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Default Sudden Drops and Working Out

So I just felt the need to rant a bit about this unpleasantness. I have been experiencing sudden drops when I work out where my blood sugar will go from around 130ish to around 80. When this happens I feel like death. I hate it.

The problem I have with this is the fact that working out is helping me lose weight and therefore reduce my a1C and reduce my medicine. Currently I am taking Janument 50/1000 twice a day and my doctor has decided to place me on Metformin yet again due to my sugars dropping too much. I have to finish my current pills first though.

I noticed at first that the drops only occurred when I combined strength training and cardio in my work outs, but more often now they occur randomly in the middle of the day. I am unsure what to do to fix them besides eating, but then I feel bad due to my intake of carbs. It is very frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to eat to stabilize better I am currently at a loss and don't want to eat baked goods post workouts anymore.
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I am probably not the best person to be responding because I am only on Metformin and I never get a drop like you're experiencing. Are you eating something before you work out? A small snack? That should help. That way you won't drop so low. I think it's better to do that than to have the drop and have to eat something to raise it. 80 isn't really that low, but I know it can make you feel terrible when you're not accustomed to having your BS that low. Keep up the exercise, and stay away from the baked goods. LOL

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Exercise usually causes a temporary spike in blood sugar, this is normal and a healthy response, as it allows the muscles to have fuel. The drop is being caused by a strong response to the high sugar. It is best prevented by some food. Perhaps a glass of milk, or a healthy smoothie. A few carbs in the dairy, but also some fat and protein, to allow a slow burn. Have at the end of the workout?

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Default Sudden Drops, too.

I've started a new medicine in addition to metformin. And I've been getting back on track with healthier food choices. I just started a second med.
One day I went from 150 in the am to 80 in the mid-afternoon, after less than 1 mile walk to store. It felt like the worst panic attack and took about 45 minutes to feel better.
Today I went from 130 in the a.m. to 65 after stretching and working out for 4 minutes. I a small meal prior to activity may be important - maybe just a bite of carb, protein, fruit.

I read that the new medicine makes the pancreas secrete more insulin. I'm eatting frequent small meals. I will consult my dr. if it doesn't level out soon. I'm staying close to home this week and making sure I have food available when I go out.
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Could you suck on a piece of hard candy while you work out?
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