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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default Total loss of motivation :(

So I fell off a horse on Wednesday and heard a loud crack as I hit the ground. Thought I dislocated my shoulder (I was in shock so wasn't feeling much of anything) but one of the people who ran to my side pointed at the huge lump in my upper arm. I broke my humerus completely in half and the bone halves were running side by side making my arm appear 3 inches shorter. After a long painful evening in the emergency room it is beginning to hit me with how badly this will affect my life. I am rght handed and of course it was my right arm that i broke. I am in a sling from shoulder to wrist with no ability to move it. I can not figure out any clothing that can be put on (even with assistance), I can not do even the simplest tasks like bathing, opening a water bottle, bending over to pick anything up, or putting on my seatbelt. I have no idea how I will maintain my diet when I can not cook for myself. Going to the gym will be pretty useless for the next few weeks at least. And these pain pills aren't even touching the pain I'm feeling right now, but they do make me so sleepy that I do nothing but sit on the couch. Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening!
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I'm so sorry, Hun. That sounds really difficult. Of course you lost your motivation right now.

As for the diet, will you have someone cooking for you? You could have them make up some chicken breasts and you could simply microwave them. Or you could maybe use the George Foreman grill? Fruits require no cooking and you can pick easy-to-eat ones. Frozen veggies you can microwave if you have to.

Hang in there ...
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That sucks. If you can lose just a little or maintain during such a difficult time, I would consider that a success.
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I dislocated my shoulder a few years back and it was the worst pain I've ever felt, including childbirth! I couldn't do anything either, couldn't dress, couldn't bend over, I couldn't even wipe myself for crying out lout, it was truly awful. But don't despair, give yourself some time, little by little it will get better and you will be able to do more things with it. The body is an amazing thing, it will heal and you will "get back on that horse" pardon the pun. In the meantime, take care of yourself, do what you can and cut yourself some slack until it's a little better...

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Sounds like it'll be time for Bing-Bing cuisine! Although not ideal, you can get enough premade frozen lean cuisine type meals to keep you going --these packages are relatively easy to open with your left arm. You can pick up pre-roasted chickens and pre-made salads from the grocery store. You can get Subway delivered in some areas. See if a grocery store will deliver groceries for you (some offer this service). Take taxis to grocery shop. Enlist a neighbor to help. If worst comes to worst, see if a group like Meals on Wheels will assist you for the next little while. Do any of your friends have teens who want to earn some $$$? Perhaps have them help you with meals for the next little while --especially if you pay the same rate as you would for a babysitter.
I don't envy you! You have a tough road ahead for a little while. Just remember that weight gain can always be addressed, so just focus on getting well and getting better!
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Oh yes, been there, and done that so many times (both shoulders; pinched nerve in my back; broken leg; and dislocated knee) Like others, I would scream just trying to sit up to use the toily and DH had to help me also. During those times, I could hardly sleep or find a position that one could sleep in, so I half-situp on the couch: wrapped myself up well, and eventually would nod off from sheer exhaustion ... oh yah, and the sobbing and praying did help a bit too. Truly, you will get through this too!

Forget about the diet for now; just maintain for awhile -- you must focus on getting better. The last poster suggested many of the things I was going to. Have someone pick you up easy things to eat; honestly, I ate easy things like sandwiches, toast with peanut butter, and some things that I could eat with only my left hand (yes, I ordered in already cooked chicken). Premade salads are a GOD-SEND in these times; you can get Ziggy's or other brand Coleslaws, Potato & Pasta Salads (and they taste great). DH went and bought things that he could make that are easy like hot dogs & hamburgers: these can be done with one hand eventually.

The first week or so ... I ate what was "grab & eat" type foods; and I don't recall gaining much weight, if any. Buy already cooked meats, salads, and cheese; all easy to grab, becuz eating with a fork can be difficult in your opposite hand. Deli meats & pasta salads, peanut butter, granola bars, fruit, and stuff like that too. Today, you can even get pre-cooked bacon, hamburgers, and sausages that you just heat up in the microwave (these can be eaten with deli salads too). Our store has already made bags of salad; all you have to do is add dressing, and after awhile you can eat it with your opposite hand (I actually got good at it). Use a big spoon at first though ...

OH, and I just remembered that I could eventually eat with my right hand when I held the bowl up to my mouth with my left hand. Cups of soup would be handy during this time too ...

Hope you have some family and/or friends around that can help you during this tuff time ... prayers ascending for you as well!

PS ~ my DH just commented that it must have taken you hours to post with your left index finger! Yah, he's a hoot, isn't he? I'd smack him for ya, but that might be considered abuse!
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Justwant2be- Tell DH no fair making me laugh when I'm busy feeling sorry for myself! I got much the same response when I posted a pic of the broken arm from the emergency room on Facebook. Just got to say dilaudid covers up all pain!

I appreciate all of the food suggestions. I'm giving my mom a grocery list so she can pick some stuff up for me. I had to put the dog into daycare (cant handle his 75 pounds of exuberence until after surgery and a proper cast) and will stay with my parents for the time being until I can fend for myself.

Thanks all!
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