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Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Default This is obviously the place for me!

Dieting with obstacles......yep thats me for sure!
I have so many extra stuff that I have to cope with it seems so overwhelming at times....anyone else feel that way?
I have diabetes, I have enlarged liver, advanced liver disease w/ two tumors in my left lobe, I broke my back in 2000, I have migraine headaches, PCOS, I have had multiple (8 recently, 10 total) abdominal surgeries. Major scar tissue problems from all that. Plus, I carry almost all my weight in my belly which complicates the abdominal pain and the back pain even more!!!
I have depression and anxiety disorders. The list goes on and on.

What gets me is before I broke my back I was happy healthy and doing great but it all started on a quick downhill slide after I got hurt.

Sometimes I just feel like no one understands all the obstacles I face on a daily basis, just by getting out of bed, much less dieting and exercising and just fulfilling lifes daily needs for my DH and kids. Am I alone in feeling this way or are there others who feel like each day, sometimes each hour is a huge obstacle?

How do you overcome?
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I don't have problem like you , but life in my country is really hard , but I always try not to think negative , and get depress , always think it will be better always try to find to solution , never give up , try reading books that can help you , I had problem with my stomach and doctors couldn't help me , then I start reading about nutrition , supplementation , exercise and how to make my life better
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That must be really tough. But never underestimate the power of baby steps. It's not the size of the step that matters, but that it's something you can keep up with, and then try another.

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I certainly can identify with you ... born with Spina Bifida (my spine is not closed properly right where you have to bend: ugh!) I have suffered pain most of my life; I had two bad falls which dislocated my right knee and fractured my left calf: lots of pain there. Yes, I have gained weight from these injuries and just having to deal with so much pain in my feet and legs every day.

During our recent move to a new home, I was in so much pain, I had to use two canes just to go to the bathroom; and had to take pain killers to sleep becuz of the knawing pain keeping me awake ...

Yes, I understand pain ... and just like MARKONI says, there are people all over the world going thru tuff times and suffering a lot: we are never alone in anything we go thru in this life. There is always someone who HAS gone thru what we are going thru, and there is always someone who IS going thru the same thing that you are right now!

I agree, NEVER GIVE UP ... each day, and every day, just take BABY STEPS , and you will get thru whatever you are going thru; and THINGS WILL GET BETTER!!! They always do ...

No doubt, you have many physical challenges to deal with; but you can overcome. We have a PHYSICAL CHALLENGES thread here: and we would love to offer you support there. All of us there have challenges that we have to deal with each day and will do so, for the rest of our lives.

I can't reiterate enuff how important ... ONE DAY AT A TIME is; that is how I deal with my pain. My spiritual faith in GOD/JESUS has always helped me through the years, reminding me that "I can do all things thru Christ" (Phil 4:13); and that 'This too shall pass!'

And, coming here and reading and talking to others who know how I feel about my weight and my physical challenges helps a lot too. I look forward to it every day, and if I can't make it: I really miss it!

I make lists of what I want to accomplish each day and check them off as I go; I also spread things out over the week (esp housechores). I try not to do too much at one time or in one day; and that has helped a lot. I also take several rest breaks each day, even if they are only for 5-10 minutes each: they rejuvenate me so that I can do more later. I try to take a rest nap each afternoon and in the evening put my feet up with a good book or do puzzles to relax before bed.

I have learned that I can do more in the morning, so I do chores and walking in the morning (like shopping), as my back and legs and feet get worse later in the day. I do lighter tasks later on in the day. On the days, I don't feel good, I just stay home and do stuff around here. It takes some planning and structure, but after awhile, it becomes second-nature (a good, new habit).

For instance, I usually do one load of laundry each day or every other day; and I try not to ever do more than two in one day. If I do, all the bending becomes too much for me. I also find ways to lessen bending and putting things within arms reach, which helps a lot.

I hope you will join us in our PHYSICAL CHALLENGES thread in this Obstacles Forum: look at the top of the page for a red sticky for the title. Hope something here helps you a bit, and helps you to know that you are not alone ... Rosebud
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Originally Posted by puppytoes View Post

Sometimes I just feel like no one understands all the obstacles I face on a daily basis, just by getting out of bed, much less dieting and exercising and just fulfilling lifes daily needs for my DH and kids. Am I alone in feeling this way or are there others who feel like each day, sometimes each hour is a huge obstacle?

How do you overcome?
I do understand all the obstacle someone faces when trying to lose weight - for me winter is especially hard as i have the possibity to were long sleeves and I dont see how fat I am ... I think if I would be in love it could change a lot - i would want to look good the whole time and I probably would not fall back in my old rutines ...
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