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Semperfiddle 03-21-2014 12:55 PM

Grief and Weight Gain
Hello All,
I'm new here but thought I'd share and get to know some of you. I am 50 yrs old and 228 lbs. I started taking Phentermine three days ago. I was really concerned that the Phen would interfere with the Zoloft and Abilify I take to control my depression but I haven't noticed any mood changes so far.

I have been a proper weight my entire life until 15 yrs ago when I lost my teenaged son to a drowning accident. I was plunged into a years-long depression that I think contributed to my gaining some 80lbs. I have had my grief under control for years and want to do the same for my weight so I went to my doctor and he prescribed the Phen. I am down 5 lbs, though it must be mostly water weight I am encouraged.

Has anyone else here had their weight climb out of control after a loss? I'm eager to hear other's stories as well.

seabiscuit 03-21-2014 06:18 PM


I'm so sorry for your loss. I have had weight gains but they were due to other issues. I know loss is so tough, hugs. Perhaps you're eating emotionally? Can you think of other ways to cope positively such as journal, try to unwind and do things that you enjoy? I have a pet, he is my furry therapist! Therapy can be helpful too.

Take care.

TooWicky 03-21-2014 09:08 PM

Semperfiddle :hug: I'm so very sorry for your loss.

I was already an obese ~235 lbs 6 years ago when my dad died unexpectedly. A year and a half later my only sister died unexpectedly. A year and a half after that, my mom died unexpectedly. I did not have enough time between the losses to recover from grief, so I spent over 4 straight years heavily grieving. I ended up at my highest weight, 275 lbs. I have never in my life experienced depression before; I guess this was grief depression. It was like being in a pit out of which you could never quite crawl - so very debilitating. Diet wise, I ate whatever was convenient and comforting, so that would be a lot of drive thru and restaurant foods. I also snacked a lot. Personally I play video games, and back then they served as an escape from grief pain, as well as gave me something to do during the many sleepless nights - suffice it to say I snacked many hours nightly on whatever I wanted.

I did not seek medication, however, and was never medicated. I happy to hear the Phen is not interfering with your other prescriptions; that's great news.

Only when the heavy grieving started to fade did I start to "wake up" for lack of a better word. It was very much like nerves regrowing and starting to feel things again. I started living more in the real world and less inside my head. After over a year of feeling more and more normal, I was ready to tackle my weight loss. This was one year ago, almost to the day! My weight loss journey is a grief recovery journey at it's core. It's a choice to live life! I adopted the crocus as my flower. It chooses life and bursts right through the cold frost. Life is good.

If you are thinking about losing weight, and you are losing weight, and you have your prescription, you are ready :hug: You got this! I wish you the best of success and health. I'm only a couple of years younger than you are. Congratz on your 5 lbs loss, that's wonderful!!

Mom2luke 03-23-2014 02:55 PM

I was 30 lbs overweight before the loss of my daughter. After her death I gained a lot and am now 100 lbs overweight. It is very hard to be motivated or even care when many days I just wish I could die too. I am not suicidal but some days getting up and going on without her just feels wrong. I am trying to lose now mostly for my son but for my marriage as well. I think it would be easier if I could do it for me but I don't really care much for me anymore. I still blame me for her death. I allowed her to go out the night she died. My husband didn't want her going and she convinced me it was safe. I believed her when she said there would be no drinking and I thought she knew better to let someone who was drive her home. So I am entirely to blame. I can relate to your post because the weight just piled on so quickly after she died.

Semperfiddle 03-23-2014 08:06 PM

Mom2luke, I am so sorry for your loss; losing a child is a devastating event and I understand your struggle. I hope you find peace in your grief journey and wish you good luck in your weight loss.

TooWickey, my condolences in your multiple losses, especially coming on the heels of one another as they did. I wish you success in your weight loss journey.

seabiscuit, thank you for your words of encouragement.

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