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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Question What are your biggest weight loss issues? Here are mine

Hey girls!

I am a 27 old girl from Slovenia, recently moved to UK.
I myself have been overweight since I was 18.
Losing weight really was and still is a big struggle for me.
I have lost around 21 pounds by now and I now currently have around 215 pounds (yay, under 220 )
The breaking point for me was probably when I realized every family member was asking me about my weight last year in december. It really wasn't something I wanted to discuss about during Christmas time.
I decided to put an end to it in mid-january and since then I have lost around 21 pounds. I myself am quite proud of it since it really was a hard journey so far.
So, anyway, enough about me
I would like to know what your biggest weight loss issues were?

Here are a few of mine:
- uncontrolled eating (definitively one of the biggest problems I had)
- DEPRESSION (this played a big role in my journey! Feeling so much better now!)
- Not losing fat quickly enough (DO NOT set yourself a goal to lose fat quickly, you will end up quitting for sure!)
- Trying to lose weight from only specific body part
- Paying too much attention to the scale (It un-motivated me a lot of times)

So these were probably 5 biggest issues I had.
It is important to stay strong girls!

What are your biggest issues?

Sorry for my grammar!
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Congrats on the weight loss and the decision the get healthier! You have what to be proud of ! ^_^
That sucks about last Christmas, but I hope you enjoyed Christmas better this year!

Hmm, I've been maintaining in the last few months, but I'll remember what bugged me during my weight loss.
I didn't have as much issues with motivation as I had with anxiety, so I'll probably sound all whiny.

- Not being able to eat in public without someone feeling like they have the right to an opinion.

- People implying I have an eating disorder or joking about my eating habits.
In my view, I was finally learning how to take care of my body and I hated it when someone implied that I was harming myself.

- My body being stared at and receiving comments on it, loud and obnoxious, shouted across the room comments.
I know in their minds they were complimenting me, but I was constantly reminded of my body whenever I went out.

- People who have known me for years started treating me differently. Weight loss can have a sad way of showing you how society perceives overweight people.

Edit: But all issues considered, getting healthy and active was definitely worth it !
I wish you all the best on the rest of your journey!

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I sympathise with most of your issues. My biggest issue is that I seem to have no conviction. I can't even describe it as a lack of conviction, as that makes it sound like I try before giving in, but my brain just doesn't seem to remember I'm supposed to be trying.

Well done on your losses so far, I hope that identifying your shortcomings will help you further!
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I think the whole reason I became overweight was depression....I couldn't stand my arrogant husband and felt trapped.

My biggest obstacles were portion control and processed foods (including diet foods). I was always afraid of having low blood sugar and the "hebee gebees" that I over ate. Once I cut out fake food, the blood sugar issue disappeared. I still get hungry between meals but it's a tolerable feeling. I just grab some water to keep me going until the next meal.
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Anxiety surrounds my eating, completely. That's my largest problem.
I eat because I'm anxious, then feel anxious for eating.
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