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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default Elimination diet for food intollerances

I am needing to do an elimination diet recommended by my doctor. Doctor wants me off of:

refined sugar

I cannot figure out what to eat. Any ideas?


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I've never had to work within those kind of restrictions, but maybe vegan and gluten-free products would fit some of the bill?
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For grains you have rice, oatmeal, barley, quinoa and millet. Buckwheat is not a grain (related to rhubarb), so you can have that. You can eat all kinds of dried beans. Almond milk and hemp milk provide alternatives for something to put on your oatmeal. Since tree nuts are not restricted, you can have walnuts, almonds, pecans and so on. You still have eggs, meat, fish and poultry and all kinds of vegetables and fruits. You can have herbal teas and coffee substitutes like Pero.

Most prepared foods have wheat or soy in some form, so you are going to have to cook most of your meals from scratch.

Breakfast could be fruit, oatmeal with almond milk and eggs if you like a bigger breakfast.

I need to avoid wheat and dairy, so lunch for me is often some kind of protein (chicken or meat), baked sweet potatoes (good cold), raw vegetables and fruit. This is an easy lunch to take to work.

Dinner is usually a protein, vegetables and a salad with vingear and olive oil.

You can find recipes and ideas by poking around the Web. Good luck!
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If your doctor wants you to do such a strict elimination diet - your doctor should give you a sample of a meal plan for that! When I was supposed to do a strict elimination diet like that, I got a meal plan.

Recently I did a wheat and dairy elimination diet - even THAT was hard! Is it possible for you to do a few things at a time instead of the whole list?

For replacing dairy and soy - you can drink rice or almond milk. Are you allowed goat products?

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You have to eliminate everything at once. They are the common allergens. Then you add them back one at a time over several weeks. That way you know what you are sensitive to. If you only eliminate a few at a time, you don't know because you could be sensitive to more than one thing. I had to do this before. There's plenty to eat. Google elimination diet and get lots of suggestions.

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Check out the book Ultrametabolism by Mark Hyman. He also recommends cutting out all the groups you mention above and adding back gradually to assess the effects on the body. There are meal plans and recipies in the book. He also has a website - you can google him. Good Luck!
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Here is a diet I was working on for myself with some modifications for you.


Raw vegetables
Cooked vegetables

Coconut oil
Olive oil

Sweet potato

Basmati rice
Brown rice
Garbanzo (hummus)
Wild rice

And all the other things that have been mentioned in this thread already
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Simple: Eliminate virtually *every* processed food. It's going to require a lot of planning and cooking, though.

Eat meats, veggies, walnuts, almonds and fruits.

Check out the paleo diet. (also sometimes called the caveman diet, with another version known as the carbohydrate specific diet).

Redefine breakfast. You don't have to have eggs every day. Who says you can't have leftover salmon for breakfast? Have it with an orange or even leftover veggies!

Lunch: Chicken or turkey, with side of veggies.

Dinner: Steak and veggies. Salad optional ... try using some avocado instead of salad dressing (which will have corn syrup).

Snacks can be fruits, walnuts, almonds or veggies.

Also look up Larabars. They are meal bars that are made with only a couple of ingredients. They aren't as good as Clifbar or Powerbars, but they are good for us with food intolerances.

I lose weight pretty quick when I stick to this 100%. That can be difficult to do, however, especially when on the go.
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Of your list, it seems that the following are "staples" for most people:
perhaps soy

The others:
refined sugar
shouldn't be making up the majority of your food intake for a healthy diet, in any event.
It actually looks pretty manageable: seems that you can eat
chicken, fish, pork, beef, fish, eggs
all veggies except for corn
all fruits
beans and lentils
rice and wild rice and rice noodles
oils and salad dressings and balsamic vinegars
I dunno -- looks like a pretty healthy diet is left over. Heck, you could eat out at alot of restaurants even with these limitations!
Try checking out the whole foods, vegan, and carb-counters sections of this website.
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