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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default IBS if I have too much soy or other things I'm sensitive to

Hi, who else struggles with irritable bowel syndrome from time to time?

I used to only get it when I was nervous or "that time of the month." Then I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and hadn't had much trouble - but then when I did in the past couple of years, food seemed to set it off. Some stress too, I imagine.

I've been a fan of Nature's Plus Spirutein protein powder mixes for many years usually as part of a smoothie with fruit, and with ricemilk as the base since I'm lactose intolerant.

But for awhile I didn't have a blender so I was just using the ricemilk and the powders. I experienced some irritable bowel syndrome. Also learned I can't eat Arby's roast beef sandwiches anymore; there must be some additive in it now. Last time (and I do mean last time! ) I had it the symptoms came on before I even finished the meal.

This week I had the Spirutein drink 2 or 3 times, including this morning, and my body was not happy with me. I'm hoping this won't turn into a full-blown episode; I ate some saltines to settle my tummy and so far so good.

After a break I will try it with fruit since maybe it's just too intense with only the ricemilk. I was hoping to use it as a meal replacement now and then especially in the summertime (using frozen fruit it's nice and refreshing).

I'm just sort of rambling I realize, but if anyone else with IBS wants to share experiences, helpful tips, etc. that'd be great!
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Hi Skinny,

I have IBS. As frustrating as it is to have it at times, I am glad that I have the diagnosis because before I was diagnosed I was really besides myself. About six or seven years ago, I was severely struggling with my IBS, this is a few weeks before I was diagnosed at my former GI doc. I was exhausted, crampy, a lot of things would upset my stomach, and I had some unpleasant GI symptoms. The GI doc who I saw then diagnosed me with IBS and I think I was on a medicine at the time for my stomach but I am no longer on any prescription medicines for my stomach. I can take one for bouts of spasms if I really need to but I almost never do. I do take an Over the Counter Probiotic Acidophilus capsule at night and that helps my stomach, an internist recommended that I take this.

My gallbladder has been removed and sometimes certain foods, especially fatty ones, are not as easily absorbed when I eat, so I have my GI symptoms can flare up based on what I eat, and it is worst when I am stressed.

Now, I know that I shouldn't have a whole lot of a certain food or that another food bulks me up. I should be taking fiber every day but I forget.

If you need expert advice, perhaps consider going to a gastroenterologist if your insurance covers it, they have knowledge of IBS.

Take care.
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Are you gluten free? Nothing sets me off faster than a good old serving of whole wheat or whole grain (not necessarily white flour). The worst pain I'll ever feel is with whole grains. I swear they are the devil!!!!
- Michelle

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Too much soy, stress, and there is apparently some new additive in an Arby's roast beef sandwich the last year or two - I dare not touch them.

I'm doing better. I don't think I need to go gluten free; don't seem to have much trouble in that area.

When I posted this thread I kind of think I was nervous about my upcoming surgery, which has now come and gone and I'm on the mend. Yay!
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I used to have severe symptoms frequently, but since giving up wheat and limiting sugar, I have much less frequent and less severe symptoms. If I want to make dietary changes, I have to make them gradually or I will suffer for it. Since giving up the wheat, I've been able to add quite a lot of fruit and vegetables, but I had to very, very gradually increase my intake.
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