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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default How do you deal with depression?

Depression hurts.

Sometimes it even ruins all the motivation in me and makes me feel like there's no hope.

But I've found ways to cope with it. I like to watch movies, especially comedies. It helps to distract myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

How do you deal with depression?

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Exercise! Walk, swim, whatever you can. It seems to physically and mentally help more than anything else.
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I write, draw or go spend time with family. Mostly my best tool has been my medication...
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Run and run and run and run. And eat healthily, too - nourish yourself. Get plenty of sleep, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. A healthy, active lifestyle works wonders.

But, when I first started this journey, I couldn't have done it without medication. Sometimes, depression is so severe that you really *can't* find the motivation to get up off the couch and start working out. So, sometimes, I think medication is necessary. I know that I couldn't have started working out if I hadn't been to a psychiatrist and been medicated. Medication reduced my psychological dependence on food, and it made me feel energetic enough to start working out. So, I'd say that if someone is so depressed that they can't even start a workout program, then they probably need to seek professional treatment.
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I also feel best when I run/get exercise. I start getting increaasingly irritable and moody if I skip more than 2 days.
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Exercise has been my best help. Particularly hiking. I don't suffer from depression, per se, but from SAD in the winter. It helps a lot in winter if, on my lunch hour, I get outside during the daylight. And I try to get out in daylight on the weekends also- I snowmobile and hike on the weekends.

For supplements I take a multi, 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day (per my doctor's instruction and we monitor my D levels with routine blood tests), fish oil (proven to help with depression). I also take Ashwaganda, an adaptogen. My DH takes all that plus SAM-e because he has true depression and the SAM-e is a natural anti-depressant that works very quickly.
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I find sensible eating and walking plus my antidepressants helps a lot. It's a combo of them all that works for me. I'm bipolar by the way.

= 10 pounds!

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Like others said, exercise helps a lot. Endorphins are awesome. Eating well also helps - the better I eat the better I feel. I find generally trying to stay healthy helps improve my symptoms but they are generally mild to moderate anyway.

Other things I like to try doing - laughing (comedy movie or stand up), calling a friend or my mom, self care things like painting my nails.
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I had a lot of band-aid approaches - exercise, yoga, writing, etc. but nothing really changed until I started Wellbutrin a few months ago. It turns out it was a medical problem requiring pharmaceutical intervention, which I thankfully realized before it became terminal.

Now if I'm feeling low energy I make sure I'm not on the computer too much, and get myself out into the sunlight and spend time with friends.
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Writing is a great way to get out your feelings. Get some fresh air, don't stay couped up in the house. Even just a 15 minute walk can help. Talk to friends and family.

Small things can make a big difference.

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Exercise, yoga, vitamins and passionflower (for anxiety) every day without fail, seem to be the only things that keep my depression at bay. I was on meds for 7 years, but I found those were bandaids. If I miss a day though, it creeps back quickly.
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Imabehot- I am bipolar too. When I am ok I like to walk as the fresh air does help clear the mind. I also read encouraging material. I try to be around the most positive people possible. But when I am down, I can be really down and not want to get out of bed. Like my bed is my safety net. I seek refuge under my blanket, then manage to get up to nurse cup after cup of coffee which is not healthy. So with medications I try to stay stable but it does not always work. I hope that with renewed hope that this time I will manage to get onto a diet (new way of life) and lose this weight so I can feel freer in my body and more in control instead of letting food rule me.
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Medication helped me because I was suicidal. Reading and writing for me definitely helps. I know exercising and eating healthy will definitely improve my mood, so I am trying that to see if I will feel any better.
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Doing something that makes me feel productive helps (such as writing/voice acting/anything creative, really). Exercise helps sometimes.

For when I'm super down in the dumps, I'll just lay down and have a good cry. Letting it all out is pretty rejuvenating.
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I'll be honest. Sometimes I make the extra effort to see friends, go outside, exercise and sometimes it really does improve my mood and I can snap out of it. But then sometimes doing those things just feels like going through the motions and I can't snap myself out. Then I just have a big old cry and try not be be too destructive to myself until it wears off. It's a constant struggle, you just have to be a fighter =)
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