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Was in the ER lastnight due to high Blood sugars & they are high again!

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Default Was in the ER lastnight due to high Blood sugars & they are high again!

Last night I was feeling "spacey", currently dealing with low blood pressure so I figured that was the culprit. Nope. I took my blood sugar and it said 29.5! That's a Canadian reading which I looked up and is 531 US reading. I freaked out and went to the ER because I'm only on pills that are "modified release" and worried my sugars would go up. Sure enough while waiting in the ER they got as high as 32.8, or 590.4 and I was put on a saline and insulin drip. This brought my sugar down to 6.1 and of course they couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to pump dextrose directly into my veins because my sugars "dropped too fast". Yep you read that right, after going in for extremely high blood sugar levels and finally getting it down they put sugar directly into my veins! They released me when it got back up to 12.8, I ate high protein for lunch when I got home today and it's now 25. UGH. If I eat anything else it will shoot up to 30-33 no doubt and I just don't know what to do! I'm frustrated. So this is kind of a vent because I'm frustrated and sore from all the poking last night/this morning, and I really don't want to go back to the ER tonight.

But I'm also curious if anyone has encountered sugars that are so incredibly out of whack like this? What did you end up doing drug wise for it? And I'm also VERY curious, at what level does your blood sugar hit when you should even go to the ER? Like I said mine got up to 32.8 and the nurse said to me, "well I've seen much higher than that." I kind of felt like I was wasting her time or something but I'm sure that those levels are dangerously high, no?
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Sounds like you need to let your Dr. know and maybe get put on something else for a bit,to see if they will stay lower.I'm going to guess type 2,because your on pills and not injections.My husband is type 2 and has had to go back in to his Dr.a few times.Once in the beginning,when she was trying to get the meds right...and then after he had lost some weight and had to lower one med and get off another completely.Good luck!
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So you are not on insulin at home? Then you will need to go back in for some insulin. THey should not have sent you home until they were sure you were stable imho. They sent you home as your blood sugar was on an upswing without ensuring that it would stabilize. Some people seem to respond more to IV dextrose than others.


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How about the natural approach I have no insurance so pump myself full of vitamins. Try chia seed it lowers sugar and cholesterol. It really is a super food full of fiber and omegas. And it calms hunger. I gave it to my friends mom it lowered her blood pressure. She bought her own supply. Also take cayenne pills, garlic if u can handle the smell it might give you. Also alpha lipoid acid and cinnamon.
Eventually if u keep up with the weight loss and include regular exercise I am sure u will get it under control.
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Thanks for responding ladies. Zoritsa yes I am type 2 diabetic and have been so for the last 14 years. I have been on pills the whole time up until about 6 weeks ago when my nurse convinced me to go on insulin only. Within 4 weeks my blood sugar levels were actually
higher on the insulin than they were when I was just on pills and I
developed a very odd rash all over my torso. No one was certain if it was an allergic reaction or what so I was taken off of it and put back on the pills and I am still awaiting the test results for my "spots".

The biggest problem is that my nurse is over an hours drive away and I don't drive so I literally see her once every 3-6 months and obviously this does not help me with my diabetes management.

katrinakit, I am currently on diamicron and
onglyza oral meds and that is it, I see my Internist tomorrow for my blood pressure issue (hypotension) and I guess I can mention this to him and see what he says but it isn't his area of expertise.

chubbiegirl, I take 1000mg vitamin c daily,
1 garlic pill daily and 4000IU of D daily as I'm deficient in D. I've heard of chia seeds and I will definitely look into that. I've NEVER had readings this high before. Ever, which is why it scared me a bit, my argument to my nurse has been that I know that with continued exercise and diet and weight loss that I can get my diabetes under control but for the interim I'm not sure what to do as any pills or insulin I've been on doesn't
seem to work and even following a strict diet isn't working, which has me worried that my pancreas is that messed up.
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I hope your blood sugar is doing better. I'm very surprised that they didn't hospitalize you with such high blood sugar. I am also surprised that you didn't catch those numbers sooner. I am assuming you weren't checking your sugar daily. I would implore you to check your sugar at least four times a day (when you wake up, before lunch, before dinner and before bed.) Monitoring your sugar will make sure it doesn't get so high again.

I have found that the fastest way to control blood sugar (especially if you are overweight) is to go low carb. Keep it under 50 grams per day. Eggs, chicken, high fiber veggies and sugar free jell-o are your friend! You will see a huge difference overnight.
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