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Justwant2Bhealthy 11-01-2009 11:55 AM

:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.




:hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-01-2009 12:21 PM

HI LADIES ~ we awoke to gorgeous :sunny: this morning ... finally; yeah! :carrot:

We did have some *****over night but that's OK; the really bad weather held off for the kiddies and that was more important! Found out that we were supposed to put our clocks back last night, so now we know ... :lol:

Hope you all have a lovely day!!! :hug:

purpleorc 11-01-2009 02:19 PM

Hi Ladies

Happy 1st November. Wow the year is going by so quickly. It is dreadful weather here today with pouring rain and howling wind definitely very wintry. It has been very dark skies all day so the light needed to be on in the house to see properly.

I will going to meadowhall in Sheffield tomorrow a shopping centre which is about 40 miles away from us. We will go and have about 4 hours there which is broken up with lots of rest thankfully they have plenty of seats to rest. I know I am on the verge of needing a wheelchair to go round these places but I am holding off as long as possible.

It has been fun and games here today who needs television :lol: Unfortunately the neighbour next door to us has a 16 year old lad which she has brought up on her own. Unfortunately she spoilt the child rotten and he had no boundaries. I think now she regrets this decision as he is becoming unruly at times. She had to call the police out this afternoon as he had locked her out of the house I think. He is now hanging round as well with a group of undesirable boys who are leading him astray as well. She is trying to place boundaries with him now but at 16 he is rebelling against this as they have not be instilled in him from the start. I try not to judge people but she has said this much to me that she spoilt him and let him have what he wanted and do what he wanted. I hope things sort themselves out and that contact with police will start to straighten him out on the right path.

ROSEBUD Thanks for starting the new thread today. I have learnt something about bonnehomme the character looking like casper. He looks rather cute to me and very sweet looking. Wow you were busy with Halloween and children calling at your home. we had no children call upon us this year but around were I live it is predominately elderly and barely any children around. My sister on the other hand has many children visitors as she lives in a area with children and her children go trick or treating also. Nice though about the left over treats to give it to children too sick to go out. At least this way they may not feel so left out of the occasions.

I was talking well typing to a young lad (in a game which I play online) who had taken his younger brothers and sisters trick or treating. Unfortunately the 4 year old brother walked into a lamp post so that earned him a trip to the hospital. Then poor wee mite a stay over night in hospital. He was so excited about dressing up and going trick or treating. This mishap happened to him. :hug:

Our clocks went back last Saturday night as yours traditionally used to be. So for us there will be the 5 hours apart but last week we would have had 6. Not sure though what the time difference is though at the west coast of Canada as you may have more than one time zone unlike in the UK who have just the one despite having 4 countries to make up the UK. I suppose it is because we are a small island no need for different time zones so I take it as the reason why.

Time to go and make a sandwich we are eating late today as we had a big lunch at the cafe down the road from us. So will have a smaller tea to compensate as well. To be honest not overly hungry so will maybe have some fruit/yoghurt. Bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-01-2009 09:24 PM

HI PURPLE ~ well, we had :sunny: for the whole morning but by the afternoon, clouds rolled in and ended that, but it was so nice to have it for the whole AM at least; they are expecting some more sun in the early week too ...

We noticed that most of the kids were driven around or escorted by parents, grandparents, etc while they went trick or treating this year. We did have 24 kiddies show up and then delivered leftovers to 2 sick kids and their parents (neighbours). I mentioned to DH that these kids didn't come by, so I sent him over with a bag of goodies. When we found out that they were sick and didn't get to go out, we decided to take the leftovers to them to make up for that, and their Dad really appreciated that. I would much rather give it to them as we really don't need it! :lol:

I have to get up really early tomorrow (almost forgot about it), as I am having a top tooth removed (extracted) and hope all goes well. After much thought and prayers and talking with other people, I decided to take advantage of saving my wisdom teeth for all these years. Drilling makes me ill and so I have decided to have it removed instead of drawing it out any longer; and thankfully, the dentist is OK with my decision and I finally have peace about it ...

I hope you have a wonderful trip to the mall this week; don't be too shy about using a chair or scooter to get around the mall, esp if it means that you would enjoy your day there more. You could use a scooter for part of the day if you find yourself getting too tired. I haven't been to a mall in a while; the last time I went, I was barely able to get around one store as it was so large (mega-sized). I told DH I would likely have to use something or there wouldn't be any point of me going at all.

Now, we just shop in department stores, but only one at a time, as that is all I can handle right now. If I try to go to too many in one day, I am so sore by evening and the next day, so have to rest for a day or two. However, I still get some walking in each day as I figure that will keep me going in the long term. I certainly do understand your challenge with walking, my friend. You have a busy few days coming up this week. :hug:

DH was a busy bee today, and took down all the Halloween decos for me so they wouldn't get ruined by any future bad weather; but he left the lights up for Christmas -- we just won't turn them on until December 1st. I started taking an extra Multi-vitamin to help my leg heal and low and behold, I got a visitor again who hasn't been here for a while ... TOM came for a visit and I was very exhausted today, so I laid down this afternoon for awhile; and DH was kindly helping me out today. We have had a busy few days, so I will take it easy now for a day or two.

We had leftover BBQ Spit chicken today with baked homefries and mixed veggies (green & yellow beans with some kernel corn); that was very filling. I saved the back and wings to make some soup tomorrow; and will throw in the leftover veggies too. That will be at least three meals out of one chicken; not too bad ... :D

:wave: HI to VAL, and RONNI, and SPICY ...

Hope you all have a wonder day tomorrow and a great week! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

purpleorc 11-02-2009 04:37 PM

Hi Ladies

Much nicer day today weather wise but chilly never the less especially after the really warm conditions of last week. On our travels today going to Sheffield in Yorkshire we had a rainbow in the sky for most of the way. Very beautiful sight been a while since I saw one.

ROSEBUD I hope your extraction at the dentist went ok and your not in to much discomfort. I know for a little while it is a soft diet to aid the healing process. My trip to the hospital is looming closer it is I think 19 November to see the maxillofacial surgeon regarding my issue with jagged bone in the jaw. I hope that he or she for that matter decide to operate. I know this is going to be painful but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Well tired today after my trip to the shopping centre. I am feeling that the wheelchair is very much on the cards which will allow me to do more. The only trouble being now we will lose our spontaneity of just deciding to go either that day or a couple of days before. To hire the wheelchair from Sheffield you need 1 weeks notice so that they can save the right chair for your needs. Some are manual others are battery powered ones.

Despite struggling a wee bit towards the end I loved the day plus DH took me for a nice meal in a restaurant there. He said it was my special day for my birthday treat oh it was lovely and such a surprise. We normally just go to a major store and have a meal there. I tried to choose something not too damning on the calorie front. I think the amount of walking I did today no further exercise is need for a week :lol: Ok so stretch the truth out certainly no further exercise is required today and I will use tomorrow as my rest day from exercise. It is my treatment day tomorrow my that does come round quickly.

See you are like me when it comes to a chicken eking many meals out of one bird. It is surprising how many meals you can get off one chicken. Plus the soup which lasts several days so that is another couple of lighter snacks sorted. Not that many calories in this soup and an excellent way to use up those vegetables. I like chicken or turkey soup though turkey is my favourite as it too me has more flavour.

Time to go and put my feet up now my legs and feet are talking as we put it :D or in other words they are sore and a tad painful. I have just taken a shower and that has helped a little the warm water on my skin. It is times like this I miss being able to soak in a warm bath to ease away those aches. When I was working shifts I would especially on working a 13 hour shift go to the nurse home (accommodation for nurses in those days there was a male and female one so we were kept separate.) and go and soak in a bath. It worked wonders for those aching feet after being on them for so many hours especially on the more demanding wards like mental health wards for the elderly. These were physically demanding as you had to do every task for the patient for many on the ward as they were no longer able to due to being in the later stages of dementia or occasionally Huntingdon chorea.

Night night ladies and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-02-2009 09:22 PM

:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the dentists to get that tooth pulled out early this AM; and as I am getting ready a bunch of things decide to go wrong -- but I did manage to have a shower, get my hair partly dry and out the door (although, I had to go back once to go to the washroom again).

Then we finally get on our way and ran into a detour, but we made it almost on the dot anyways; thank goodness they were still working with some other people at the time. I had to take some meds to calm my nervous tummy down and that finally kicked in just after he started his work. Next time, I take them a bit earlier.

After going to the dentists, we decided to go pick up a few things since we were up town already, and while I was there, I saw some great stuff for Christmas gifts so I got a good portion of my Christmas shopping done today. Our local department store workers were busy as bees putting up lots of great stuff today. Now, I just have to get something more for DH; and anything else would just be small stuff for next month anyways. I have the pumpkin for pie and our roast pork already, so I am way ahead this year.

Had nice mini-subs (my own homemade ones on a whole wheat hot dog bun with lean roast beef & thinly sliced onion, & mozzarella cheese with mustard) for brunch as I didn't have time to have any breakfast or a snack this AM. They were quite nice and soft and easy for me to chew on my right side of my mouth.

It took awhile for the bleeding to stop (until dinnertime) as I am on Aspirin therapy which I skipped this morning (just in case), but the dentist told me to take them as soon as I got home. This time the tooth broke on him and he had to drill a bit so I had a little pain afterwards. The other three times the teeth came out clean without much effort and didn't break; thus there was less pain afterwards too. I was going to take a tylenol, but so far, it seems more sore than painful really, so I may just take one before bed so that I can sleep more easily.

Made some nice homemade chicken soup/stew for dinner tonight; I added the leftover veggies from yesterday and some new potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, and a bit of turnip; and it was quite tastey. There is even some left for lunch tomorrow.

PURPLE ~ glad your trip turned out so well for you and you even felt well enuff to come in and share with us tonight. Yes, I think our wheelchair and scooter rentals are the same in that you have to go arrange for them in advance, but maybe you can get one that you can keep at home all the time. I don't know how it works here either; would have to go to the big city and investigate that, but for how often I would use it to go to a mall; I'm not sure it would warrant the price. Years ago, you could pick them up second-hand and have it at home when you needed it; now-a-days they are sooo expensive and out of reach for many people unless they get help from some charitable organization.

That was so nice of your DH to take you to that nice restaurant and I hope you enjoyed yourself and had whatever your heart desired; hey, your birthday only comes up once a year. YOu probably mentioned that before about your jaw, but I don't recall right now. Did they discover that at the dentists? Do they know what caused it? Hope they can help you in some way.

Well, time for me to put my feet up too as I have been on them all day today; and they need a good rest. Gonna take it easy the next couple of days. They say that some sunshine may be on the way; hope they are right. Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-03-2009 03:34 PM

:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you all are having a great day -- had some lovely sunshine today and some ***** too; on plan so far today; hope you are too ... :hug:

C U later ...

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-03-2009 09:50 PM

Well, I had to lay down this evening as I was feeling a bit under the weather just after dinner; DH was a real help to me and did the dinner dishes, and then we played some card games for awhile to help get my mind off things; and boy, that really helped.

I soon discovered that I was full of water and had to run to washroom twice; but with my TOM visiting, water retention gets even worse than normal. I'm not sure why that makes me feel so blah, but then I have had a lot going on in my body the last few days. TOM decided to visit with full force the same day I am scheduled to have a tooth pulled and so I had to take a tylenol to sleep. I'm sure it did my body good to lay down and rest a bit too; that always helps to get rid of extra water for me too.

I found a favorite sweater when unpacking and put it on the last few nights and today, and that really helped take the chill off. Need that when you aren't feeling your best; nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold really. I love this sweater, it is a very thick pullover and it warms me up in minutes. I will be wearing it often this winter ...

:wave: VAL ~ hope all is well with you and yours, way up there in Thompson; and that your new meds are helping you feel better too.

Hope all you ladies are feeling well tonight; I know that each of you have your own challenges each and every day, and can't always come in. I just happen to get up to walk around as my legs were getting stiff and getting CHARLIE HORSES from that as well. Time to go make some tea and have a small, healthy snack. Take good care, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

purpleorc 11-04-2009 11:51 AM

Hi Ladies

Been under the weather after I think doing way too much walking on my trip to Sheffield. So now paying for my efforts. I feel better than I did yesterday but still not back to my normal self. DH has been a real sweetheart and been fussing like a mother hen over me :hug: Must admit things got on top of me yesterday and was in tears :cry: which is just not me. Normally I take things in my stride but yesterday was a day of feeling sorry for myself. When in truth I have so much to be grateful for. There are people so much worse off than myself who are so stoic and brave. Not to mention do not complain about the unfair card that life has dealt them.

Today I managed to do a little bit of shopping but had to call off early and sit in the cafe and wait for DH. This was doing our weekly grocery shop so I do like to do this if I can otherwise DH would if not kept in check by me ;) be putting cakes etc in the shopping trolley telling me " they just fell in there" :fr:. He is happy to eat healthy eating providing I do the menu's and know actually which are the good things and bad things. He is starting to learn but he is so easily drawn to the sweet stuff.

ROSEBUD Sounds like a nightmare morning you experienced on the day of the dentist one of those kind of days which anything that could go wrong did go wrong. Unfortunately TOM can be draining to say the least not to mention making you feel grotty (not so well in English :lol:).

Sorry to hear that your tummy played up due to the circumstances of the tooth being extracted. I know what it is like to have that I used to be exactly the same until I had all this medication for trigeminal neuralgia which constipates you to the hilt. It is so horrid to have this happen to you especially when you are out.

Sounds like your tooth extraction went like my last one had to be drilled take it out. Mine had to be divided in to 4 parts to take out as it had broken and didn't want to come out whole. I had never had that on previous extractions. I hope your pain is under control with the Tylenol you have been taking. Wise decision to not take the aspirin that morning of the extraction as this is an anti coagulant which means it does not allow the blood to clot so easily. This is great making the blood run smoother with heart condition or precautionary measures due to health issues you have or genetic reasons. I think if I did not have an ulcer they would put me on it as a precautionary measure due to my family history of heart problems. I know at least 3 generations of my family had heart problems so does not bode well for me :(

Glad you have made a start on Christmas gifts as have we (OK only one at this point :D). It helps to get them earlier if you can as there is no mad rush at the end to get gifts and this way it is kinder on me. I have the money saved for the meat we will have over Christmas. I will have my Mum and Dad over as normal so looking forward to that time.

Time for me to start making tracks and start the tea. We bought a French stick today which we do each week we go shopping I love this type of bread so our little treat each week to ourselves. Though no longer do we buy the big one but the small one and even then not quite all do we eat. Our feathered friends have the other little bit. Bye bye and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

ronni62 11-04-2009 04:54 PM

Hi, everyone! Well, finally have a couple minutes to post here. I've been trying to read everyone's posts daily, but always seem to get interrupted by kids or chores before I have time to post myself. Weather is finally nice the last day or two-partly sunny and mid-40's F. Much better than all the rain we've been having. October was the dreariest I can ever remember and we had so much rain, DH had to re-plumb the sump pump quickly when the sump pit was full of water. He had been putting the job off as we thought the rainy season was over!

DS2's football team is still undefeated and is in the play-offs. If they win Friday, they go to the state semi-finals and get to play at the U of Iowa's dome-they really enjoy getting to go there. But, Friday's game is a 2 1/2 hour drive away, so will be a long day and very cold again.

With all the running around and busy-ness, it's been incredibly hard to stay on plan. I'm not gaining, but can't seem to lose, either. It's very frustrating:mad:. I just need to stay on plan more than just 3 or 4 days in a row, so I'll quit bouncing around the same 3 pounds...grrrrr!

Purple-I found it funny that on Monday we had to go to a town called Sheffield also, which is about 15 minutes from where we live, for DS2's senior photos to be taken. The photographer there is highly recommended and doesn't seem to charge too much-he allows you to just purchase what you want and doesn't lock you into photo packages that have 100 wallet-size photos that you will never use-lol! I really hope you're feeling better, though, after your days out and about.

Rosebud-Glad your tooth extraction is over and that you're recovering. Isn't it amazing that TOM always shows up when a person least wants to have to deal with that too! That's always what happened to me. I've been very happy to apparently be in menopause now, but have a couple more months till that becomes "official," I guess.:crossed: Sounded like you had a nice Halloween and your decorations were very cute! Our evening at the church was great! Over 140 kids and also their parents came and played games, won prizes, and had a great time. I was a "floater" giving the kids running the games breaks for supper, so got to work almost all of the games and interact with lots of people-I was exhausted by the end of it!

Val & Spicy-Hi and how ya' doin'? Hope you're both well and having a great week!

Well, have a nice evening! :hug: to all!

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-04-2009 09:49 PM

HI LADIES ~ We were blessed with gorgeous :sunny: all morning; then clouds rolled in for the afternoon and the temps plummeted. We had some new visitors at our big feeder today -- about 13 big & beautiful Rock Doves, plus 2 Woodpeckers, a bunch of mixed Sparrows, and a huge flock of Starlings all vying for the same spots ... it was wonderful to watch.

My bird book says that Rock Doves won't go on or in a feeder, but they sure went into ours; DH made it so big that even they can fit in it, but they were having a time trying to figure out how to get in there and then they played this game where they chased others out ~ very funny!

HI RONNI ~ when I'm busy, I just come in a post first; and come back later when I have time to read and catch up. That is how I am able to post so often. I don't have kids and your busy schedule, but I do have chores, errands, DH and dog, meals, and a house to look after. One of the biggest issues is my health of course; and like you say, everything seems to happens at once or when you least need it. I went into what my doctor called Peri-menopause around the age of 46 y/o; and since I turned 50, TOM has been scarce but will suddenly show up out of the blue like last Monday.

I thought I'd be smart and take an extra vitamin to help my leg heal up better, and that may be what caused it -- dunno. I heard somewhere that we can't say that we are truly through with TOM until we haven't seen him for 1 full year; guess I'm still not there yet. I just turned 51 y/y and he came back to surprise me ... :lol: Geepers, I started when I was 10 y/y ... how long is thing gonna last? :shrug: Someone said that it can last until 60 for some people -- oh, yoiks -- I hope not!!!

We have had weird weather this year too; the cloudiest and rainiest October I can recall ... and cold -- more like November. Yesterday and today we have had half sun and half snow (it's snowing big flakes out there right now). So far though, all the snow keeps melting and that is a blessing for us really; kinda makes up for the other bad weather.

PURPLE ~ :hug: I'm sorry to hear that you were having such a bad day yesterday; I was praying for you becuz I was concerned that you would be so tired after your trip to Sheffield. You and I both have to learn to take it easy after a big day; and also not to be so hard on ourselves too. :hug:

I was thinking that the town Sheffield in Iowa where RONNIE lives is probably named after the one in England becuz we have many towns and cities and counties in Canada named after towns and cities in England and France and Italy too. Of course, our country is made up of people from all across Europe and the world now, especially when we were first developing and growing.

I decided that I was going to take it really easy today, as I did laundry yesterday; so today I just did hand mending (hemming my new slacks) while resting my body as it has been thru the wringer this week. Had a good, on track and on plan day so far. We had leftover spagetti with meat sauce that I had frozen in individual containers for dinner tonight with a small coleslaw too; I think it was even tastier this time.

:wave: to VAL, and SPICY ~ hope both you ladies are well ...

Take good care ladies and hope you have a terrific day tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

purpleorc 11-05-2009 09:16 AM

Hi Ladies

Normality is slowly returning to me, I feel a little better again today. Again slept very well and I am sure that is helping as it is natures way of repairing the body. Glorious morning here at present after yesterdays very dark and dreary afternoon which was only fit for ducks.

We have had the council return today to sort the leak to the kitchen sink. The leak was a very small one but nevertheless it need fixing. It apparently was because the original pipe was cut to small thus causing strain on the joint called the U bend. So hopefully it will be fixed once and for all. Just got some niggly problems that need sorting out one being the water pressure to the hot tap which is so slow it allows you to make a cup of tea and still the washing up bowl is not full of water :dizzy: The second I need two tiles put back on the wall after two came off in replacing the sink in the first place.

RONNI Your life sounds busy at the minute but I think when you have children it always is you seem to be ferrying to and fro from different places. Then often to watch or are involved (providing food or drinks to others) in some way in the activities that they do. I know how busy my sister's life is with 4 girls I do not know how she does it especially as she is in constant pain from a damage to the spine. (she is awaiting an operation any time now )

Look on the positive side of things you may not be losing weight be on the plus side you are not gaining either. This is great practice for maintenance which is just as hard as the losing weight. I would like to lose a little more myself but I think this is the weight I am going to pan out at. Though I am not totally unhappy I am proud of my achievements. Miracles do happen :lol: I might just start losing again. You have done so well to lose the weight that you have so head up high and be proud. If staying on plan is difficult for days in a row, I found that planning several days in advance. Cooking extra meals when ever I can these then go in the freezer to provide what I call home made ready made meals. These are great if you do not have much time but can also be called upon if you are not well. I try on days I feel well enough to make an extra meal for example a casserole, bolognese sauce, home made burgers all come in handy. I can not give enough emphasise on planning. I know it seems a chore but it can be the key to success and after a while it becomes second nature.

If you are prone to feeling hungry whilst you are out ensure that you take snacks with you in your handbag, things like raisins, nuts or fruit are good ones to take. These will stave off your hunger until the next meal.

I think when many British folk emigrated to the United States or Canada for that matter they wanted things to make them feel at home. Maybe one of these ways was naming places after towns and cities in the UK. I know my home town of Nottingham has a counterpart in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Canada, and several places in the States are called Nottingham also. I live also near to Leicester and Birmingham and again they have an name sake in the states.

I hope you continue to improve after your tooth extraction this week.

I am feeling better myself so gradually making to normality. Your right I think about names coming from the UK originally I see so many duplicated over the years. Though often pronounced a little differently to the name in the UK due to the difference in the accent and the emphasise on different vowels. For years I thought there was a new metal after hearing the word aluminum the mix up came as we pronounce the word totally different. It was only when I saw the word written down and spoken did I realise there was no new metal :lol: Here in the UK aluminum is pronounced al-loo-min -ee- hum. (here you may here it better than how I have broke it down http://www.yourdictionary.com/aluminium#)

In many ways we are so much the same though there are those differences that occur due to culture and language. That's what makes a nation unique and interesting. It would be boring if we were all the same and to go abroad would not be so pleasurable as nothing would be different to experience. I know you would have the different scenery though for me the fun of going to new places is to experience some of the culture of where I am visiting. Though I haven't been abroad in many years due to the cost of insurance for travel due to my MS it is astronomical price. I understand the need for a higher premium due to the fact if I did need medical care due to my MS the treatment would be expensive and then all the arrangements to me made to fly you home etc plus accommodation for DH.

It is also difficult for someone in this country with MS to get a mortgage it is not impossible though most mortgage brokers take one look at the initials MS and run a mile just about :D

Tonight it is bonfire night here in the UK so lots of fireworks being set off left right and centre. So I will have a quivering wreck as Rizzie is so frightened and scared off them. I hate to see him like this and you feel so helpless to help him or console him as nothing does.

Right I must go and make my afternoon cup of tea I am so thirsty now. Just before I go though I will say hello to :wave: to VAL and SPICY and hope that you are both well and not suffering too bad with S.A.D.

caio for now fellow chicks I will try and drop by tomorrow but I am going to my parents for the day so time is short supply tomorrow.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

SpicyWoman 11-05-2009 12:28 PM

It's a beautiful day here in Arkansas! Blue skies, perfect temps!

I've been busy, busy. But first here's the scoop on my food plan. It is working! I got on the scale today for the first time in six weeks, and I'm down about 9 lbs. That's like about 20 lbs. since I started here. Patting myself on the back. Now if I could get some exercise!

I've started making the Christmas pillows for my family. I'm slow, but steady. The most difficult part is putting the fabric paper in my printer. It's thick and sometimes the paper gets stuck, so I lose that page. Making progress, three down, about 8 to go.

I received the most wonderful news from one of my nephews in Louisiana. He recently bought a used motor home, and he has organized a trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife also have campers. They are all coming! Plus they are bringing with them family that doesn't have a camper! Looks like I'll have about 20 members of my family here for Thanksgiving! Guess you know what I'm thankful for this year.

Keep posting, Ladies. I believe with all my heart that your messages keep me on plan.

Big hugs all around.

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-05-2009 07:23 PM

:comp: HELLO LADIES ~ we had some more snow fall over night, but not a lot; and we had mostly clouds and light fluff today that kinda looks like foam pellets ... :lol: So we kept busy doing stuff indoors today: I did a couple loads of towels and linens; and then we did some sorting in our spare room and emptied 2 boxes and threw out one bag, plus did some more organizing.

Tomorrow, we have to move some furniture around in the livingroom to make things roomier; so will start that first thing in the morning. We will be moving my computer desk the west wall and my new organ here where the desk is so it is handier to use and frees up the front wall of the livingroom for Christmas. I like to put my tree up there and have my rocking chair up near the window to look outside at the birds and all the people going by. Right now the organ is in the way, so it must be moved.

HI SPICEY ~ that is wonderful news -- to have so many of your family coming up for Thanksgiving is fantastic. It will be a busy but fun time, I am sure ...

PURPLE ~ I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better -- and so am I. My mouth is healing up well; a bit sore in places yet, but I think in about a weeks time, that should all be gone (I hope). The other times healed very quickly, so I hope for the same this time too. You mentioned that you travelled abroad -- which countries did you travel to? Were they all European countries? Did you ever get over to North America before?

The only country I have been to besides ours was Mexico when I was 16 y/y; we went to Merida, Mexico -- a wonderful old Spanish city and stayed in a really nice Spanish Villa type hotel. We all had a marvellous time, but we also saw how the ordinary Mexican people lived as well. At that time, they didn't have all the same amenities like we do ie No Air Conditioners, they just had a lot of large ceiling fans and wide open breezeways that were so lovely; plus lots of trees on the east and south sides of the pool to keep the sun at bay. It was a fantastic experience for all of us; and we have some great memories too ...

I think it's difficult to get a mortgage almost anywhere these days; I know it is here, and from what I hear, it's difficult in the US right now with the economy being so bad right now. I think it has always been difficult for anyone that is disabled or low-income to get a mortgage anywhere. I don't think they should discriminate like that, but they do. Travel insurance is something that would be needed in another country, and I could see how that would be a problem; now you know why I just stay home. We had a group plan when we went on our student trip and we were all young and in good health at the time. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your Mom & Dad tomorrow.

After we got all our sorting done this afternoon, I put my legs up and did some more mending -- had to mend my favorit pair of slacks. Each day, I am doing a bit more; I have some of DH's wooly socks to do and several pairs of new slacks (some mine, some his), so I'll be at this for awhile. I often use the winter time to catch up on mending; it helps to pass the time too.

We had a nice dinner of fish & chips with coleslaw & sliced tomatoes; I had sweet potato homefries; but DH had regular chips and gravy. This is one of his favorites so we usually have fish at least once a week. I made some nice homemade veggie soup with beans for lunch today; it was tres yummy ... So was very on plan today and trust me, I got lots and lots of walking and exercise in today ... I'm pooped! ;)

:wave: HIYA VALDINE ~ hope your feeling well up there in Thompson, Manitoba. Are you buried in snow yet? Hope your new meds are helping you feel better too ... :hug:

Take good care ladies; and hope you have a Fantastic Friday tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 11-06-2009 09:48 PM

:comp: HI LADIES ~ Well, we were blessed with gorgeous :sunny: this afternoon, and it warmed the temps up as well. We spent the morning rearranging furniture and things are all arranged for Christmas now. We put my rocking chair back by the front window as I just love to sit there and watch the birdies flying back and forth; and it's just a great place for me to do some reading, writing, singing, contemplating, praying, and relaxing too.

We had leftover veggie soup for lunch which I added dumplings to (I cut them in half) and that tasted really nice and was very filling too. I had planned on having something else for dinner, but in the end, we decided to have hamburglers and homemade fries instead as this is DH's favorite and I like it too, and I wanted to have something that would give me a little more energy at the same time.

My mouth is slowly healing and I can touch my face without it hurting now. I really needed to take it easy today so I did exactly that; and DH really did everything, while I just supervised. I put my legs up at least 3 times today, and that really helped me feel a lot better. I was just doing some reading before I got up to get something to drink -- it's time for some tea.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend; and please do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

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