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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

down about my weight and health

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Default down about my weight and health

I have an awful lot of weight to lose and i have horrible anxiety when i think about it and worry so much about my health. But i seem stuck and can't get the courage up to start. I want to join slimming world but my screwed up brain chickens me out. I want to learn how to drive but I'm convinced i am too big to be able to move about in the seatbelt (our last car was a ford focus and i could only just do it up, our new car has loads of room though). I already walk about 50 mins per day, i want to do more but I'm fighting a losing battle against myself.
How do you win against your own brain when all it does is give you excuses???
I have got 6 sessions with a therapist, I have already had one but I don't want to go anymore. I found her completely false and I really did not like the questions. She jumped straight into childhood and family deaths. My next is tomorrow and i keep telling myself i should go even though i don't want to.

I recently started on Sertraline and this is bumming me out a bit too.

I have a 3 yr old son and i really don't want him catching my bad habits and i want to be able to take him out on my own.. And i really want to live. I don't want it to say on my death certificate that I died because i was fat!!
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Hi there,

A few proven tips to win the battle against yourself (your mind):

1. Affirmations - Write out a statement describing new you in present tense and read it every day. As you wake up and before you go to sleep.
If you can even carry the statement around in your pocket and read it any chance you get.

Start with "I am so happy and grateful now that I am.. (describe the figure you want to have) *note - make it a positive one. Don't write now that I'm no fat anymore but rather now that I weight *** pounds, with fit figure, flat belly and ...

When you repeat an idea enough times and get emotionally involved with the new image you are building in your writing, our mind accept it as truth. Then it is received by your subconscious mind and the idea is acted upon automatically. No need to force yourself to try and loss weight you will do it willingly.

Commit to reading this statement for 30 days, few times a day (once you do it for 30 days it becomes a habit and then you will do it without using any will power).

You will start seeing the changes after just one week.

2. Visualization - You need to see it before you can have it. Once you picture your new body in your mind, having a clear picture on how you want to look and exactly what you want to achieve, you will be able to have it.

Our mind works on images. A good way to explain it: Think about a car.
Did you think about the letters C A R, or did you see a picture of a car in your mind?
Since your mind has no picture of your new figure it is not sure how to get there.

Visualize yourself in your new body as often as possible. Best time is when in bed - 15 min before falling asleep. That is when your sub-conscience mind is more open to receive messages.

If you are having a hard time using your imagination use a physical picture. Pick a body you love and stick your head on it. I know it might sound funny but it works like magic.

Remember to do it for FULL 30 days at least twice a day and whenever you do get emotionally involved, feel excited, happy, light. Imagine yourself with your boy at the park running, playing. Taking him to school in your new skinny jeans showing off your amazing body.

Positive emotions are crucial to receive the result you want.
After a short time of doing it you see your mind is becoming your friend.
As for your therapist.. I had one as well that started like that and I got really defensive. Now after learning a lot of how the mind work and how we operate I understand why he did that.

We are our biggest obstacle in reaching our goals (From what you wrote I can tell you already know that). Our obstacle is the image we have of ourself and the image was created from past experiences. That is why she is digging into your past trying to find the reasons for your actions today.

If you are a reader, and even if not but willing to try it, I can recommend two excellent book that will give you back the control on you and get you to where you want to be.
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