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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Fat, Stressed and Depressed

I've never been diagnosed with depression, but that's because I'm afraid that I will be because I know that I am. Fresh out of college, unemployed, my bills are due, and I find comfort in fatty greasy foods.

I've only recently found out that I wasn't always fat. My mother regularly called me fat and ugly as a child, but after looking at my old childhood pictures I realize that she was lying. I wasn't fat; I just believed I was so I kept eating thinking to myself 'why not, I'm fat anyway'. I want to eat right, but unhealthy foods are cheap, I can't afford gym memberships, and most of my friends are skinny and can't understand why I'm uncomfortable working out with them and I don't want to hear them complain that they're fat. I've got to figure something out fast because my cloths aren't fitting anymore and its getting more and more difficult to go outside because I think everyone is staring at my size.
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I totally get ya- on every single point you made. Try making small, inexpensive changes, like drinking water instead of sugary drinks, or just eating a little less than you normally would at every meal. Go to a park and go for a walk. Take your ipod or whatever you've got, stick the earplugs in and tune out the rest of the world. Try to replace some of those negative thoughts with positive ones. Keep a journal if that's something you can do. It may be slow-going, but every little change will help improve your mood, and help you lose weight. There's no magic cure, unfortunately. It takes a lot of effort sometimes. I get down at times and have a really hard time with the negative thoughts. Just getting up and doing something or going for a walk can help a lot. And it may help you lose a few pounds, which can also help your mood!

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Default fat and depressed

I was always very thin as a child and even into my 20's. My weight problem began 15 yes ago after the birth of my 1st child. I began having severe pain all over my body. I just knew I had some type of cancer and was dying because the pain was so severe. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my internal med doctor. Over the last 15 yrs I have taken a variety of antidepressant and antianxiety meds along with neurontin, flexeril, lodeine, mirapex etc. With all these meds having a side effect of weight gain. My fibro became even more severe after the birth of my 2nd child. I've tried different diets only losing 5-7 lbs over months. I get so discouraged and depressed. My illness makes it difficult to exercise because the least amount of physical activity causes me more pain. I am an RN working 12 hr shifts which also makes it difficult to exercise. It seems like all I can do is recover on my days off. My husband does the majority of the house work which makes me feel less of a mother and wife. Is there anyone that has similar problems that has had success with any type of weight loss program or medication ?
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Have you ever been tested for a gluten sensitivity? I used to have lots of chronic pain, especially in joints and other fibro trigger points. I have cut way down on gluten (actually most grains in general; I find protein and healthy fats more filling for less calories) and nearly all of my joint pain has diminished. I occasionally eat bread or other gluten containing things, but not often, and I definitely see a correlation between my joint pain and how much gluten I have eaten.
I also have found that my mood (anxiety esp) is improved with less grain/more green leafy vegetables.
Good luck to you, chronic pain sucks.

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Forget about what your mother said. You're a grown up now and know what you really look like. First thing you must do is to make a goal. Then educate yourself about losing weight and make plans on how you will reach your goals. Stop comparing your body to others because it will only make you more depressed. Remember, every body is different. One diet might work on one person but it might not work on you. Don't lose hope because there are so many things you can try. Good luck!
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