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Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

Wellbutrin is helping my weight loss journey

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Default Wellbutrin is helping my weight loss journey

Wellbutrin is known to cause weight loss. I haven't lost any weight because of the medicine, but it has definitely helped with cravings, especially sugar cravings. I haven't binged since I restarted Weight Watchers on January 3rd. Binging used to be an almost weekly occurrence for me. On my past weight loss journeys, I'd have to have a pack of Skittles three times a week. Or I'd buy the 100 calorie packs or bags of chips or cookies, and sometimes I could be in control, but most of the time I'd binge.

But the Wellbutrin has totally changed that for me. I don't feel the need to eat sugar all the time. If I get hungry between a meal, I eat fruit or cheese and always drink water with it. On weigh in day, I don't feel the need to have high calorie foods after I weigh in to "treat" myself. I just eat normally. I definitely have to do all the work, but I am definitely helped along by the Wellbutrin. I feel like I have the eating habits of a "normal, thin" person right now, not someone who has had lifelong issues with food and weight.
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wellbutrin completely wiped out my binge eating urges and has given me a huge daily energy boost. i have trouble sleeping a lot of nights and it's increased my anxiety, but wellbutrin has definitely helped more than it's hurt.

i switched from celexa to wellbutrin and rather than tapering i quit celexa cold turkey, so that could explain the inability to sleep and increased anxiety. this is my 3rd week of being on wellbutrin, though, and those particular side effects have persisted. celexa caused sexual dysfunction and wellbutrin cured that and then some~

yeah, it's a pretty great anti depressant

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You can take wellbutrin with the SSRIs if your Dr. says it's okay (I take zoloft) They act on different neurotransmitters. I can't take Wellbutrin alone because I need help with serotonin. I took wellbutrin for smoking cravings and it did seem to work for awhile, but i couldn't go up in dose because it caused my anxiety to increase and I was really irritable. I couldn't get up to the standard therapy dose. I did notice that after I stopped taking it I did start eating more again. I just bought L-tyrosine which is the amino acid that increases dopamine and other neurotransmitters, so I'm hoping that will be like a natural wellbutrin.

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Becareful with all the antidepression meds, as I have found over the years they help for the first few months with the weight loss, but then my weight loss plateau's out and depending on the med can gain more than I loss in the beginning. With over 20 years of antidepression medication use, I have been bounced from one to another to see what will work, but after 2 years on one I find another one has to be added then another then I get switched to the next new wonder pill. Please just remember that there are some major draw backs to using these meds for weight loss.

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I started Wellbutrin a few days ago and I'm already seeing a difference. My cravings and binges (especially for sweets) have really lessoned. It could be the placebo effect, but I'm glad it helps regardless. So far sleep hasn't been a problem, but I'm having some very interesting dreams!
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Smile Wellbutrin xl advice


A few things

Take in the am, after you have eaten a meal with full glass of water. I've been on it 7 days and I've lst 4lbs.

Keep in mind if you aren't taking this on a full stomach staying hydrated you will have issues.

I'm eating 6 small meals a day, running 5x's a week

I've taken Advil for the headaches and ate almonds and string cheese when I felt nauseated.

If you eat processed/fast foods you are gonna feel like crap

Tweak things and I promise you will feel better. I downloaded hypnosis apps from iTunes for sleep insomnia, and that is helping.

Stay positive, focused and don't give up. It may not work for everyone and that's ok. You will find what will
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And the dreams are crazy. Had a very vivid dream of a great white biting off a guys legs. Crazy!!!!!
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Hi there

I'm new here, but so glad to have found this thread. I was prescribed Wellbutrin in January and in late-February I felt ready to start it; however after a few days I stopped because I was just switching my thyroid meds from Synthroid to Cytomel and my ballet teacher convinced me not to take the antidepressants until I resolve my thyroid, as the two can be related.

However I am finding myself wanted to try the Wellbutrin after all and I intend to start it again! I'm going to wait until I consult with my psychologist, though, I think I see him on Monday next.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in. Oh, and I was given 150 mg. I know 300 mg is the therapeutic dose, but my doctor's PA said many of their patients do well on just 150 and that does seem to be the case with many people. I have a feeling the 150 won't do much for me and I'll need the 300 as I am not sensitive to stimulants and such, but we'll see I suppose!
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DH was prescribed Wellbutrin 150 mg twice daily after his stroke to help him give up smoking. It worked great and we found out that he was much more mellow when he took it so the doc continued it. I was prescribed the same dose last year when Cymbalta wasn't working for me anymore. I have done very well on it also.

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HI! Seems like Wellbutrin SR 150mg seems to be decreasing my cravings for coca cola? I have a 2 liter in the fridge and I don't even want it. ITS GREAT!
My Dr. prescribed WellbutrinSR for smoking cessation which seems to be helping, even though today is only my 2nd day taking it. My cigarettes taste funny, and I'm not wanting them as frequently as I did before, I'm only hoping in time that they will taste like absolute crap, and I'll be free from that vice.
The only thing I am noticing side effect wise is heartburn, and seriously thirsty for water! Decreased appetite too, which is cool, I've been trying to lose some jiggle off the booty. I haven't noticed an increase in energy or a decrease in sleep, but of course, it's only the second day. Not really sure what to expect. Any tips? Maybe what to expect?
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Reading all these positive posts about Wellbutrin makes me sad. I've been on it a month now and have had nothing but extreme fatigue, exhaustion and irritability from it. I take it in additional to Lexapro. My doctor said to give it another month but I'm really discouraged.
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Smile Just started Wellbutrin

Hi everyone-

I have been taking Celexa for about 4 years now, and today was my first day taking Wellbutrin. I have always had a weight problem, but I have to get back surgery, which I can't have until I lose weight. So, I took the pill this morning (150 mg), and- to be polite I have spent quite a bit of time in the restroom today. I am not having any other side effects, although my body feels hungry- but my brain does not want to eat? Very strange, but I hope it continues. i actually pushed my plate away with food still on it, something I haven't done since the first time I ate brussel sprouts.
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I took the generic WellbutrinSR 150 two years ago. It helped me lose weight (quickly!), feel energized and overall happy. I did have some weird dreams, and it slightly affected my sleep. I would still be on it today except I had the HORRIBLE side affect of extreme hairloss. If you experience this, I suggest looking it up online... and seeing how common this is.

I'm so torn because I want to try it again, but don't want to lose my hair!

Has anyone else seen this?
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Smile Weelbutrin side effects

Hi Spangled-

Sorry to hear about the way the med effected you. So far, it has helped me to keep my focus off of food, it was like I had carb adhd before I started taking it. I feel like wellbutrin has given me a clear space in my mind to focus on other things, a space that was taken up by food obsession for so many years. Now, I am finding myself only eating when I am hungry. The biggest side effect I've had is insomnia. I'm getting about 4-5 hours of sleep at night. I don't feel tired at all, however. I am concerned that there will eventually be a crash.. but for right now, I'm just gonna ride it out. Have you asked your doctor if there is something available to counteract the hair loss?

Good luck- hopefully you can find a safe way to use the med again.

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I've been on Wellbutrin for many years and liked it because it simply upped my mood. I had no idea it had other uses, like fighting cravings or quitting smoking. I'm bipolar so it affects me differently than people with depression. The reason my weight spiraled out of control was risperidone, an antipsychotic, which I'm off now. Glad to hear this stuff!
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