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Default Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone. I thought that since I started posting here I would share some of my diabetic history if anyone is interested.

My dad is a T2 and so was his mom, she died before I was born when my dad was still in his teens. I have always been a little chunky, more so after I had my girls. I have always been a carb lover too, lots of pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, soda, ice cream... you get the idea

I was 23 when we had our oldest daughter, she is now 15. I think I was about 190 then and by the end got up to 220. I passed all of those sugar tests, but now looking back I wonder by how much I passed those. She weighed 9lbs 10oz.

Not much went on over the next 10 yrs other than me having very weird periods, like 1 or 2 a year. Found out I had PCOS and insulin resistance. Started taking metformin. Was told I most likely would not be able to get pregnant without lots of help. Out of the blue I got pregnant with our 2nd daughter, now 5 yrs old and got my tubes tied. I didn't want another surprise in another 10 yrs.....I'm not getting any younger. I was still around 220 and they didn't want me to gain any weight during the pregnancy. My blood sugar was on the boarderline at this time. But at the big sugar test around the 5th month I failed. I had to really count my carbs and walk every day. My blood sugars were in the low to mid 200's. By the end of the pregnancy I was put on insulin shots in my legs. I gained 4 pounds throughout the whole time. They did the amneo and we decided to have the baby 3 weeks early. She was already 8 lbs 10 oz.

After she was born my blood sugars were ok and I could stop the insulin and metformin. Periods were still crazy and about a yr or 2 later I was put on Depo to get my period to start. Just a couple of weeks after that my vision was super blurry. I thought I was just getting older and went and got glasses. A few days later I was on the phone at work and I knew I wasn't talking right, I just couldn't think straight. I left work (part time job at a call center, and I am still there all of these yrs late) and went straight to urgent care. My blood sugar was 683. I was given a shot of insulin and was told to see an endo the next day. By this time I weighed in at 260.

I have got to go to bed, can't keep my eyes opened much longer. I will finish up tomorrow.
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You have really had a rough time, Susan. I have heard so much about PCOS and Diabetes being related. It is so much harder than diabetes alone, which is bad enough. I hope you can get all this under control. How are you doing now?

There is a message board here that is dedicated to PCOS. You might find it interesting.

Carol Sue

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Now for the rest of the story (said in my Paul Harvey voice).

The endo put me on a morning and evening lantus shot and 1000 metformine. Had to start counting carbs. On my next visit I was not doing much better so she added Novalog shots for each meal. I was doing at least 5 shots a day, usually more when I had to do correction shots if I was still high. I also upped the metfomin to 2000 a day. So by this time I am getting spikes of highes and lows. I was sticking my fingers 10 times a day and sticking my belly about 8 times a day with insulin. Thats no fun. I was about to give up and it was getting harder to make me stick myself yet again for another correction shot. We decided to get the pump and that was awesome. I could give myself insulin as much as I need without a shot!!!. Got some crazy lows but now I pretty much have the hang of it. I also use a Dexcon G4, I would be so lost without that thing. Last check my A1C was at 6.3 and I am slowly but surely dropping the pounds.
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welcome Susan; it will be interesting to see what your needs will be as the weight drops, will you go off one med or another? its great that you have things under control and that you have been losing weight so well. We don't have a lot of posters who are insulin, so hope the lurkers chime in with their experiences too.

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