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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

PMS? Depression?

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Unhappy PMS? Depression?


I should be so proud of myself, I lost 10 pounds this month and have been doing so well with my eating and exercising. I'm pmsing right now and aunt flow should arrive by may 2nd..... i HATE the way i'm feeling right now. I'm being flooded with so many different emotions and in my mind i'm telling myself a bunch of negative sh!t:
i could have done better,
i might f*ck this up,
what if i gain it all back and am back to square one,
nobody even notices this weight loss,
i can't even tell the difference in the way my clothes fit,
maybe i'm just meant to be fat.

The whole month I was feeling so amazing and now a week before my period i'm a MESS , I almost feel bi polar. Is this type of pms 'normal'???? Do you ladies ever get this way around that time of the month?

Once you control your mind, you can conquer your body.
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hello ataraxia3,yeah i do too and its called PMDD(Pre menstral disphoric disorder)<---i hope i spelled that right.lol
(PMDD is a SEVERE form of PMS)and it can come 2 weeks or 1 week before your period.
whats weird is the moment your period comes,the depressed symptoms go away.

i actually started suffering from it in 2010 and the symptoms are horrible.its like a a switch has been turned on out of nowhere and u dont know what the heck is going on.
one day youre happy then the next day or even the next hour you feel like dying ;( its best 2 keep a calender of your moods just 2 remind yourself when its going 2 hit you.
plus antidepressants work,some drs will give u a week or 2 week supply of a anti depp 2 take before u get your period.
but of course ill always tell people 2 go the natural way first before the meds.
u can read about PMDD or PMS on the internet.
youd be surprised how many women suffer from this and go undiagnosed or think thyere losing their minds.
just remember what your feelings arent going 2 last long and those negative feelings should go away soon

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Thank you for the reply Tohisha. That's exactly how i've been feeling lately and it's awful. I noticed it last month too. I'm going to look into this PMDD, maybe I am in fact suffering from that. I'm going to look into it and possibly make a doc appointment because these feelings are almost unbearable.

Once you control your mind, you can conquer your body.
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ataraxia3 and Tohisha77, I'm right here with you! I suffer from PMDD as well and am a complete mess 1.5 - 1 week before my period. I am super happy for a minute and then cry unexpectedly. I get the craziest food cravings and devour everything and anything sweet. Last month I gained almost 4 lbs from excessive eating during that TOM. I have 9 days of the BCP left and I have actually noticed the first PMDD symptoms yesterday. I was so....careless. And I mean, I just laid there and didn't care about anything. The next minute I was super pissed at everything and then I was so bored that I started eating a little bit of junk. But since it's not too bad (yet) I was able to stop myself. My Husband gets really scared of me (lol) because he never knows what mood I'm gonna be in.
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I've developed ways to survive my day-to-day depression, but once a month it gets really really bad like you describe. My period is very irregular so I don't even bleed every month, but I still suffer the PMS. Each time the symptoms come in the same order and I always realize at the same point what's happening. It's pretty scary for myself and those around me until I do. I made a very detailed list of behaviors that I know are part of it so once I'm in the middle I can read it and understand what I'm feeling the urge to do is not Me. If I can make it through those few terrifying days then I know I'll make it to at least the next month. I don't know if a similar strategy will work for you, if you're comfortable taking medications then that should help a lot. I hope your doctor's appointment is helpful :0)
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I have really bad mood swings on my period too. You've done an amazing job! Try to keep that in mind.
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