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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default just need to talk/what do you do/need encouragement?

I'm not really new here, been a member for awhile but haven't been on.
Here is my 'story'. I'll be 45 in a couple weeks. I weigh between 195-200, 5'8"
I have several 'obstacles' that I have/I am dealing with. I have mild scoliosis, arthritis in my neck, several 'sublexations' in my back, hip problems, I have fibro and underactive thyroid, had a TAH with vag. cuff mesh/bladder sling surgery this past Sept., which has thrown my body into chaos becuase of the fibro.
I've been going to the chiro for over a yr, am currently going to pt for pelvic floor issues. My pt says my muscles are angry.
I been on WW about 6x, SB several times, lose 5- 10, then for some reason, I either get scared or something, I'm not sure but I end up gaining it back. I've hovered around this weight for many yrs.
I joined a fitness center the beg. of this month but can't do any real exercise right now-pt's orders. I am doing Feldenkrais and will start a PiYo class on Monday. And I can walk.
I just tired. After the Feldenkrais class this past Thursday, my joints hurt, head to toe-no exageration.
I know that working out, taking these classes, will eventually strengthen my muscles to where my bones will be where they need to be but right now I just want to crawl in a hole and cry.
Oh, and I also work retail which means I'm on my feet 6-8 hours most days.

I don't know what 'diet' to follow. I like wholesome foods, I don't like art. sweeteners-gives me a headache.
I need advice, encouragement, a hug. yes, I'm whining, feelign sorry for myself whatever you want to call it and I know you've done that too.

so how do you deal with it all?

If you've got this far, thanks for 'listening' to me.
Patty H.

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ONE-DAY-AT-A-TIME -- is all I can say ... just take it one-day-at-a-time!

I focus on NOW ... and break the day down to one hour, one minute, one second, and yes, even one nano-second, if needs be. You can walk -- so start there; try 5-10 minutes a few times a day and work that up to several times a day. Later on, swing those arms and pick up the pace. I do nordic walking in both summer and winter -- meaning I use ski-poles to help me walk (for better balance), esp on uneven or soft ground.

As someone with Spina Bifida (with severe back pain issues since childhood) plus a few other damaged discs in my upper back, and bad knees, the canes I use and the poles help me walk much better and faster. They have been a GOD-send and my knees are starting to get better becuz of that and lots of prayers, plus a few gentle exercises that I do each day for circulation and strengthening the muscles around my knees.

I think for those in our position -- the key issue is to NOT OVERDO IT!!! Do small amounts every day. Do a few things when you first get up each morning so you don't put them off; and I get up from my desk and walk around every 15 minutes or so just to keep moving. I heard a doctor say recently that people are mistaken if they think running miles and miles is the best way; he says walking a bit several times each day is better for our bodies, and not so hard on our muscles and joints. And, I know that I can keep this up over my lifetime -- jogging is out for me, so walking is my mainstay and later on, my ultimate goal is to do SPEED WALKING again, which I used to do when I was younger.

Start with your eating plan ~ focus on eating as healthy as you can: nix all the junk food and fast foods fried in oil (my biggest change). I can get most of my meals down pretty healthy now; so I just have to watch the junk food snacking. Slowly, we are finding healthier foods to eat for take-out; we just recently found a place that will make a nice lean meat and veggie stir-fry for me -- my new favorite place to eat away from home.

Try not to be so hard on yourself -- and just make small changes, starting with today. Small steps will add up over time. I am still tweaking my plan ~ this is a journey, more like a marathon than a sprint, becuz I want to be healthy for the rest of my life ...
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OH A BIG HUG to YOU! I have had a really bad week this week and if we were in person We could cry on each others shoulders. I think the post above is right one day at a time. Try not to beat yourself up (which I do) for every little mistake or cheat you might give in to. Just pick yourself up and keep going. Eventually it starts to feel like second nature and it is how you start to ive yor life. It seemed like every freaking day was a major effort for a whileon the diet and then one day I notice holy crap! I moved through the day without obsessing about food!!! Wahoo!
I do think that is a lot of my problem. I get addicted to food and when I get anxious or stressed about anything I turn to food!
Hang in there And I am giving you a big internet hug!
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{{{thanks}}} for the encouragement and hugs.
I know that when I'm hurting, everything seems twice as big as they really are.

Yes, one nano second at a time.
I'm taking some 'good' foods to work with me today,I know more than I'll need but if I dont' eat my snack at work I'll eat it on the way home, then this evening I'm going to the gym for a PiYo class, hopign to talke with the instructor before it starts, let her know all the details. I'm also hoping the class isnt' a large one so she'll be able to help if I need it.

Patty H.

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I like someone to share my goal, when I lose some weight there are somebody to encourage me. That will give me a lot of positive action.
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Thumbs up Keep on for a new body!

Dear oh 2 be me, sounds like a situation we have all faced, and still face.Right now I'm debating about going outside to walk, but it's 90 degrees! I'll probably ride my bike and walk later when it's cooler.
I am trying to modify my diet too. I am using a smaller plate for meals,drinking d-caf unsw. iced tea. It's satisfying and fills me up.When I worked I brought a snack to eat on the way home so I would not gorge myself when I got home, usually an apple. I like what someone wrote here,"eat for the body you want,not the body you have. Exercise for the body you want,not the one you have. If hungry in the evening I snack on nuts,not salted. Raw almonds,or pecans. I am also eating a Lean Cuis. for lunch when I am home.I have to wait about 15 min. after eating because I have a slow satiety. Then I realize I am full enough, and satisfied!.Drink a lot of water too.
OK I am off for a bike ride.
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Hi Patty,

It sounds like you're dealing with a lot - my biggest suggestion is to be gentle with yourself an give yourself time to heal. A lot of women take over a year to really hear from a TAH, and with other issues on top of it it might take longer.

Repairing nerves and muscles is hard work on your body - make sure you are taking enough rest days from exercise and getting enough sleep.

Good luck
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