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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default Watching my blood sugar- Advice?

I got a reply earlier that started to make me really think. I noted that semi-recently, about 4 months or so now, I get really tired early in the day for no reason. For example I could get up at 8:30, be at work by noon, and I'll be tired and sleepy by 12:30. I do usually eat breakfast, usually corn flakes with berries or the fruit filled mini wheats, but I feel like I've been up all night and could fall asleep where I stand. I've even resorted to getting a red bull a couple times just to keep going. Someone posted that I could be having blood sugar issues, and I'm starting to think they might be right. I eat way more sugar than I should. WAY more. And I've been trying to be conscious about not adding sugar to things or eating high sugar content foods, but could this be my problem?

I've noticed for tiredness, stomach aches, even dizziness-- I almost passed out the other day on my way to work because the car started spinning, luckily my mom was driving, but I felt like I was either going to pass out or be sick. Took about 10 minutes to pass.

Is there a way to "test" your blood sugar without getting those little fingertip prickers? I'm really hoping I haven't made myself diabetic, that's my worst fear, but for anyone with experience with diabetes or these symptoms, can anyone shed some light on the situation? A trip to the doc is definitely in order as well...

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area... wasn't quite sure where it fit

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any help or advice
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You really need to see a DR. It might also be a thyroid issue.

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The machines are called glucometers. You can buy them and they are relatively inexpensive in your local pharmacy. The real kicker are the test strips -- those are really expensive. You need the test strip because it's where you put the blood from the prick in your finger and the machine "reads" the strip to tell you the blood glucose level.

Also, your issues with your high carb foods (and sugary foods in generaly) may not necessarily indicate blood sugar issues. Our bodies aren't meant to run purely on sugar!

If you can get yourself to a GP that can calm your fears about being diabetic, great. In the meantime, I would focus on adding more protein and fat into your diet (the healthy kind, not french fries!).

See if you start feeling better. If you do, mall you probably have to do is change your diet a little bit, make sure you're eating from all the food groups, and worry about hypoglycemia or diabetes later when it's something that you can't treat with food and exercise.

Even if you do have blood sugar problems (and I have IR that I'm treating), the doctor is really going to recommend losing weight through food and exercise first.

If you can't manage it through food and exercise, then you might have to take on a pill. But you don't want to get there -- taking medication like Metformin that makes your cells more open to insulin, has side effects (like diarrhea and other gastrointestinal troubles) that you really don't want to take that stuff unless you really have to.
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Lay off the sugar for breakfast!! I feel the same way if I eat sugar/grains. Try eating something protein and fat heavy for your first meal. Your blood sugar and energy levels will thank you!
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I second the notion of going to a doctor. The possibility of being diabetic or even pre-diabetic isn't something to play around with. I have been checked for diabetes and insulin resistance and fortunately, I don't have it. However, I have had episodes of hypoglycemia where I sweat profusely, shake, have intense hunger and almost pass out. Each time this has happened to me, I can trace it back to a breakfast that had too many carbs and not enough protein. I actually had an episode this week when I unthinkingly ate shredded wheat with a teaspoon of sugar on it. Two hours later, I started sweating, shaking and I almost fainted. 'Twasn't good.

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All the testers require blood, but you can actually find them at some dollar stores (I saw them in Dollar Tree for the first time last week).

These are the "old-fashioned" style that don't require a reader. These are the strips my highschool boyfriend used (back in the dark ages of the early 80's).

You still have to prick your finger, and get the drop of blood onto the strip, but you wait a few seconds and then compare the strips color to the chart on the side of the bottle.

I've always wondered why they didn't still make these strips (now I know they still do), because while they're not as accurate as insulin-dependent diabetics should have, they're perfectly adequate for non-diabetics, borderline diabetics (those with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome), and probably even most type II diabetics (or at least a good number of them).

And not a bad investment for a buck. I would bet that an big store like Walmart/Target/KMart or any pharmacy can get them in if they don't already carry them.

A lot of pharmacies keep the test strips of all kinds behind the counter (because they're easy and common items to shoplift).
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Hi Samantha. May i ask what time do you go to bed at night? Do you drink tea or coffee at night time?
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Try balancing your meals with some protein and fat. If I just ate cereal for breakfast those carbs would rush to my head and drop me like a sack of potatoes in an hour or so.

I cut refined sugar out of my diet a couple of months ago and I have so much more energy. I was having symptoms of pre diabetes and they are now gone. I read the Blood Sugar Solution book and it really hit home with what I was experiencing. I think his diet is pretty over the top and I didn't choose to follow all of his recommendations but there was a lot of good info in there about pre diabetes and reactive hypoglycemia, etc. By cutting out refined sugar all my symptoms went away. I used to feel like I was going to pass out if I didn't eat every couple of hours. Now I don't.
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Definitely see your healthcare provider... Some simple blood work including a fasting blood sugar and HgA1c (which will give you a picture of what your blood sugars have been over the last few months) so you'll know for sure and then you can make changes to your diet to improve your energy levels...
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