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I officially have diabetes type 2...

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Default I officially have diabetes type 2...

Okay so I went to my doctor (one of them today) and he diagnosed me as having it but I only scored a 6.6, so it's not too bad. However they are making me prick myself before breakfast every morning, telling me not to eat a lot of carbs, sugars, or fruits. I'm a semi-vegetarian that doesn't leave me with much choices. I'm so upset, I'm already on metformin for insulin resistance and I thought that was supposed to help my case. Also why wasn't I given a warning of being pre-diabetic? This **** runs in my family, it's scary for me. They also are setting me up with a nutritionist that I see in 2 weeks but otherwise, I feel like my world is crashing.
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I hope your appointment with the nutritionist is helpful and your doctors provide you with the information you need from here on.
Did they say whether there is any chance of reversing the diagnosis with lifestyle modifications?
Back in August 2013, I convinced myself to give my plan a shot until October 31, 2013. I told myself then that, when that date came, I would be grateful I had committed myself to losing weight. Sure enough, when October 31, 2013 came, I was deeply grateful and pleased with my progress. It's been 19 months and over 115 lbs lost, and I remain deeply grateful every day. There are no words to explain how worth it the hard work is.
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Thanks, but because I'm aspiring to take out the white meat and fish out of my diet completely, it leaves me little choices.
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Originally Posted by PrincessKLS View Post
Thanks, but because I'm aspiring to take out the white meat and fish out of my diet completely, it leaves me little choices.
I did a search on "vegan diet and diabetes type 2" and got a long list of sites you can read. It seems as though it can be done, if done correctly. Don't get discouraged. 6.6 is relatively low compared to many others who are diagnosed. You are fortunate that this was diagnosed before it really got out of hand. If you explain this to the dietician he/she may be able to advise you. You can do it!
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Condolences. Read the site blood sugar 101 and learn about the part that its NOT YOUR FAULT.
Truly, its not your fault. And another word for prediabetes is insulin resistance. I think if you were already on Metformin, you were doing your best, and so was your doctor.
As a former vegetarian and vegan, and not knowing your reasons for wanting to be vegetarian, I want to support your wishes, but your health is most important.
There is a diabetes reversal diet that is vegetarian I believe, and you may want to try that. For my part, I prefer the higher fat, lower carb way, but you have to find whats right for you.
GOod luck and stay tuned in on the chat

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I was dx'd in June. After you get over the shock you start to learn how to deal with it. I call it the worst best day of my life. I've lost 50+ pounds, eat low carb and gluten free and walk 6 days a week. Exercise goes a long way toward lowering your blood sugar. I have to cook for my family and if it isn't low carb friendly I make something else. I have dieted many times and always gone back to bad eating. I can't this time!! I am taking metformin, blood pressure medicine, gout medicine and cholesterol meds. The doctor called it metabolic syndrome. You can do this, take control of your diabetes don't let it control you.


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