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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Friday, July 18th

Good Morning Everyone !

The food log here is wonderful, I'm going to stick with the log here instead of the LC boards... Loging it in to many times is just to crazy for me (not enuf time at work )

Any good plans for the weekend? Today I plan on taking the bambino to the park for a walk (I get out of work at 12 on Fridays) so that will be my exercise.

Yesterday... DON'T FALL OVER GIRLS !!! BUT ~~ I did my Leslie Sanson 1 mile tape HORRAY FOR ME ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

I am modifying my diet, my carbs I will keep under 20 gms but I am also going to watch my calorie intake. I haven't lost anything in the past few days b/c I noticed my calories way over 2,000. I know it says for Atkins your not supposed to worry about that but you know its horse ka ka. I looked at other sites and what people are saying and infact they do watch and get great results.

Well I better run, work calls...

Hugs !!!

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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I got tired of waiting for the Sout Beach diet book to come so I went to a book store and bought it. I was told that the books had just arrived and that the publishers were completely out for awhile! Am reading it now and also studying the threads in the LC boards about the SBD. There is also information in Prevention.com and Ediets about it.
Today Roger and I are going to Green Bay! No, not to the Packers. I would not cross the street to spit on the Packers if they were on fire...can you tell I grew up in Green Bay? I can't tell you how little respect I have for the whole concept of popular sports. Anyway. we're going to the Botanical Gardens and perhaps to the Museum. We'll be eating that the famous(for Green Bay) Kroll's Restaurant. The hamburgers are to die for. Imagine a grilled hand formed hamburger smothered with a wonderful catsupy-type sauce, pickles, onions and a huge patty of REAL butter. I've been eating at Kroll's every chance I get for over 40 years and have yet to eat anything there but hamburgers, french fries or onion rings! Can you tell I haven't started the SBD yet?
We don't have anything special planned for the weekend...sooooo, everyone have a good one!
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Augh Tip I don't need to hear about burgers. I can only have one cheat meal a week right now so I am really ready for it. DH and I will be going on our date Saturday and I am thinking now I might what one of those wonderful burgers. It is a shame we don't have that place down here.

Leens I feel out of the chair even though you warned me. That is great that you got that done.I am still trudging along too.

I will be getting off at 2 today but I am going to stay and workout before I head to the dreaded Wal-mart.

Joe is bringing home our new salt water fish today. We put him on hold last Friday b/c he just came into the store and we wanted to make sure he survived. He is such a pretty little thing. I wnonder if I take a picture of the tank it it will come out. If it works I can post it. I think the hard part is going to be getting the fish to all be in the front swimming at the same time.

So far that is the only plans for this weekend. Fun huh?

Chat later.
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Good Morning my little chickadees!

Leenie, I'm so glad that you are gonna post your food log here. We will do this together. I can't believe that your calories would be over 2000? I was looking at your food logs for the last few days and I didn't think it looked like much food and figured you were surely starving??? I am so PROUD OF YOU for doing the 1 mile walk! you go girl!

Tip - you have got me starving talking about that burger! oh my goodness that sounds good! I would love to hear what ya think about the SBD after you read it. I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Kemp - I think I actually like going to Walmart, but I really like to go first thing in the morning before work when the place is empty!

What's everybody else up to? Judomom? you still reading that book?

We had a huge storm blow thru last night. It was actually like a hurricane without the hurricane! It was something else! Ended up that our electricity went out around 7:00 and was still out this morning when we got up. It is hot and humid in Louisiana and we are use to running air conditioners and ceiling fans all the time. Around 10:00 all 3 of my guys (big and small) started complaining about it being too hot to sleep. I told them to get in their trucks and go to hubby's parents house if they wanted to but that I wasn't going anywhere. lol I hate sleeping somewhere else. It WAS hot, but not unbearable, besides I figured the electricity would be on before long. I guess they all gave up on the idea tho, bec everybody went to bed and I never heard another thing til 5:30 this morning when I heard hubby and boys complaining that the electricity still wasn't on and about how hot it was! lol

So I got up and brushed my teeth with a flashlight, ran a comb thru my hair (ha) and put on my makeup in the dark (scarey). I put on the coolest clothes I could find and told the guys that I was going to work where they had air conditioning. LOL They all loaded up their stuff for the day and headed to hubby's parents house to sleep awhile and hang out in the air conditioning, and get cleaned up for their running around. Nobody is working today (lawn service) bec a part went out on the mower and the part won't be in til Monday.

I'm finishing up payroll and getting ready to run errands at noon.

I'll check back later.


one for every 5 lbs lost since finally getting treatment in 2004 for my previously undiagnosed thyroid problem. I take 5 grains Armour Thyroid daily to treat my low thyroid symptoms and I can finally say that I feel good!!!!!
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Good morning

It is a beautiful day today....sunny & not too hot. I am feeling good today....have been off the Effexor for 2 weeks now....the withdrawal symptoms aren't too bad....my eyeballs seem better now....I still feel down sometimes....but not much....the hardest thing was not being able to go to sleep at night....have been taking Benadryl in the evening for that.....when I tried to go off it last year in the spring....I was so sad....for a week....hardly was able to get out of bed.

It's been at least a week since I started to take Benadryl.... it's an antihistamine.... in the evening to help me go to sleep....I had had this cough & bad coughing spells for 8 years....they were just getting worse....even waking my DH up at night....well when I started taking the Benadryl....the coughing spells stopped....I couldn't believe it. My old doctor told me I had asthma....he put me on Flovent & Ventolin....puffers.......I do know that if hayfever gets so bad.....it can cause asthma.....I never wheezed...unless the coughing spells got so bad...once in 1998...in the spring....I had a bad case of bronchitis.....then I was quite wheezy...so now I think the coughing spells were caused by hayfever & bad allergies......did I need the Flovent & Ventolin.....my old doctor never even suggested that I go to an allergy speciallist. A pharmacist this morning....said the coughing has stopped....because of the antihistamine....so much for doctors....especially my old one.

I must be feeling good.......I have more energy......yesterday I was rearranging the kitchen cupboards....I got these metal things painted in white....to make more room in the cupboards....to make a 2nd shelf...sort of. Then I had bought these Rubbermaid organizers for the fridge....cleaned the fridge yesterday & put them in there.

Also yesterday I was looking for something....emptied out 2 of my dresser drawers....put the stuff on the bed....so in order to be able to get in the bed in the evening....I had to put the stuff back....I put some wrapping paper on the bottom of the 2 dresser drawers...threw out some stuff...then put the rest back in.....but I was tired by the end of the day.

I guess I am rambling....better stop now.

Kemp.....usually I try to go there only once a month...I have been to WalMart twice this week.


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