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Default hypothyroidism - levels improving on their own?

So I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism since I was about 17. I'm 27 now. For years I was on a dose of 275mg, we're taking almost 8 years.
For a year and a half I wasn't on anything. I didn't have money, a doctor, insurance, nothing. So that all meant no medicine.
June 2012 I went to the free clinic in my area got my blood drawn, back onto my 275mg.
This past Friday, Aug 24, I had my blood drawn again because the Doc wanted to see where we were at.
I also wasn't sure what was going on with me because I gained 5-7lbs from June - Aug and in that span I was eating better. Eating small meals 5 -6 times a day as apposed to just 2 meals. I was exercising 30 - 60 mins a day, 4 - 5 times a week. ....but my moods were all over the place, I felt depressed more than normal, I gained that weight, my legs and feet kept swelling up, and overall it just felt like something wasn't right.

I call the clinic back today and the person on the phone tells me now my dose is too high and I have to come back in to change it.

That makes like 0 sense to me. How can my thyroid magically be working better yet I feel like I'm doing worse?

Has anyone here ever had their levels just get better all of a sudden and need them changed?

I don't know. I just can't wrap my head around this. If I'm better why am I gaining weight when I'm being healthier?

I dunno. This has just made me really sad today. lol which should be the opposite right? I should hear my thyroid's better and be happy? But it just ...doesn't make sense.
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We aren't doctors here so you should really be asking your md these questions.

Are you exerising more? Are you postive your symptoms are from hypothyroidism...you might be clinically depresed.

How many calories are you eating and how many servings from each fod group?

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My mother's hypothyroidism improved with her diet. She's finally weaned off it now. She went on a strict vegan/macrobiotic diet -- not to treat it, for other reasons -- and the end result was that her body reset itself. Her doctors don't know why, necessarily, but she's now no longer taking any medication.
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Since losing over 20 lbs my thyroid level has changed substantially. My tsh was 19 when I started meds, 6 weeks later it was 0.43. 4 months later when I started eating clean, it dropped to 0.24. Once I lost 20 lbs, it dropped to 0.07. I've been on the same dosage the entire time. Now I am having my dosage lowered. Thyroid levels can change with weight, diet, stress level, etc. Ask your doctors though for a professional medical opinion.
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I've been hypothyroid for over 25 years. If I understand you correctly, had been taking 275mg, then you didn't have meds for over a year. When you went back to the doctor he/she prescribed 275mg again. The next blood draw said that 275mg was too much and it needs to be changed.

I'm not a doctor, but from past experience, this is my take: After being off the med for so long, the original blood showed that you needed a high dose. After time, the amount in your system "leveled off" and the newest blood test might show that your system doesn't need as strong a dose anymore.

One of the most frustrating things (for me) about hypothyroidism is that the meds have to be monitored and adjusted. There was a time when I had to refer to the pharmacy bottle to know which dose I was on, because it changed so often!

If I'm better why am I gaining weight when I'm being healthier?
This is one of the complaints that most of us have with our doctors and "the system". If your levels fall within a "range" they prescribe according to that range - not how the patient is feeling.
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I've been on Armour for about 4 years now, and my doc is slowly tapering me down. I'm currently on the lowest dose made, and there are times I get an inkling that it's too much. With some concentrated effort and following his guidance, my thyroid is beginning to wake back up. Weight loss was one of the first elements of the program. Iodine supplements, cilantro, and artichoke have had roles; so has eliminating bromate and its products. I've stopped short of having all my fillings replaced - right now the cost-to-benefit analysis just doesn't add up. The Armour costs me $4.77/month - to get the fillings replaced would run up near $10K. Fortunately, my mercury levels are barely detectable, so I can leave them alone.
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