I'll be seeing her this week (surely the last time before she gives birth). I want to know what if my concerns are legitimate before seeing her. May be I'm just
t being irrational? Will it be a good idea to be discussing such negative things with a baby nearby?

Please give me your opinion on what I should do.
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The baby likely won't experience anything other than a disturbance of his/her nap. Your therapist isn't living your stories, merely listening, so it's not like she is transferring any of that to her baby(hopefully). I would tell the therapist your concerns, and also ask if the plan is to transfer you to someone else. If that is the case, and you truly don't want to have another therapist help you, then you may just have to wait until she comes back. In the interim, you could try journaling, or just recording your feelings in video or audio. Make a list of things you want to discuss with her when she does come back. And of course, the people on this forum can help you with the minor (not too personal) stuff!
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Brandis gives good advice.

Your job is not to worry about the therapist's feelings or her baby. The therapist is trained to manage all this stuff herself. She is looking after herself.

But you should talk about all your concerns with her, even saying how you are concerned about the baby and the impact of sharing your troubles. Hearing her answer will be more useful than hearing it from us. These are the things you are supposed to share. This is where the real work of therapy gets done - i.e. on what is going down between the two of you. Endlessly rehashing the past is sort of less important, IMO.

Anyway you should always bring up all your concerns and doubts and questions with your therapist. Whatever they are about.

You will work out a solution to how to deal with her absence when you are in session next time.
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