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Default Type II diabetic having problems losing weight

Hi I have been recently diagnosed with type II diabetes on dec 26, 2012. And since my diagnosis I have been on medications. Since then I also have been eating less, eating heathier and exercising three times a week. I also lowered my carbs and food intake and drink more water. The only good thing is that my blood glucose went from 389 to 124. And the only problem I have is that since then I have not lost any weight. Any suggestions anyone?
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keep doing what you are doing. The stable blood sugars are much more important than the numbers on the scale. And given time, the weight will come down with what you are doing. I would expect you are building some muscle in there too.
And welcome to the forum!

zen and the art of weight loss, finding the true path of en-lighten-ment

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I can do this
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Wow--that is an incredible improvement in your blood sugar. Lots of kudos to you for taking action to get it into a healthier range.

If you're concerned you're not losing weight, I'd suggest a couple of possibilities, and hope one or more will work for you.

1) Read Beck's Diet for Life
2) Start a specific plan (such as Weight Watchers)
3) Calorie count (I use myFitnessPal for my iPhone)
4) Find a forum here and become active in it so you have a support group--there are lots of them. I've only been on 3FC a week, but I've found some great people here. I hang out mostly in the Beck forum, but check in at 100+ and here, too.

You can do this--you've already made such progress on a dangerous health issue. You've started exercising, you've started decreasing what you take in. Those are huge steps!
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Dont stop what you are doing, those numbers are awesome!

I take insulin 1x a day. My weight loss journey has been very slow, but steady. My challenge has been finding the balance between calorie deficit, and not going too low to experience low blood sugar episodes. If your blood sugars are improving, and you are eating better, exercising, keep with it. Record what you are eating for a week, to see what your calorie intake is. You may find that tweaking things just a little bit might be the difference. a couple hundred calories here and there will add up quickly, and your scale will start to match your efforts.

Good luck, and congrats on all your accomplishment so far!

Chris S.
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I was diagnosed with T2 four months ago. It's been quite a whirlwind and let me just say I understand how you feel. I have been struggling with losing weight too. I will share with you some of the things I have learned in the hope that it might help you too!

1. Read the book Sugar Nation. It's geared toward people with Pre-Diabetes, but it's a wonderful book that explains the entire diabetes industry and how diabetes works in your body. The author advocates a low-carb approach, which I heartily endorse!
2. I started off low carb to manage blood sugar. That has worked really well for me. I got tired of it and switched to counting calories. I did not lose much weight while I did that. Keep in mind that I was also off insulin and exercising 3-4 times a week. SO FRUSTRATING. I have been back to low carb now for a little under two weeks and have lost 5 pounds.
3. Find exercise you love (or can at least stand!) and go for it! Weight resistance is really good for people who are diabetic. My blood sugar is super fantastic the days I exercise!
4. Check your blood sugars as much as you can afford to. When I was first diagnosed, I checked them 6-7 times a day. Now my insurance will only pay for 4 tests a day, so I do FG, before lunch, before dinner and before bed. For some reason people seem to not check their sugar as much as they should. Do it every day!
5. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be afraid to cheat and eat a cupcake once and awhile and continue to do what you are doing. Eat low carb, exercise, monitor your blood sugar. Period.

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You have gotten very sound advice here. I am type 2 and have been since 2006.
When I found out, I started walking and followed Atkins plan and lost 86 lbs in 9 months.

I began to slowly gain it back after a back injury put me in a wheelchair if I have to walk very far. I decided February 2nd that I had to get a grip on my weight and lose the 38 lbs I had gained. My neighbor is going to Metabolic Research Clinic so I am following her plan, using 3 of their supplements, and drinking their protein drinks. Since starting Feb. 2nd, I have lost 22 lbs so far. I have tried WW and counting calories and did not lose more than 5 lbs over a month either way. I do not stay motivated losing that slow thus the low-carb methods for me. I also can't walk for exercise anymore so I go to the county pool 3-4 times per week and have designed myself a good routine that is working for me and which I love. I hope you find a plan that will work successfully for you.

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Keep going on, you are doing good and try to eat green vegetables without oil and you can eat fruits too.
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Hey there, Clo1970!

I was just diagnosed with type II in January, so I am too new to all this to give anyone else advice.

However, it has helped me a lot to record what I eat everyday in a program that calculates both carbs and calories (I use the free version of MyPlate). I also use the program to look at potential meals in restaurants before we go out, so I know what I can have and what I have to avoid. I am learning a lot about portions and serving sizes, too.

Your numbers sure sound good to me, so you are on the right track. Don't let the numbers on the scale discourage you --- simple physics say that if you are eating fewer calories than you are expending, you will (eventually) lose weight.
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